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Anthrax Vaccine to be tested on Children

A presidential ethics panel has opened the door to testing an anthrax vaccine on children as young as infants, bringing an angry response from critics who say the children would be guinea pigs in a study that would never help them and might harm them.

China practiced 330 million abortions between 1971 and 2010

China carried out almost 330 million abortions between 1971 and 2010, according to figures made ​​public by its own Health Ministry before announcing a merger of their activities with those of the National Population and Family Planning.

Republicans, Democrats and the NRA secretly working on full gun control legislation?

One of the 250 United States Founding Fathers, Thomas Paine, said “I love peace but if there must be trouble, let it be in my day, that my child may live in peace” and “These are the days that try men’s souls”.

UK Police kept secret records of Jimmy Savile’s child abuse since the 1960s

According to AP, the UK police had records of entertainer Jimmy Savile’s sexual abuse dating back to the 1960s, and in doing so, prevented the public from learning about his sickening actions. After the sexual scandal exploded, Savile was linked to British royalty figures such as Prince Charles.

Food monopolists are taking over the world food supply

There was a reason why our founding fathers were leery of monopolies – because they knew that too much power and influence in too few hands was not conducive to liberty and freedom.

EPA Accused of Violating the Clean Water Act

The agency’s actions cost billions in environmental damage.

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