World Economic Forum calls for Sustainability on everything but out of control Spending


It seems that sustainability is a concept that is not applicable to money and debt. As the World Economic Forum begins in Davos, Switzerland, the first round of speeches has been focused on demanding that the world finances a global ‘greening’ policy which could cost as much as $ 14 trillion. Government and corporate leaders are at it again, scare mongering about global warming — no matter NASA’s own data shows little or no warming for the past 20 years.

Speakers at Davos are delivering what has been called by The Independent as a stark warning about long-term sustainable growth, which for some reason includes every single human activity but out of control debt creation. According to participants, the world must spend itself into oblivion to finance their dreamed global environmental agency which will dictate what can be done based on supposed environmental standards.

One of the most outspoken participants yesterday, was former Mexican president Felipe Calderon, who echoed calls for saving us all from the ‘devastating effects’ of global warming. Globalists behind people like Calderon, intend to dramatically change the way the world functions by downsizing all human activity related to industry, forestry, water and power management, food production and others.

The move to de-industrialize the planet, began at the core of the United Nations, where technocrats often call for a one world government that needs to be recognized by all nation-states. That world power would be formed by entities like the global environmental agency, the newly created European financial entity ruled according to the European Stability Mechanism — the mechanism to control all financial transactions — and organizations adhered to the World Health Organization and the World Trade Organization. The new so-called environmental policy is rooted on the United Nation’s Agenda 21, which ultimately intends to cram people into prison cities under complete surveillance and according to new lower living standards.

In 2012, the Davos conference formed the Green Growth Action Alliance, which is the organization in charge of coordination environmental policy as it relate to development. According to the former Mexican president, the influx of cash would truthfully aid the global effort to curb the challenges presented by climate change. Initially, the environmental fund would receive an injection of $700 billion a year up until 2030 and the money would allegedly be used to pay for the costs of ‘saving us’ all from global warming.

Mr. Calderon did not detail the specifics of the spending.As the leader of the Alliance, Calderon clearly address the U.S. by making use of hurricane Sandy to rally support for his plan. He used the term ‘pre-empt’ to refer to securing financial support for unknown natural disasters that according to him are just around the corner. Mr. Calderon did not explain how he came up with the total cost of financing any efforts to prepare and mitigate natural disasters such as Sandy.According to a report produced by Accenture Consultancy, which was used as a kind of measuring stick to determine the impact of the damage caused by a natural disaster, the cost of dealing with the consequences of hurricane Sandy were of $50 billion.

Felipe Calderon, who ended his tenure as Mexican president back in November, could not take care of his own country for the six years he held the presidency, but someone his handlers believe he can be the poster boy for an even more complicated matter such as the supposed dire consequences posed by global warming. “It is clear that we are facing a climate crisis with potentially devastating impacts on the global economy,” said Calderon while speaking at Davos.

“Greening global economic growth is the only way to satisfy the needs of today’s population and up to 9 billion people by 2050, driving development and well-being while reducing greenhouse gas emissions and increasing natural resource productivity.”

Calderon did not speak about the grave environmental problems caused by international corporation that pollute the planet with their open air experiments using chemtrails and genetically modified organisms. These topics don’t seem to be in the agenda of the issues that must be dealt with at Davos, it seems. The reason for this is that the World Economic Forum, just as the World Social Forum as nothing else than controlled opposition used by the large corporations to swindle society into believing that they have a voice on the issues.

Calderon also recited the same speech other fellow globalists often use to drive attention to the fake environmental agenda: “Economic growth and sustainability are inter-dependent, you cannot have one without the other, and greening investment is the pre-requisite to realizing both goals”. What this really means is that if globalists have their way, everything created, distributed and consumed will have to meet irrational levels of environmental standards that will make it impossible to actually have an economy.

Calderon’s Alliance is backed-up by entities such as the World Bank, Deutsche Bank and the European Bank for Reconstruction and Development. Its plan includes a proposal to demand that taxpayer money to guarantee, insure and / or incentivize the application of low-carbon emission schemes which in itself will cause the acceleration of the de-industrialization of the global economy by eliminating current sources of energy such as coal plants and fossil fuels without having a real alternative to substitute them.

What Calderon and the rest of the globalist cabal are asking countries to do is to finance their mechanisms of control while abandoning projects at home that could potentially improve standards of living on a country by country basis or on programs that could truly help people mitigate the impact of serious challenges and crises manufactured by the large corporations that control the planet, such as famine and war.

Members of the Alliance want to convince attendees to support their plan to use $5 trillion a year that is used in the production of traditional energy technology to supposedly build greener alternatives. Mr. Calderon is probably not aware of Spain’s failure to enact any kind of structure to drive a green economy. The country invested heavily in so-called alternative energy sources, using billions of dollars of taxpayer money to allegedly finance projects in conjunction with private corporations that in the end, just as it happened in the United States under Barack Obama, walked away with the cash without producing one single real alternative source of energy.

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