Investigators find more abnormalities in BP’s account of Oil Spill Disaster

Transocean’s Offshore installation Manager (OIM) on DWH said bypass well was not a sidetrack


So when is a “bypass” not a bypass from the same well but from another well location?

That should have been the question to ask Transocean’s OIM (Jimmy Harrel) on the Deepwater Horizon, during his 27 May 2010 testimony in the USCG-MMS investigation hearing.

Jim Harrel was clearly taken aback when asked to elaborate on the specific problems encountered (such as loss circulation, pipe stuck, cementing and other safety issues) throughout the duration of the WELL (@min 5:30). Harrel clearly stumbled when he asked “….you…err…talking….about the well…” as if to ask if he was to detail out the problems on all the 3 wells BP had drilled since 3 Feb. He looked relieved when the counsel corrected himself by stating “the drilling of the well, the BYPASS” from “March to April”.

The oilfield term “bypass” has the same connotation as common usage, that is “to drive around an obstruction”. There are 2 ways to do this. By drilling a “sidetrack” (deviated well trajectory) from the original wellbore at a vertical angle no greater than 4o. Alternatively, the “BYPASS” could be drilled from a new surface location which is in effect a new well.

After explaining that the “well” had several loss circulations, couple of kicks and a stuck pipe, Jim Harrel then volunteered the statement “…..actually not a sidetrack.” This significant fact in his testimony was ignored by pro-BP lawyers, industry experts, scientists and main stream media reporting on the BP Gulf Oil Spill Disaster (BPGOSD).

The definition of sidetrack from Schlumberger:


This would immediately prove that BP committed perjury by stating before Congress only one well was drilled on the MC252 lease before 20 April 2010 (not including the 2 relief wells drilled after the “accident”). Confirmed by several enquiries to BP.


It is simply beyond anyone’s comprehension how BP could have spent 115 days (75 days from 3Feb to 20Apr 2010 and another 40 days from 29 Sept- 8Nov 2009) on a single exploratory well which would have normally taken 2- 4 weeks to complete?

Together with the costs of personnel, support and operation, the drilling rig would have cost about $1 million per day to be at well location. No cost-cutting exploration giant could have spent that kind of money on every well and still be a profitable enterprise. The Dept of Interior confirmed that only 1 in 5 is economical in the deep water prospects. With that kind of success, it would have been suicidal for any deep water exploration company to be so stubbornly persistent on every failed well. This proves that the Macondo well was drilled not purely for exploration purpose but to cause a “deep accident”.

What was so special about the Macondo prospect with a known reserve of only 50 million barrels? BP’s other deep water discoveries were all 10 to 60 times larger; with reserves ranging from 0.5- 3 billion barrels. None of the deeper exploratory wells in the Tiber field (discovered in Aug 2009, 0.5 billion barrels, TD 35,055ft), Kaskida field (discovered in 2006, 3 billion barrels, TD 32,500ft) and Thunderhorse (discovered 1999, 1 billion barrels, TD 25,770ft) cost more than the shallower Macondo well at TD 18,360ft.

Tiber and Kaskida were drilled using the Deepwater Horizon (DWH) and Thunderhorse by Discover Enterprise. All had dynamic positioning (DP) capability which is essential for deep water operation. So why was the TransOcean Marianas (TOM) with no DP capability initially used for the Macondo well in 2009? In BP’s exploration plan, 42 days were allocated for the anchor handling operation alone. This would have cost BP almost $30million in unnecessary field operation. Almost the budgeted cost of each Macondo well at $30 million which was very high by any standard.

Detailed costing and exploration are the subject of a new article in preparation but presented here to emphasise the point that more than 1 SPILLwell was drilled, both time and cost wise. Jim Harrel’s confirmation “…..actually it was not a sidetrack….” struck a chord with most independent experts’ analyses that BP drilled more than 1 well. Our technical analyses since Aug 2010, confirmed BP drilled 3 wells.


Figure 4.1 (by TrialGraphix) shows the Macondo Well Schematic found at page 93 of the National Commission Investigation report on BPGOSD. This vertical well schematic is the accepted final version of the Macondo well design, similar to the original June 2009 well design given by BP (figure 2, above) of their investigation report dated 8 Sept 2010.


The final well trajectory as a single vertical well bore illustrated in figure 4.1 (above) is consistent with Jim Harrel’s testimony that the BYPASS was not a sidetrack. If it were then the deviated trajectory and well schematic would have looked like the following “fake BYPASS” schematic in the next figure.

This deviated well trajectory (bypass by sidetrack) was never found in all the official investigation reports. Like all the fake information (dis-info) given to us, we were not sure of the reason and source initially. The last person to have passed this to us, could have been an “innocent layman messenger”. To know the reasons and source, we of course, dangled the “carrot” as one of the “physics of impossibility” lies in the previous articles. There are many technical reasons why the “sidetrack bypass” could not have been successfully executed. Details are given in a book to follow. As we had been saying; “they don’t play HAARP for fun”.

The reasons (for the planted dis-info) would show at the right time and right place. It is for the same reason we do not reveal what we knew of Jim Harrel’s testimony until necessary. The way the counsels skirted the 3 wells issue and the conspicuous absence of any deeper enquiry into the 2 significant well control events (shallow gas blow-out essentially) on or about 13 Feb and 10 March 2010, confirmed these were more sensitive than BP were prepared to admit. Corroboration with other facts, confirm BP could not have designed and orchestrated this “murderous plot disguised as an accident (MPDAA)” alone. They have had “assistance” from higher authorities in the orchestration and continue to have “assistance” in the massive cover-up.


The facts also confirmed that the present show trials will never go beyond giving BP a “slap on the wrist” for an “accident caused by gross negligence”. This is despite the fact that all documented evidence point to a MPDAA planned in concert with several similar Blow-out-Oil Spills (BOS) that had happened or failed to happen in the 2008 – 2011 period. There are global Oil Mafia agenda to all these BOS. Never in the history of industrial accidents have so many mega BOS occurred in the most advanced countries with the most stringent offshore regulations within such a short period of time.

Unfortunately the corporate crooks in collusion with criminal agents in the regulating authorities, continue to enjoy impunities for their crimes of mass destruction and mass deception. Similarly, the sink hole-salt cavern crisis in Louisiana were manufactured and had been planned to happen immediately after the BPGOSD. Although the rate of erosion by the salt mining operation could be accurately estimated, Nature refused to cooperate by collapsing the sink hole at the “predicted time”. If BP and their cabal masters were smart enough to plan and orchestrate BPGOSD, they would have been smart enough to plan their escape. An open trial was never part of their escape plan. They never thought all of their PMDs could have failed so badly (in achieving their sinister objectives) in the last 3 years.

They had hoped BPGOSD (aided with multiple deliberate explosive events) would be the trigger to unleash the natural pent-up stress along the North American Intra-plate Boundary (NAIB, encompasses the New Madrid fault zone) to create a doomsday Armageddon, all the way from the Gulf coast to the St Lawrence Seaway in North-East Canada.

The catastrophe that followed BPGOSD would have been so great, no one would even bother with micro-faulting BP as we have seen in the current trial, 3 years later. The Great NAIB Catastrophe of 2009-2010 was intended to be the “reset button” for many of the Banksters’ financial woes. Evidently there were Divine Intervention. Instead of a cascading chain of catastrophic disasters as the evil master planners had hoped for, the great quakes all along the New Madrid which FEMA had planned for, failed to materialise. Instead there were abnormal occurrences of hundreds of quake swarms and rumbling tremors following the 1Aug2010 nuke event. Imagine the cumulative amount of energy that had been released since then. And many still asked why GOD allowed these disasters to happen?

If we are not yet awaken to see these miracles of Nature, to see the murderous plots behind these MPDAA and be bold enough to demand justice for these crimes of mass destruction & deception, do we deserve to ask GOD for more?



BP Oil Spill Disaster: The Growing Emergency, the Unpunished Crime

Two years and many millions of gallons of oil later — and still counting –, the Gulf is in worse condition than it was weeks after the Deepwater Horizon platform exploded on April 20, 2012.


The worst man-made disaster in the history of modern society is still ongoing, and the criminals responsible for it continue to be the sole guardians of the crime scene. Animal and plant life continue to die in the Gulf of Mexico due to the continues leakage of oil from the depths of the ocean floor while from above, planes continue to poison the waters with Corexit in an attempt to hide the fact that the oil spill is far from being over. The lies and the fraud carried out by the federal agencies in charge of coming to the rescue and British Petroleum, which swindled the public for many months became part of a coverup that had the main stream media as their best accomplices. Under reporting or completely ignoring the oil spill and its magnitude was the job of the corporate whore media, that followed the traditional don’t ask, don’t tell modus operandi, limiting themselves to report what they were told to report.

Two years and many millions of gallons of oil later, the Gulf is in worse condition than it was weeks after the Deepwater Horizon platform exploded on April 20, 2012. As we all remember, that explosion resulted in the immediate death of 11 workers, a tragedy that has grown exponentially since then. After multiple attempts to supposedly ‘cap the leaking well’, BP was caught lying with a straight face, even during congressional hearings. The large volume of information to be analyzed, the lack of expertise of those in charge of holding BP accountable and BP’s explicit intention to defraud the public has made it impossible, so far, to bring those responsible for committing one of the greatest out-in-the-open crimes in history to justice. In fact, BP has worked overtime to try to settle the crime outside of court with both the residents of the Gulf and the Federal Government. Unfortunately, the residents caved in by accepting what on the face appears to be a juicy compensation, but does not solve their main problem whatsoever. Earlier this year, a group of residents settled with BP for damages caused as a result of the oil spill, letting the multinational off the hook regarding legal responsibility.

The problem is, money will not solve the disaster now taking place in the Gulf of Mexico. The money those residents received will be long gone before any real solutions are provided to actually cap the leaking well, clean the waters of the Gulf and return the region to the state it was in before the explosion. As we have informed before, capping the well that BP tried to keep secret during congressional testimony and up until now, may be impossible. The leak that is now flooding the Gulf with oil and gases is not a traditional leak per se, but a major leak coming out of a fractured sea floor that experts believe is a direct consequence of an explosive detonation. Regardless of the cause, the fact is the oil is still leaking just as fast as life in the Gulf is fading away. Up until now, several documented reports from private citizens show that oil is still reaching the surface before it is rapidly dispersed with Corexit during night flights. Another fact that cannot be easily ignored is the death of hundreds of sea animals that are found on the beaches of the Gulf region. Sea Turtles and dolphins lying dead on the beaches at an unprecedented rate, more than at any time before in history, is a sign of the only certainty we can believe in right now: The US government and BP lied to the public.

Separate reports from people who visit the Gulf region on a daily basis to document the death sea animals there count the number of  dead turtles and dolphins by the hundreds. Oil on the surface of the ocean has been seen by people in planes and helicopters all over the Gulf. These same leaks were a rarity before April 20, 2010, but the so-called authorities say that the oil is coming from natural seepages out of the Gulf’s ocean floor. Scientists who have been shown the images, such as Dr. Ira Leifer, from University of California, say that the size and location of ocean surface oil are important enough to require another investigation. But not such an investigation is happening and as we said before, BP is spraying Corexit on a nightly basis to hide the new oil. Corexit, a product made by Nalco, is banned in 19 countries around the world, included the United Kingdom due to its high toxicity.

As The Real Agenda reported before, BP owns 70 percent of the leases for oil wells in the Gulf of Mexico. Those leases mean billions of dollars for the government, of course. But the reason why BP was left off the hook up until now goes way beyond a few billion dollars. BP was allowed to operate above all available standards of security and legality from the beginning. A detailed analysis of how the Gulf of Mexico Disaster happened gives us a clear picture of what this means.


The first gas well blowout that happened on April 20, 2010, was caused from shallow gas influx through leaks in the top hole section of the well caused by replacing drilling mud with sea water at 8,367ft BSL The light hydrocarbon influx came directly from the shallow gas-saturated weak sub-formation zone. After the initial gas surge, the top hole section quickly settled into a steady in-flow state. Light hydrocarbons then continued to flow into the top hole section of the well without affecting the stability.

From April 20-22, the Deepwater Horizon Platform experienced the explosions we all witnessed live or otherwise. These explosions followed the blowout from April 20. Even more explosions happened later as it was reported by firefighters at and close to the oil platform.

Early on April 22, underwater demolition charges were used to break the riser at 460ft from the BOP#1 end; 4540ft below water surface. This explosion caused the riser to bend in just 15 seconds, which is thought to have been aided by directional charges.

By the late afternoon on April 22, another deliberate detonation took place, which occurred around the sub-seabed level. According to experts who provided us with this information, the main objective was to demolish the third well and to induce a second bottom hole well blowout – BHWell-Blowout#2. However, an unintended result of this purposely set explosion, shook the shallow sub-seabed sediment resulting in a simultaneous massive discharge of hydrocarbons from the abnormal shallow hydrocarbon accumulations. The direct consequence of this explosion is what satellites images revealed on April 25, 2010: an oil slick of about 580 squared miles. At the time, the images suggested that hydrocarbons from the Macondo reservoir might be leaking through multiple cracks on the ocean floor.

Because of the numerous explosions, at the depths they took place, no one found out about the leaks until around April 24, 2010.

Later on April 22, almost right after the previous explosion, a new detonation went off at the second well that caused a complete breakdown od the cement plug at the bottom of that well. This resulted in the leakage of gas that might have depleted itself if BP had not messed it up later. Experts are sure that no big oil spill had happened if BP hadn’t caused such a spill artificially.The explosion that happened on the evening of the 22nd, started the massive oil spill we now know as the BO Oil Spill Disaster. This explosion ejected the Blowout Preventer out of the 3rd well, the one BP tried to keep secret for as long as they were able.

From the document BP drilled 3 wells at the Macondo Prospect:

“The original BOP is referred to as BOP#1 because there were at least 2 more BOPs brought into the Macondo prospect. BOP#2 replaced the broken BOP#1 and is now standing at NASA warehouse facility. No wonder NDV (Det Norske Veritas) were confused in their forensic examination of the fake BOP#2. Although DNV did not exactly say it, even their computer simulations and modeling could not fit in micro-details of BOP#1’s failure”

As it is now known, the Gulf was flooded with the largest amounts of oil after the detonation of BSB-Detonation#1 and BHWell-Blowout#2. (As shown by the satellite photo taken on 25 April 2010) Earlier on April 22, 2010, the satellite photo only showed the smoke from the Deepwater Horizon platform.

The latest of the detonations was conducted to achieve at least three goals, the document says: 1) to jam up the potential flow. This is confirmed by the jammed up 2 drill-pipes at the kink in the bent riser. 2) to weaken the well casing cement at the annulus. This is the reason why the detonation took place below the well casing level. 3) to breach the base cement plug to unleash the explosive hydraulic power of the reservoir.

The reservoir well detonation that occurred on August 1, 2010, was the last attempt to seal the leaking well after several previous attempts through the month of July. In this case, the detonation was caused by a nuclear device. Proof of this event is reflected by the unlikely shallow earthquake registered in Louisiana at about 11:34:29 Central Daylight Savings Time, just 12 minutes after the detonation. The epicenter of the quake was 5km deep exactly on the NW-SE fault line. Many people believe the nuclear explosion, although did not cause a complete activation of the New Madrid fault, it did cause to become unstable.  To this fact we can add that the wellhead at well A was still standing, which makes it an impossibility that well A was the leaking well. The oil was indeed coming out of well 3, now known as Well BE.


BP is in part — along with other entities and persons — responsible for committing various crimes against the people of the Gulf, violating local and federal laws, perjuring in front of Congress, hiding information from authorities and the public that prevented the realization of a complete and orderly investigation of the events that led to and that happened during and after the Deepwater Horizon oil disaster in 2010.

More specifically, BP is to blame for illegally drilling a 3rd oil well, the one it tried to hide in order to keep the crime secret from authorities and the public. The company drilled this third well without the proper permit, and it was precisely this well the one that caused the largest oil spill in the history of the oil industry. The third well was not approved by the Mineral Management Service (MMS) for exploration and/or drilling in the Macondo Prospect. According to ROV video, Well BE, was the only one of the three wells that BP drilled that reached the desired depth the company wanted to access the Macondo Reservoir, which later caused the underwater explosion.

BP perjured itself by testimony of their representatives before Congress by providing false evidence that BP had drilled only the permitted well (well A). This well was, according to evidence, drilled to a depth of 5,000 feet, way to shallow to reach the Macondo Reservoir. BP stopped works at well A because the drill it was using got jammed by the pressure formation collapse at the open section of the well bore. The collapse, experts say, could have been caused by gas saturation at sub-formations. BP informed the MMS that this well (well A) was leaking gases and oil. Well A was abandoned for safety reasons.This also confirms that the gas blowout that occurred on April 20, 2010, could have not come from well A.

Meanwhile, well B, drilled to a depth of 13, 305 feet, also way too shallow to reach the Macondo Reservoir, could not be drilled deeper because of similar drills jamming problems. According to geohazard experts, well B experienced even stronger pressure problems. Regarding this fact, Transocean is still suing BP for not informing the company about these type of problems. BP could have drilled at the same location using something called a bypass, which would have enabled the company to keep on perforating the sea bed around the same place but change trajectory at some point. BP had asked the MMS for a permit to do such a procedure, but never actually did it, neither on well A or B. Evidence and reasons for BP not to have done the by-pass range from the company’s own reports to safety and inefficiency.

BP also withheld vital information up to the explosion on April 22 that, experts agree, would have led to the speedy and safe control of the well. Such controls would have prevented the cement plug at the base from failing completely; avoided that the high-pressure oil gushed out of the reservoir directly into the well; stopped the gas blowout on April 20 that was caused by shallow gas influx within the first 9,000 ft; reduce or eliminate the danger posed by the shallow hydrocarbon influx into the upper section of the well, which had settled into a steady inflow. If British Petroleum had informed the reality of the situation, the result of the explosion on April 20, 2010 would have been less lethal indeed.

British Petroleum also perjured itself in Congress by claiming that a second explosion on 2010 April 22 was the reason why the Deepwater Horizon Platform collapsed, destroying the riser pipe that was still attached to the blowout preventer (BOP#1). BP also said that the riser pipe, that goes from the wellhead to the drilling rig broke as the DWH fell into the ocean. BP said that the first leak was located at the bent rise, on top of BOP#1. Later they added that the larger second leak was at the broken end of the riser, at about 480 ft to the north inside a blown crater at the seabed, and that the third leak was just a smaller one occurring at the Riser on the seafloor. This was of course false. Videos from the ROV’s frm April 22 – 24 show that there were no significant leaks on the broken riser, and all of the gushing oil seemed to be coming from isolated seafloor.

From the document BP drilled 3 wells at the Macondo Prospect:

We further posit that it was this detonated explosion that triggered the second, more powerful oil blowout by breaching the base of this well below 18,000 ft bsl and allowing high-pressure oil from the Macondo reservoir to gush directly into the well. It was this detonated explosion at shallow depth that started the chain of events that led to the uncontrollable massive oil spill that poisoned the Gulf with oil from the Macondo reservoir. The first gas blowout, which set the DWH rig on fire April 20, was caused by gas influx from the shallow gas-saturated weak subformation (GWSF) zone. After that initial gas surge into the well, the shallow section of the well (down to 10,000 ft bml) appeared to have stabilized into a constant-flow equilibrium with the GWSF zone.

At that point there was no immediate danger of another gas blowout from within the well, neither from the shallow section with a stable incoming leak from the GWSF zone nor from the deep end o the well which had not been breached by virtue of being suppressed under heavy mud weight. Well A, which is located 720 ft southeast of the blown well BE crater, had been spewing gas from the same GWSF zone since 2010 February and had not been plugged, a violation of MMS regulations regarding abandoned wells. At the time of the first gas blowout on April 20 until at least April 24, well A and well B were left abandoned and had no man-made connection (riser pipe or any pipeline) to well BE or to BOP#1 sitting on well BE’s wellhead. The second detonated explosion, however, did aggravate the gas leaks at both wells A and B, due to the inter-connecting faults and the same GWSF occurrence at all three wells.

The scenario described above is supported by ROV videos, specifically the one that shows the blown out crater from April 23, 2010. This video shows the riser pipe dipping northward into the crater floor with the oil flowing from the north, forming a plume directed southward. This debunks BP’s statement that the oil was leaking out of the broken riser connected to the blowout preventer at well A. So, the oil was not leaking from that well, but from further below at the crater itself located at the illegally drilled third well. Additionally, the video of the shows the fractured seafloor near the third well crater. This had been covered in part by gigantic amounts of cement and drilling mud. This fact also confirms the impossibility that BP was not aware of the explosion, since work had already been done to cover up the crater and site of the explosion caused by the indiscriminate drilling and the detonation performed that caused the crater in the first place.


As monumental as all these facts may seem, should the federal agencies allow truly independent investigators to take charge of the oil spill site, and complete a whole new investigation, the public would learn even more about the investigations conducted by citizen groups and independent researchers as well as to reveal even more of the information we do not know. For example, an full investigation would show exactly how ROV videos were altered to hide the real state of BOP#1, which had been blown in pieces and whose parts were buried on the seafloor. The same situation occurred with wellheads and casings from well BE, the third illegally drilled well. The videos were cut and pasted to cover up the times and dates of the explosions as well as other aspects such as coordinates, headings, altitudes, depths, job description.

The making of the false videos and their presentation as proof that everything was under control was one of BP’s main lies in Congress. It was intended to support their claim that the leaks were coming from well A, as supposed to Well BE. Further research would also show how exactly BP substituted the blow out preventer at well A and lying about it being the original BOP. This BOP withstood the explosions on well A up until April 22, but was destroyed by the second detonation on that same day. This, as posed before, caused the massive flooding of the Gulf of Mexico with oil from the Macondo Reservoir. The result of this flood was a panic-driven initiative to use Corexit to try to clean the waters. As we now know, Corexit does not have that capacity. It only turns the pockets of oil into smaller particles without actually cleaning the ocean.

In order to pull this plan off, BP had about two weeks to carry out the changes, while the people were shown ROV video footage of well A. BP then installed a second BOP at well A, which later was presented as an intact BOP bent-riser assembly. “A forensic examination on this fake BOP#2 naturally raised more questions than answers and left many important questions unanswered.”

These are just a few of the facts that would be confirmed beyond reasonable doubt — not that more of it is necessary in order to know the truth –.


Testimonies continue to reveal the dire consequences of the BP oil spill from two years ago continue to pour in from different reports ranging from individuals — who on their own dollar travel to the region to document the scenario of death and sickness now developing around the coastal areas — to foundations and non-profit organizations that provide residents of the Gulf and the rest of the world the information the main stream media does not.

An article from the Surfrider Foundation dated April 17, 2012, shows the extent of the persistent toxicity at different locations. Just as many other activists have done it, the foundation demonstrates how people who live in the region are exposed to toxins in the water, the sand and the air. “We saw hazmat-suit wearing workers leaving the beach as the sun rose over the horizon. They had worked during the night and were leaving just as the tourists came over the sand dunes for a day at the beach. The workers had worked hard and picked up what oil globs that could be seen by the naked eye (aided by a little extra UV light). If it was safe for tourists then why would workers have such protection? If it wasn’t safe why weren’t the tourists being told that?”

According to the previous report, between 800,000 to 1,000,000 gallons of Corexit have been used in order to disperse the oil coming out from the Macondo Reservoir. The Surfrider Foundation released a report entitled: “State of the Beach“, a study that provides the latest details about the Gulf of Mexico on-going disaster. The report related that the large amounts of Corexit being sprayed over the Gulf’s waters is making it impossible for microbes to digest the oil. “The persistence of Corexit mixed with crude oil has now weathered to tar, yet is traceable to BP’s Deepwater Horizon brew through its chemical fingerprint. The mix creates a fluorescent signature visible under UV light.”

In an article dated October 2010, environmental reporter Julia Whitty documented the magnitude of the disaster up to that time. By her account, methane was shooting up from the well drilled by the Deepwater Horizon rig, exploding at the well’s head. Those gases and the oil that came out from the bottom of the ocean floor would later turn the explosion of the Deepwater Horizon rig into the least of the problems. The Surfrider Foundation’s report speaks about four main relevant facts:

* The use of Corexit is inhibiting the microbial degradation of hydrocarbons in the crude oil and has enabled concentrations of the organic pollutants known as PAH to stay above levels considered carcinogenic by the NIH and OSHA.
* 26 of 32 sampling sites in Florida and Alabama had PAH concentrations exceeding safe limits.
* Only three locations were found free of PAH contamination.
* Carcinogenic PAH compounds from the toxic tar are concentrating in surface layers of the beach and from there leaching into lower layers of beach sediment. This could potentially lead to contamination of groundwater sources.

The complete study from the Foundation written by James H. “Rip” Kirby III, is accessible to the public online. His study tested samples of crude oil in the northern Gulf of Mexico from the day the spill happened. Field testing from May 2010 were conducted at beaches before the crude oil from spill made its way there. Additional testing was done on tar samples for a trend analysis of Polycyclic Aromatic Hydrocarbons
(PAH) that analyzed concentration levels. This tests began March 2011 and were completed in November 2011. Overall, 71 samples were tested. “Tests for 38 different PAH analytes were done on 48 samples. Oil range organics (ORO) tests were done on 23 samples. Compared to the Immediately Dangerous to Life or Health (IDLH) or carcinogenic exposure limit for PAH analytes listed as coal tar derivatives, 90% of the positively identified analyses exceeded the IDLH limit,” reads the report.

For months and months, federal agencies assured Gulf residents and tourists that it was safe to consume seafood from Gulf waters, even though visual proof showed otherwise. Now, a report issued by Al-Jazeera confirms the worst fears regarding food safety and how it has declined since the explosion of the Deepwater Horizon rig. Both scientists and residents of the Gulf region continue to find not only contaminated sea animals, but also others that have suffered mutations as a consequence of the exposure to chemicals used to supposedly clean the waters from the oil spill. As reported by “horribly mutated shrimp, fish with oozing sores, underdeveloped blue crabs lacking claws, eyeless crabs and shrimp” along with “shrimp with abnormal growths, female shrimp with their babies still attached to them, and shrimp with oiled gills.” And this seems to be only the beginning. See visual proof of the mutations and contamination in this news report. In a press communique, BP responded to the questions of food contamination by saying that both NOAA and the FDA guaranteed that seafood from the Gulf was as safe as it was before the oil spill disaster.Meanwhile, NOAA declined to comment on the findings of the investigation conducted by Al-Jazeera, saying there would be a conflict of interest because the organization was involved in the lawsuit against BP.

The results of the tests conducted to back up the investigation show not only mutation and contamination, but also the decline in the number of kinds of sea life as well as the number of those sea animals. These facts add to the already existing economic and environmental Armageddon that the oil spill has caused and continues to cause for residents and visitors. BP has responded to investigations and evidence of fraud, perjury and lies with numerous PR campaigns and has moved fast to settle as much of the problem as possible outside the traditional legal processes. “The fishermen have never seen anything like this,” says Dr. Jim Cowan, who works at Louisiana State University’s Department of Oceanography and Coastal Sciences. “And in my 20 years working on red snapper, looking at somewhere between 20 and 30,000 fish, I’ve never seen anything like this either.” Al-Jazeera reports that fishermen have witnessed how 50 per cent of the shrimp caught during the last high season were damaged with mutations or missing body parts, a consequence of BP’s oil and dispersants. “Disturbingly, not only do the shrimp lack eyes, they even lack eye sockets,” says Tracy Kuhns, who is a commercial fisher in  Barataria, Louisiana. According toxicologists like Dr. Riki Ott, who survived the Exxon Valdez oil spill, the usage of dispersants is a draconian experiment being performed by BP. Corexit is know to have a combination of solvents, petroleum distillates, 2-butoxyethanol, among others, which work by dissolving oil, grease, and rubber. Mr. Ott said to Al Jazeera that the solvents in the chemicals are toxic to people, and that “it is something the medical community has long known”.

Separate studies have already demonstrated that oil dispersants like Corexit have mutagenic effects, which directly explains why seafood are experiencing the type of physical changes reported by fishers and residents, as well as why large mammals such as dolphins are appearing dead on the beaches all along the Gulf of Mexico. As it has been shown by several studies, the deformities caused by the chemicals carry out their effects through several generations, especially in those animals whose life span is shorter. The chemicals do indeed enter and negatively affect the genes. Although deformities and major health problems are not seen in humans, many residents of the Gulf have already been found sick or have died to the exposure to the chemicals sprayed over them. The chemicals can be absorbed through breathing, ingestion of contaminated food and water, through the skin or even the eyes. Early symptoms of intoxication manifest as headaches, vomiting, diarrhea, chest pains, hypertension, central nervous system depression, neurotoxic effects, cardiac arrhythmia and cardiovascular damage. In the worst case scenario, the person dies if not treated or if an explicit detox program is not followed and repeated frequently.

A study conducted by Dr. Andrew Whitehead, from Louisiana State University, that analyzed the negative effects of the Deepwater Horizon oil spill was published on the Journal Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences last October. The report speaks volumes about the physiological effects of the oil disaster and shows a clear link between the BP oil spill and the intoxication of the waters, sea life and Gulf residents. “We found is a very clear, genome-wide signal, a very clear signal of exposure to the toxic components of oil that coincided with the timing and the locations of the oil,” said Whitehead during an interview with Al-Jazeera.

The oil industry has gotten away with so many crimes that government agencies, regulators and even the public have become conformed at best. The BP oil disaster happened — in part — as a consequence of a wave of exemptions to allow risky drilling operations without following proper safety procedures and it was the US federal government, through its multiple agencies the one that granted those exemptions. This makes the government as guilty as BP; guilty of the mass killing of life in the Gulf region. So, even if the same complicit government managed to try BP for its actions, who will indict the government for its complicity in this catastrophe? As oil industry insiders informed the public back in 2010, there was indeed an agenda to wipe out all life throughout the Gulf of Mexico at first, and everywhere else around it later.

The BP oil spill disaster, as we have abundantly reported, was the result of a combination of factors; among them, greed, lack of accountability, corruption and government collusion with powerful out-of-control corporations. Now, when it comes to simply letting the disaster get worse and worse, both the government and BP have taught us that their nature is rooted into a cesspit that is deeper and darker than anything humans are familiar with, a level that goes beyond corruption and disregard for responsibility. The actions and the inaction, the cover ups, the lying, the levels of conspiracy and deceit, the smoke screens and the expressed complicity not to solve the disaster they themselves created can only be explained by the degree of Evil with which corporations traditionally operate. It is in this times when the thoughts that government does not work for the people are effectively reinforced. It is becoming tiring to report on this issue without seeing any action taken against the corporations and the government agencies that allow those corporations to operate above the laws that the rest of us are obligated to abide by. This state of affairs also shows us the magnitude of the problem the people are up against. The problem is, as defined evidence, a direct and open war against us the people. An additional caveat is that given the inability of the public to demand answers and action, the warmongers hold all the chips in their power and while this stays the same, the war will continue to be waged on the same uneven table.

Why did the BP Oil Spill Event have to Happen?

by BK Lim
The Real Agenda
March 11, 2012

This the 3rd part of the series BP’s Deception in the Gulf. Without deception, there will be no planned disaster. Deception works best with a pinch willful blindness and ignorance. Educate yourself, trust no one. Dedicated to all victims of planned disasters …911, 311, 2004 Tsunami, 772005 London Bombings, BP’s Gulf mega oil spill and many others.

Did USCG D8 received distress call when Rig was still in operation, 3 hours before it actually happened?
How could it have been a distress call complete with rig abandonment and rescue details? It was part of the blueprint of a planned disaster caught on transcripts. There is no better proof of evil intention.

The position of DWH was given as N28-44 W088-21 which is 2.6 km SE of well A location. Surely BP would have given a more correct position, accurate to the last feet, to save as many survivors as possible. Was this position error deliberate? On 21 April BP reported that the rig had moved by 714ft NW. How could BP be so accurate (to the ft) when it did not matter whether DWH had moved by 700 or 600 ft? Yet BP could be so grossly inaccurate when the lives of survivors mattered.

Three hours before the first explosion, item A was already describing an evacuation in progress such as “07 POB have been recovered and are on the 285′ work boat. D8 is trying to get more information from them (Transocean). Follow up CIC will be at 0445z (23:45 CDT 20 April 2010)” Compare them with actual recorded events.


At 202357z (18:57 CDT, 3 hours before the first explosion they already knew 7 POB would be retrieved from the water and 2 life rafts were launched.



At 202357z (18:57 CDT), 3 hours before the first explosion they already knew they would have CIC and update at 0445z.

How is that possible? Not unless the Gulf Disaster was a planned event like the 311 Fukushima, 911 Twin Towers and others. Yet mainstream reporters still claim the notion of planned disasters is all “hotwash”. They are the part of the high level conspiracies not not us. They are well paid to spread the official propaganda on us.

Planned To Happen (PTH) disasters

Crimes of environmental disasters are committed because of assured impunity from prosecution. As the public wises up to old tricks of market manipulation, new tricks need to be invented to “control the weather (& disasters) and the wealth transfer”. Needless to say, no crime can be so perfect as to leave no trace. This is where willful blindness and subservient cooperation by the regulatory enforcers come in handy. This is the easy part.

Keeping the public sleepy to these machinations is the hard part. Unlike the old daylight bank or train robberies, these crimes of mass destruction are broadcast live. Instead of hiding, the art of mass deception which had been polished through decades of refinement, is employed in full frontal view. Sophisticated financial instruments are available to make huge windfalls far away from the crime scene. But this golden goose pops off as magically as it appears, once the public become aware of its existence. Like its fairy tale counterpart, their magical powers to manipulate the global market disappears once the truth is known. Once a PTH disaster’s expectation is public knowledge, nothing happens. The mid 2008 mega oil spill in the Straits of Malacca had to be put on hold until the whistle blower is no longer able to whistle.

It is only an “accidental disaster” when we least expected it. Thus, our only protection is our own education.

Mass deception is critical in pacifying public anger. It is to keep up the notion that disasters are at worst due to a series of unexplained negligence and at best innocent accidents. Slips (as there are bound to be in all disaster reality stage show) are quickly suppressed through paid PR and led-by-the-nose technical forum discussions. Technical experts and industry insiders are held hostage by various means. Professionals who refuse to subserviently follow the “rush/design to fail” commands are dismissed from their key posts or if they know too much destroyed through freak accidents preferably far away from ground zero. The mysterious accidents, disappearances, coincidental plane crashes and unexplained murders of scientists, industry leaders or insiders with incriminating evidence, typically follows a PTH disaster. They will mesmerize world attention to a decoy (like well A) through the bought mainstream media.

Those who control the gold control the world. To control the gold mines, you need to influence the people’s minds As you can see from the example presented in figure 165-3, there are glaring flaws in the doctored videos with misleading details. These flaws would not have mattered just as the rescue of Polar Bears, Seals and other Arctic wildlife in BP’s Emergency Response Procedures (ERP) were totally irrelevant in Tropical gulf waters (being 17,000 years too late). Compliance with regulations and laws need only be seen, not necessarily done. With regulatory enforcement reduced to subservient cooperative level, who is there to say “NO”. Compliance in form not in substance (spirit) is no compliance at all.

Doctored videos were submitted to the US Congress to give the public perception of compliance with the law. With no earnest criminal investigation and prosecution, the politically linked corporate crimes remain unsolved perpetually. Those who could have revealed the truth of the disasters were silenced. The murders also served as deterrents to those whose conscience compels them to speak up. The hundreds of minutes of “decoys and doctored video footage” make no sense to anyone except to substantiate BP’s fabricated version of the disaster. Is this not happening to the BP’s Gulf disaster?

Fraudulent bonds pre-approved at the highest level would not have mattered when used as collateral for short term loans to manipulate the markets. It is no secret that billions were made and lost (mass wealth transfer) in all these disasters.

No mega oil spill no windfall

Shills in cyberspace deliberately choose not to understand how the chosen few (privileged elites) can profit from a PTH disaster. One must wonder how on earth they have such a repertoire of facts and detailed insider information at their finger tips? The Rothschilds could not have exploited the news of the Battle of Waterloo in our present broadband connected world. How to rig the casino table without a sure outcome?

The mega oil spill had to happen to move global markets. A rig blowout that bursts into an inferno (no matter the number of casualties), does not allow market speculators to fuel market fears. The mega surprise must be the massive oil spill in one of America’s most priced territorial waters.

TD (target depth) at 18,360 ft BSL was reached on 9 April. Many do not realize the significance of this. BP spent the next 5 days collecting data on the well. With the mud logs acquired over all the 3 wells, BP had a pretty good idea of the geological strata and the consequence of their actions. So how could the 20 April blowout, 11 days later be an accident? The highly respected Schlumberger personnel were brought onboard not to carry out the CBL tests as BP would have us believed.

They were there to give their expert opinion on a well that was expected to blow. Once BP was confident their devious plan would work, there was no need to perform the CBL tests. They did not intend to. This was confirmed by Schlumberger timeline of events submitted to Congress. The Schlumberger crew were notified at 7am their services were no longer required, 30 minutes before BP and service providers discussed running the CBL during the morning operations call. BP lied again. There was clearly no discussion. If
Schlumberger was allowed to carry out the CBL tests, the PTH blowout “accident” could not proceed. Why?
The CBL test results would have spoiled the charade. They learned their lesson in 2008. BK was sent as an urgent last minute Client QC replacement on the Fugro survey vessel. They wanted his expert opinion whether a deep water well at a known hazardous location would blow. He was not required to put his expert opinion in writing but he did anyway. His detailed assessment contradicted Fugro’s safe drilling recommendation. Their experts reported minimal blowout risk. Would BP risk being incriminated if the CBL tests had been carried out and BP went against Schlumberger’s written assessment? On the other hand, if the devious plan was so meticulously designed with the best technical minds, how did Plan A misfired so badly off target?

They needed the blowout to occur at the base of the well (bottom hole blowout), not at the top hole section of the well (referred to as the top hole blowout). In the later articles, we shall see how critical this factor was; based on hundreds of well site investigations and scores of blowouts analyses. While mud logs are important, they represent only a pinhole view of the sub surface. Drillers cannot see the forest for the trees. Reservoir engineers and exploration geologists prefer to look at their 3D exploration data. But these are focused too deep. Shallow hazardous zones are hidden in the blind or blurred section of these deep geological data. Despite being the main cause of undetected shallow hazards in many previous well blowouts, BP still used in-house 3D exploration data to assess their drilling risks. Geologists cleverly used this as a convenient escape clause as no one can be professionally liable for something one cannot see. Was the omission of the site specific shallow geohazards investigations intentional? A definite “YES”, especially when the evidence of shallow hazards in the Gulf have been well documented. An independent professional geohazards assessment would have spoilt their soup.

The need for Independent Post Survey QC to check the high failure rate of geohazards predictionpresented on 12 June 2010, National Geoscience Conference 2010, Shah Alam, Malaysia.
Yet geohazards predictions are often treated with disdain if the risk of geohazards is high. Many would prefer the risk of geohazards to be downplayed in order for the project or drilling to proceed smoothly as planned. In the event of an unlikely disaster, the “safe geohazards assessment” is always handy in absolving blame and financial responsibility. It is also easy to blame massive financial losses on geohazards which like all natural disasters are acceptable “force majeure”. The chain of human errors especially the erroneous geohazards prediction and interpretation leading to the disaster is often lost in the chaotic aftermath.
In essence, geohazards surveys serve as insurances against the risk of disaster, without which there can be no financial backing for the project concerned. But like all insurances, the insured needed to get a clean bill of health before being insured and that “health certificate” is the geohazards assessment report. Being commissioned by the insured (the Clients), it is easy to see where business loyalty lies and why the geohazards prediction failure rate is so high.

How could they have gotten it so wrong with plan A?

The answers lie in the presence of the gas saturated weak sub formation (GWSF) zone which is largely ignored by main stream experts. It is the only reason Macondo’s geohazards risks were so accurately assessed from afar. With over 200 such accurate assessment (no failures) on well locations worldwide (many against conventional wisdom), the GWSF hazards need to be clearly understood if we are to avert more accidental disasters in the future.

See Why is bps macondo blowout so disastrous beyond patch up

Without understanding the fundamental cause of diseases, there can be no cure. Shallow gas (top hole) blowouts are difficult for deep exploration geologists to understand because mud logs do not cover the “barren unproductive” top hole section. It is the zone of specialization for geohazards geophysics (The root causes of BP’s Blowout & imminent threat of more disasters).

Compelling evidence and arguments will be presented in later articles to show why the bottom hole blowout could not occur as expected. By the time they realised what had happened (no massive oil spill), billion dollar bets had already been placed in anticipation of a mega oil spill in the Gulf, not just a “puny little leak in the ocean” as Tony Hayward (ex BP CEO) had said.

Sometimes things said in jest could be Freudian Slips containing elements of truths. The tsunami that was supposed to swamp the financial capitals of the Asian Tigers on 26 Dec 2006 disappointingly did not
materialise. Thank God. The quake that was supposed to trigger the tsunami was too weak. Their losses mounted further when the mid 2008 mega oil spill in the Straits of Malacca (SOM) did not materialise to save them from the global financial collapse a month later. The course of human history would have changed if that planned disaster had occurred.

At a hearing on June 15, when Congress pressed oil executives on their readiness to handle the worst-case scenario, Exxon Mobil CEO Rex Tillerson responded frankly, “We are not well equipped to handle them. There will be impacts,” he added. “That is why the emphasis is always on preventing these from occurring.”In the same hearing before the House Energy and Commerce Committee, BP  argued that this disaster was an aberration and it would have not occurred given corporate oversights and safeguards.

Their planned Macondo blowout was frustrated by shallow gas problems from the very start. There was no sense in blowing up the rig when they had not reached reservoir yet. Then Hurricane Ida disrupted their plans in 2009. By the time BP pulled out the Transocean Marianas on 9 Nov 2009, they had drilled only a miserable 4,000 ft, after spending more than a month.

If BP’s original plan to flood the Gulf with oil from well A had been successful, there would have been no necessity to destroy the wellhead. It would be just another blowout-oil spill just like the Montara platform oil spill 8 months earlier. But well A got stuck at 10,000 ft BSL and could not go any deeper with 3,000/3,500 ft jammed drill-string. So they drilled well B which was still perfectly legitimate since they had applied for it. So they lied a little by saying it was a by-pass when it was a completely new location. As luck (or rather geology) would have it, well B was stuck again. This time at 13,305 ft BSL.

They cut and left 1,159 ft of drill string in the abandoned well. Third time lucky. BP really pushed hard and fast this time (see CBS interview with Mike Willams). The third well (Well BE, 714 ft NW of well A) reached the Macondo reservoir at 18,360 ft finally. Time to hit the Mega Oil Spill red button.

But could they afford to have massive oil gushing out from a third illegal well?

Only problem, it was an illegal well which they had not apply for and had not notified the regulators MMS. Which was really not a big problem. It could be solved with a little bit of greasy money. But a catastrophic disaster in public domain would throw the scandal wide open. Families of the murdered crewmen and the thousands whose livelihood had been destroyed, would sue for everything BP has. There can be no quiet settlement if the world knew such an earth-changing disaster was caused by an illegal well which had no site specific safety risk assessment and no authorised approval. Even Lucifer could not help. They had no choice but to destroy the wellhead at the third well, deny they even drilled well B and stick to the One Well story.

That is the truth of the 3 wells story and it is no fairy tale. The truth is stranger than fiction.

And the sadly, the Gulf Disaster is not the only one. Secretly planned disasters (quakes, bombings, tsunami, oil spills, food shortages and just about anything that can move global markets) are already the mega money spinners. We bury our heads in the sand at our own perils. And please don’t BLAME GOD. The messages and signs are everywhere for us to see and yet we do not see. We only see GREED, MONEY, PROFITS, SELF-INTEREST, SEX and everything EVIL. No wonder we are creating HELL on earth when we could have PARADISE like GOD had intended. This is WAR, a constant war between good and evil, construction versus destruction. Sadly we keep picking the wrong choices and keep praying someone else will come to deliver us out of our own mess. We can only help ourselves. IF GOD were to come down to earth, will we be able to recognise GOD? That is the problem. There will be a whole lot of arguments on whether he or she is really GOD. If we can’t handle the truth, can we really handle GOD? Of course there will be the shills giving the usual misguided advice.

If we cannot accept the plain truth that BP had drilled 3 wells, then we have only ourselves to blame for allowing EVIL to give us HELL on earth.

Don’t trust me, trust your own educated judgment. Educate yourself.

On a bigger picture, a mega disaster of this magnitude could not be accidental in view of the many failed attempts; each leaving a trial of incriminating evidence. Viewed from an innocent perspective, these preceding accidental incidents (failed attempts) and countless safety lapses would have stopped BP on its exploration track, long before the third fateful well was even spud. No, the crime puppet masters knew perfectly well what they were doing beneath the cloaks of negligence, incompetence and stupidity.

See The Deepwater Horizon Explosion: An Incredible Firsthand Account of From Some Guys Fishing at the Rig.