U.S. Plotting Terrorism in Afghanistan to Blame Pakistan

by Sergei Balmasov
October 1, 2011

The conflict between the U.S. and Pakistan continues to evolve. Pakistani Foreign Minister Hina Rabbani Khar has provided a tough and undiplomatic answer to the senior US authorities, including her American counterpart, Secretary of State Hillary Clinton, who accused Islamabad of “pandering to terrorists” from the “Taliban.” The head of Pakistan’s foreign ministry, in fact, accused the U.S. intelligence agencies of committing a series of terrorist attacks against U.S. facilities in Afghanistan to write it off to Pakistan.

Earlier, the chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff, U.S. Admiral Mike Mullen, at a hearing in the Senate criticized Islamabad, accusing it of supporting Pakistan’s “Haqqani” (ISI) that allegedly could have ordered the militants to attack the U.S. embassy in Kabul on September 13.

According to the senior military officer, “Haqqani” is “a direct continuation of the ISI.” In addition, Washington virtually accused Islamabad of committing other attacks as well. Among them is a recent attack on a U.S. base in eastern Afghanistan where 77 soldiers were injured.

The U.S. Ambassador in Islamabad Cameron Munter said that Pakistan has become home to terrorists that the local authorities stay in contact with instead of fighting. Mullen openly accused Pakistan of exporting terrorism to Afghanistan and added other accusations of Islamabad to Mullen’s speech. He said that he had strong evidence that this group was behind the attack at the hotel “Intercontinental “in Kabul on June 28 and was responsible for a number of small but efficient operations.

However, the high-ranking Americans provided no conclusive evidence in support of their words. This did not stop them from basing more serious charges on these allegations at the official level. On September 23, the head of the U.S. State Department stated that the Pakistani authorities have allowed the Islamists to take control of the country, and as a result the situation there became deadly for the global security. 
According to Hillary Clinton, the Islamists continue to take control over an increasing number of territories. She considered this to be sufficient to call Pakistanis to take a tough stance against the irresponsible policies of their government. 
The Head of the Department of State reported that the attention of U.S. President Barack Obama in fighting “extremists” was not confined to Afghanistan, and that this struggle extended to the fight with the Islamists, Taliban and Al Qaeda in Pakistan.  Despite a new wave of the financial crisis, Washington is ready to allocate billions of dollars to the cause.

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Karzai: Blackwater behind terrorism


Afghan President Hamid Karzai has said US private security firms, including Xe Services LLC, formerly known as Blackwater, are being behind terrorism in the country.

At a press conference in Kabul, Karzai said that US security companies have been behind explosions that have claimed the lives of women and children.

The Afghan president added that they have caused “blasts and terrorism” in different parts of Afghanistan over the past months.

The Afghan president said his administration cannot even distinguish between the bomb blasts carried out by US security firms and those of the Taliban militants.

“In fact we don’t yet know how many of these blasts are by Taliban and how many are carried out by them (US security companies).”

Blackwater has been involved in the murder of several Afghan citizens over the past years. The company has also been struggling with a trail of legal cases and civil lawsuits, including one for killing 17 Iraqi civilians during a Baghdad shootout in 2007.

Earlier in June, the CIA reportedly admitted that Blackwater had been loading bombs on US drones that target suspected militants in neighboring Pakistan.

The Afghan president has also pointed out that American private security firms are corrupt and have fueled nine years of war.

“Deals under the name of private security companies are cut in the hallways of American government buildings. It involves 1.5 billion dollars,” he said.

Karzai has accused security companies of running what he called an economic mafia based on crooked contracts.

“The money, 1.5 billion dollars, is being distributed there (in the United States) on Blackwater [sic] and this and that.”

The developments come as the notorious Blackwater has been awarded a five-year State Department contract worth up to USD 10 billion for operations in Afghanistan.

In August, Karzai ordered all security firms to disband before the end of the year.

Some diplomats and military officials say Karzai has been under intense pressure to reconsider his decision.

However, Karzai says he is steadfast in his decision to dissolve foreign security firms in the country despite US pressure to reconsider the decision.

The private companies are said to be in charge of providing security for foreign officials and embassies as well as development projects in Afghanistan.

Karzai has blamed mercenaries for civilian deaths and corruption in the troubled region.