Let’s not kid anyone, Ratzinger XVI resigned due to sexual, financial scandal

It is not his health, but the health of the institution that he leads what made Pope Benedict XVI resign from his post


The Pope decided to resign after revelations of a secret report commissioned by three cardinals which revealed the strong influence of economic lobbies, sex scandals and influence peddling at the highest level of the religious institution that he will lead up to February 28.

This was revealed on Wednesday by two news reports that appeared in La Repubblica and the magazine Panorama. The reports say that said Benedict resigned after details were disclosed about the so-called Vatileaks case, in which the Pope’s personal butler leaked secret documents that belonged to the Pontiff.

According to this report, there is an organized homosexual lobby working in the Vatican, which sets appointments in the periphery and the center of Rome. Also, another group dedicated its time and resources to create and destroy careers in the Vatican and a third group, an economic one, influenced the use of financial funds to affect the decision-making process inside the Vatican. “Everything revolves around the non-observance of the sixth and seventh commandment” (ie, not impure acts and not stealing).

According to La Repubblica, details about “…struggles for power and money cited in a secret report delivered by three cardinals to the Pope hypothesized a gay lobby. The document will pass into the hands of the new pope, who should be strong enough, young and holy”.

Benedict XVI met often with Cardinal Julian Herranz, an 83 years old Spanish servant from Opus Dei, who presided over the commission of inquiry on what the newspapers call Vatileaks. Herranz updated Ratzinger regularly. Each week, in private conversations. The Pope noted with growing concern the developments of the investigation: dozens and dozens of interviews with bishops, cardinals and other people in Italy and abroad. Dozens and dozens of reports reread and signed by the interviewees. The same questions for everyone at first, then more interviews for cross-checking details.

The results of the investigation were clear. It found that there were influential lobbying groups within the Vatican as well as outside the organization: The Salesians, the Jesuits and the Ligurians. But the biggest shock came last October, when the Pope learned about a group identified as the gay lobby.

For the first time, the word homosexuality had been mentioned on a written text read to Ratzinger. For the first time the word blackmail was identified, followed by “Impropriam influentiam,” or improper influence. As it is traditional in the Vatican, the complete report was provide to the Pope sealed with the label pontifical secret.

The document contained details about the “divisions in the ecclesial body that disfigured the face of the Church,” the Pope says nearly two months later during an Ash Homily. It was that day with those cards on the table, when Benedict XVl made the decision to leave the Church.

The credibility of the Church was shattered by the evidence that its own members violated its very origins. Two of the most shocking truths that came out were the violation of the sixth commandment, adultery. The report is explicit. Some prelates suffer from “outside influence”, which makes reference to blackmailing.

In the Vatican the report is defined as “the mother of all files.” It is the one prepared by the three “007 cardinals”: Julian Herranz, Jozef Tomko and Salvatore De Giorgi, that began on 24 April 2012, in response to the Vatileaks scandal, and it is precisely this report the one that has overflown the glass. The Pope is not leaving because of physical ailments per se, but due to the worsening condition of the institution he represents, which does not seem to find the light at the end of the tunnel when it comes to sexual, financial and lobbying scandals.

Perhaps the Benedict XVI could not take it anymore. Perhaps he could not take the fact that he had to lie to the Church’s followers as supposed to facing the facts. He obviously does not have the strength to deal with the reality that surrounds the Catholic church, so he has decided to leave.

Can anyone blame him?

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Vatican Calls for Global Authority on Economy

Document also calls for “Central World Bank” while hypocritically repudiating “idolatry of the markets”.

By Luis R. Miranda
The Real Agenda
October 25, 2011

The Vatican called on Monday for the creation of a “global public authority” and a “global central bank” to govern over the financial institutions that according to the document have become outdated and often ineffective in dealing with crises. The document (see item # 3 An Authority over Globalization ) of the Vatican’s Department of Justice and Peace echoes calls from some of the participants’ at “Occupy Wall Street” as well as demonstrators and similar movements around the world who have protested against the economic crisis.

Towards the Reform of International Monetary and Financial System in the context of a World Public Authority,” includes very specific details. For example, when it calls to establish a tax on financial transactions. “The economic and financial crisis which the world is going through calls everyone, individuals and peoples, to examine in depth the principles and the cultural and moral values at the basis of social coexistence,” says the document.

The statement condemned what it called “the idolatry of the market” and the “neoliberal thinking” that said appeared to have only technical solutions to economic problems. “In fact, the crisis has revealed behaviours like selfishness, collective greed and hoarding of goods on a great scale,” it says, adding that the world economy needs an “ethic of solidarity” between rich and poor .

The Vatican’s position is of course ironic, because the Vatican is one of the richest organizations in the world, that just as many corporations and financial institutions makes use of markets to invest its wealth. Just as characters like George Soros, Al Gore, Bill Gates and Michael Moore, the Vatican would want us to believe that a World Authority controlled by the usual suspects, whose function is to redistribute wealth, is the viable solution to end poverty and misery. It’s actually the opposite. The creation of a global entity with powers over the economic and political structures is what the world bankers and oligarchs have been calling for to acquire total control over the planet’s resources. There won’t be improvements in the economy or the structure if we bow to a global organization that can control it all. And such redistribution and equality is not to make us all equally rich, but to make us all equally poor.

“If no solutions are found to the various forms of injustice, the negative effects that will follow on the social, political and economic level will be destined to create a climate of growing hostility and even violence, and ultimately undermine the very foundations of democratic institutions, even the ones considered most solid,” it said.

Of course, this scenario is what the oligarchs who control much of the world’s wealth want. Street violence and hostility between social groups will give them the pretext to use force against citizens. No need to invade countries to use their weapons, as these are needed in domestic operations against citizens who lack a place to live and food to eat. Governments of major countries of the world have been preparing for this for many years. They have mounted an internal military structure to deal with the “troublemakers” that take to the streets to demand social justice and other collectivist scenarios in their despair to survive.

If it is difficult to believe that we are heading for an ending of the type described here, you should continue reading the Vatican document, which calls for the establishment of a “supranational authority,” with worldwide reach and “universal jurisdiction” to guide policy and economic decisions. What is this? Or more importantly, what does it mean? If globalization and integration of regions in Europe, Asia and America have failed miserably due to the significant loss of sovereignty of nations taking part in these movements, what can we expect if a supranational authority takes control of a and is given universal jurisdiction? And how will this authority be organized? Does the Vatican intend to become such supranational authority?

Asked at a news conference if the document could become a manifesto for protestors that have criticized the global economic policies, Cardinal Peter Turkson, head of the Department of Justice and Peace at the Vatican said: “The people on Wall Street need to sit down and go through a process of discernment and see whether their role managing the finances of the world is actually serving the interests of humanity and the common good. We are calling for all these bodies and organisations to sit down and do a little bit of re-thinking.”

One World Government

When this publication along with other alternative media warn about the existence of a world government, we are often called conspiracy theorists, however, the evidence that this entity exists is vast. In a recent article on Pravda.ru it is clearly portrayed how a small group of families really controls the world. In the article entitled “The Large Families that Rule the World”, the publication highlights how a few oligarchs own the most influential corporations, many of which have revenues exceeding that of most countries worldwide. In addition, the article establishes a clear link between these corporations and the banks that control the global financial system. Along with this article, The Real Agenda published a series of articles that show direct relationships between Wall Street, the corporations that control the industry and the planet’s resources and the families that own them. These items can be read in our website in the following order: The Four Horsemen of the Banking System, The Federal Reserve Cartel: The Eight Families, The Federal Reserve Cartel: A Financial Parasite, The Federal Reserve Cartel: The Roundtable and The Illuminati, The Federal Reserve Cartel: The U.S. Mason Bank and The House of Rothschild.

In a section that explains why the Vatican believes the reform of the global economy is necessary, the document says:

“In economic and financial matters, the most significant difficulties come from the lack of an effective set of structures that can guarantee, in addition to a system of governance, a system of government for the economy and international finance.” The document goes on to say that the International Monetary Fund (IMF) has no power or ability to stabilize global finances by regulating the money supply in general and is not able to watch over “the amount of credit risk assumed by the system.”

Towards the end, the letter from the Vatican insists that there should be a common set of minimum standards for managing the global financial market, as well as a form of global monetary management. This means a single currency, whose value will be issued under the power of that World Authority. Such a currency, as suggested in financial circles, would be digital, so the global society would function without paper money and only with digital transactions that would be carefully monitored by the World Authority through a centralized control system. This system would be under the power of the “global central bank” whose structure already exists.

The document adds that this change will take years to put in place. “Of course, this transformation will be made at the cost of a gradual, balanced transfer of a part of each nation’s powers to a world authority and to regional authorities, but this is necessary at a time when the dynamism of human society and the economy and the progress of technology are transcending borders, which are in fact already very eroded in a globalised world.”

As explained above, the installation of a global structure of control, as the Vatican promotes in his paper, has always been the result sought by global oligarchies. The transition from a society where the individual is free to a new one where nations lose their sovereignty and their citizens become subjects of an entity with global jurisdiction means the end of individual freedom and the collapse of countries as independent nations.

If there is something to be learned from the initiatives that seek political and economic unification at the regional and global levels, is that these initiatives are doomed to fail. This is seen in the current global economic and political crisis. So the solution is not more but less centralization. Countries must again function as separate entities trading with each other on a bilateral and multilateral basis, respecting their own laws and without eroding the constitutional rights and duties of its citizens.

Prince Charles calls for Eugenics in poor countries

London Telegraph

The Prince of Wales has called for greater population control in the developing world and hailed the success of “family planning services” in some countries.

He said more needs to be done because of the “monumental” problems that face the environment as population numbers “rocket”

Prince Charles of Wales is, along with Bill Gates, one of the strongest pushers for eugenics in the developing world.

and traditional societies become more consumerist. There needed to be more “honesty” about the fact the “cultural” pressures keep the global birth rate high.

The Prince also said the traditional religious views of the sanctity of life, which are often used to oppose the use of condoms and other contraceptives, must be balanced with the imperative to live within the limits of nature.

His comments, made in an important speech on Islam and the environment, will be seen as controversial within both the green lobby and some religious circles.

Although the heir to the throne is a long-standing champion of ecological causes and the benefits of faith, some believe that Western commentators do not have the right to tell residents of less wealthy nations that they should have fewer children or consume less in order to keep carbon emissions down. Many of the world’s great religions, meanwhile, oppose the widespread use of contraception.

Speaking at the Sheldonian Theatre, in a lecture to mark the 25th anniversary of the Oxford Centre for Islamic Studies of which he is patron, the Prince told how the population of Lagos in Nigeria has risen from 300,000 to 20 million during his lifetime.

He went on: “I could have chosen Mumbai, Cairo or Mexico City; wherever you look, the world’s population is increasing fast. It goes up by the equivalent of the entire population of the United Kingdom every year. Which means that this poor planet of ours, which already struggles to sustain 6.8 billion people, will somehow have to support over 9 billion people within 50 years.”

He acknowledged that long-term predictions are for a fall in global population but insisted: “In the next 50 years, we face monumental problems as the figures rocket.”

The Prince said the Earth could not “sustain us all”, particularly if a “vast proportion” is consuming natural resources at “Western levels”.

“It would certainly help if the acceleration slowed down, but it would also help if the world reduced its desire to consume.”

Talking about the “micro-credit” schemes developed in Bangladesh, he said: “Interestingly, where the loans are managed by the women of the community, the birth rate has gone down. The impact of these sorts of schemes, of education and the provision of family planning services, has been widespread.

“I fear there is little chance these sorts of schemes can help the plight of many millions of people unless we all face up to the fact more honestly than we do that one of the biggest causes of high birth rates remains cultural.”

He admitted it raised “very difficult moral questions” but suggested we should come to a view that balances “the traditional attitude to the sacred nature of life” with religious teachings that urge humans to “keep within the limits of Nature’s benevolence and bounty”.

Roman Catholics believe it is against “natural law” to use artificial methods to prevent conception while some conservative Muslim scholars teach that birth control is wrong. Condoms are opposed by Orthodox Judaism and some contraceptive techniques are unacceptable to Buddhists.

However the Prince also expressed his view that religion is needed to solve the world’s environmental and financial crises, which he claimed reflect the fact that “the soul has been elbowed out” in the quest for economic profit.

He said the Islamic world has one of the “greatest treasuries of accumulated wisdom and spiritual knowledge”, but lamented the fact that it is now often “obscured by the dominant drive towards Western materialism – the feeling that to be truly ‘modern’ you have to ape the West”.

The Prince said it was a “tragedy” that traditional Islamic crafts are being abandoned, and called upon Muslims to use their heritage to protect the environment.

He concluded that the world is “on the wrong road” and should not be “pigheaded” about refusing to acknowledge that fact, but should instead “retrace our steps” and return to working within nature rather than against it.

It is the first time the Prince has spoken at length about birth control since 1992, when he appeared to include the Vatican among “certain delegations” who are “determined to prevent discussion of population growth”. He spoke about birth control to politicians and community project workers in Bangladesh five years later.

U.S. Administration Supports Indecent Vatican’s Paedophilia Immunity


The Obama administration in a brief to the Supreme Court has backed theVatican’s claim of immunity from lawsuits arising from cases of sexual abuse by priests in the United States.

The Supreme Court is considering an appeal by the Vatican of an appellate court ruling that lifted its immunity in the case of an alleged pedophile priest from Oregon.

In a filing on Friday, the solicitor general’s office argued that the Ninth Circuit court of appeals erred in allowing the lawsuit brought by a man who claims he was sexually abused in the 1960s by the Oregon priest.

The unnamed plaintiff, who cited the Holy See and several other parties as defendants, argued the Vatican should be held responsible for transferring the priest to Oregon and letting him serve there despite previous accusations he had abused children in Chicago and in Ireland.

The solicitor general’s office, which defends the position of President Barack Obama’s administration before the Supreme Court, said the Ninth Circuit improperly found the case to be an exception to the Foreign Sovereign Immunities Act, a 1976 federal law that sets limits on when other countries can face lawsuits in US courts.

“Although the decision does not conflict with any decision of another court of appeals, the Court may wish to grant the petition, vacate the judgement of the court of appeals and remand to that court for further consideration”.

The case, which was filed in 2002, does not directly address questions raised in a separate lawsuit in Kentucky alleging that US bishops are employees of the Holy See.

But the Vatican plans to argue that Catholic dioceses are run as separate entities from the Holy See, and that the only authority that the pontiff has over bishops around the world is a religious one, according to Jeffrey Lena, theVatican’s US attorney.

In recent months, large-scale pedophilia scandals have rocked the Roman Catholic Church in a number of countries, including Austria, Ireland, Pope Benedict XVI’s native Germany and the United States.

Senior clerics have been accused of protecting the priests involved by moving them to other parishes — where they sometimes offended again — instead of handing them over to civil authorities for prosecution.

The pope, who has himself faced allegations implicating him in the scandal, has repeatedly said priests and religious workers guilty of child abuse should answer for their crimes in courts of law.