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Egypt’s Mohamed Morsi shows his Teeth

After a modest attempt to bring opponents together, the Egyptian president turned dictator, Mohamed Morsi and his political movement, the Muslim Brotherhood, have opted to shield themselves again against the political crisis gripping the country after he granted himself almost absolute power.

Tahrir Square rumbles against the new Dictator

A new version of an Arab revolution seems to be brewing in Egypt. Right after the people thought a new beginning was right on the horizon, suddenly the new puppet in chief showed his teeth for the disappointment of many of those who helped elect him.

Israeli Defense Minister Ehud Barak Quits

Ehud Barak along with Meir Dagan were two of the most visible opponents of an Israeli attack on Iran.

Egyptians say NO to new Dictator

The opposition of the Egyptians to having a new puppet dictator did not take long to appear. The streets of Cairo and other cities resounded with the force that helped topple dictator Hosni Mubarak.

Egypt: A dictator’s best friend is always a crisis

Taking advantage of its renewed popularity thanks to the diplomatic success in the Gaza crisis, Egyptian President Mohamed Morsi, signed on Thursday four decrees that set him above the law.

Germany will send Patriot Missiles to Syrian Border to establish a No-fly Zone

Western oppressors are creating a new military industrial complex enclave in the Middle East.

No Truce in the Middle East: Israel launches 100 different attacks on Gaza

Did Hamas respond by bombing a bus in Tel Aviv?

Will Israel be held accountable for War crimes?

The question above is one that always comes to mind whenever a more powerful military force uses its might to destroy livelihoods anywhere in the planet.

Israel attacks Gaza and mercilessly murders innocent Arabs

The Israeli army uses white phosphorus bombs on the Arab population.

Israeli Offensive a distraction to postpone Election?

Several Likud ministers and leaders of the opposition Labour Party have raised the possibility of postponing the parliamentary elections of January 22 because the military offensive in Gaza.

Israeli bombings over Gaza kill 22 Palestinians

The number of Palestinians killed in the Israeli operation Defensive Pillar rose to 22 last night. Eleven of the victims were civilians, which included an eight year old boy.

Israel’s terrorist speech results in vocal and physical aggression

Israel’s intention to decapitate the government of Palestine should the United Nations accept the Palestinians as an observer member rendered consequences even before the announcement was made.

Terrorist Israeli state threatens to decapitate Palestinian government

Foreign Affairs Minister says Israel will attack Palestine if the UN accepts its request to become an observer member state.

United States, Arab League Bless new Syrian Opposition

The U.S. government expressed support on Monday for the new Syrian opposition alliance, dominated by the Syrian National Council (CNS) and in which there are several important groups, and said it will work with them to continue providing humanitarian aid to the population.

Assad warns about attack on Syria

Syrian President Bashar Assad, has expressed opposition to foreign intervention in the Syrian conflict and warned that such intervention would have “global implications”.

U.S. already chosing new Syrian management team

The United States role in the Syrian conflict has gone from “no boots will be on the ground” to “let’s choose who will be the government after Assad”.

Mossad and Israeli Army refused to prepare plan of attack against Iran

Everyone knows Benjamin Netanyahu, the Israeli prime minister, and his defense minister, Ehud Barak, can’t wait to bomb Iran. Everyone is also aware of their failure to convince their military and intelligence regarding the inevitability of an Iranian led attack on Israel.

Iran Playing American-style Politics

Obama finds an unlikely ally in the Iranian leadership.

US Military to conduct “Walking Dead” Zombie Apocalypse psy-op

What is the intelligence community working on?

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