Sudanese President Wants to ‘Purify’ his Country of Christians


Sudanese president Omar al-Bashir says he wants to purify Sudan by driving out the country’s remaining Christians, and aid workers in the Nuba Mountains say that he has begun strategic demonstrations of air power to systematically drive people into the territory of the newly independent South Sudan.

Christian Solidarity International-USA CEO John Eibner said Bashir is responding to what he believes is a “rebel alliance.”

“The government of Sudan is responding to a rebellion led by the SPLA-N organization, which has joined with Darfuri rebels in an openly proclaimed effort to overthrow the regime in Khartoum,” Eibner said.

Eibner said Sudan is following a pattern.

“As is its custom, Khartoum [responds] with great brutality against the black African people of the Nuba Mountains who are perceived as cooperating with or harboring the rebels. Villages are burned, civilian sites are bombed, and individuals in government-controlled towns are terrorized. It amounts to collective punishment,” Eibner said.

The Sudanese embassy did not respond to WND’s request for comment.

Eibner said Bashir is calling his campaign “jihad.”

“The war is prosecuted by Khartoum roughly in accordance with the traditional principles of jihad. When civil war first broke out in the Nuba, the regime in Khartoum had a fatwa issued,” Eibner said.

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