National Rifle Association promises to raise hell against Obama’s anti-Second Amendment proposal


The powerful National Rifle Association (NRA) began on Wednesday its own crusade against the initiative announced and signed by the President of the United States to toughen laws on firearms. In a letter delivered to attendees of the largest arms fair in the world, which will run until Friday in Las Vegas, the NRA announced “the fight of the century” against Obama and his plan to limit and control the purchase and possession of firearms.

“I warned you that this day was coming and it has,” wrote NRA Vice president Wayne LaPierre to more than four million members. “It is not about protecting your children. It has nothing to do with curbing crime. It’s about banning your firearms. PERIOD! “LaPierre wrote in the letter.

While Obama appealed to common sense and trust of citizens in their desire to change the prospect of more massacres occurring, the NRA exercised its most extreme muscle and put the blame on the current administration, which he accused of having lied about its intention to maintain an “open debate”.

That was a dirty lie,” LaPierre wrote. “They did not listen to the concerns of gun owners. They didn’t considered any real solution on how to keep our children safe, “continued the vice president in the letter.
“By contrast, Barack Obama, Joe Biden and his friends opposed to guns in Congress want to blame, denigrate, harass and strip you of your rights under the Second Amendment [which guarantees the right to keep and bear arms]” , ended LaPierre.

On Tuesday night, in anticipation of the presidential message that launched a series of executive orders to ban assault weapons, limit the magazines to 10 bullets and establish a system of background checks for those who purchase firearms, the NRA began its counteroffensive against the White House with a video in which he called the president an “elitist hypocrite” for opposing the presence of armed guards in schools while his two daughters are protected by the Secret Service. The reaction of the White House was quick, calling the video “cowardly” and “disgusting”.

After the massacre in Newtown school a month ago, the U.S. public is more positive about the need to tighten gun control. According to the survey released Monday by the Pew Center, 85% of respondents agree that it should be harder to sell firearms. A similar result was obtained from a joint survey conducted by the  Washington Post and ABC, in which nine of 10 respondents agreed to strengthen control of gun purchases.

The NRA says that since the White House announced measures to prevent the repetition of massacres like that of Sandy Hook, the size of its membership has increased by 250,000 people. The NRA has currently more than four million members. His influence on Capitol Hill, where Congressmen may or may not approve the measures announced by Obama, is significant because of the economic contributions given by the NRA to the election campaigns of many of them.

According to a study cited by the Washington Post, of the 435 members of the new House of Representatives, 205 (47%) received financial support from the NRA in the last legislature. Of the 100 senators who currently sit in the upper house, 42 accepted contributions from that organization in the same period. In total, 88% of Republicans and 11% of Democrats who are part of the 113th Congress have received donations from the NRA.

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