9/11 Report Outline Written Before Investigation took place

by Luis R. Miranda
The Real Agenda
September 6, 2011

The bag of surprises called the 9/11 cover-up is the gift that keeps on giving. A new video by Wearechange.org reports on how the outline used to redact the infamous report on the terrorist attacks perpetrated on the American people a decade ago, was created before the supposed investigation occurred. In other words, even before anything  related to the 9/11 attacks was even talked about by the commission, insiders already knew what the final report would include.

The outline of the report written by Philip Zelikow was kept secret by the 9/11 commission. When asked about the existence of such outline and why was it kept secret, the commission co-chairman Thomas Kean refused to answer anything regarding the matter and simply walked away. Later, Kean, who in the past said the commission’s investigation was doomed to fail and that the government was less than cooperative with the congressmen, said it would be disrespectful on his part to talk about any details regarding the outline.

Wearechange.org’s reporter Luke Rudkowski followed Kean out to the parking lot of what seemed to be a hotel or a conference venue and repeatedly asked Kean about the outline and the 9/11 report. The congressman simply remained quiet. When Rudkowski suggested his silence was incriminating, Kean simply limited himself to smile nervously. The exchange between Rudkowski and Kean was interjected by Bob McIlvaine whose son died on 9/11 while working at Merril Lynch

See the video below: