Germany Rejects Military Intervention in Syria while NATO troops are already on the ground


Germany’s Defense Minister, Thomas de Maizière, said Sunday that Germany opposes military actions against in Syria and emphasized that the resignation of the Special Envoy of the UN and the the Arab League, Kofi Annan, does not mean that the Germans will change their position on the issue.

“The failure of diplomacy should not automatically entail the beginning of the military action,” said De Maizière in an interview with German newspaper Welt am Sonntag.

The German Defense Minister also said it is “frustrating to have to witness these murders without being able to do anything. “We need humanitarian aid and support democratic-minded elements in the opposition (Syria), but nothing more,” he added.

The policy of humanitarian aid is what countries like the United States use as an excuse to militarily aid rebel groups in countries it wants to conquer. So the declaration of the German minister does not come as a surprise. His country supports the same policy of interventionism by arming groups that oppose the governments the west wishes to bring down, and most of the work previous to a military invasion is done by rebel forces aided by the US and NATO.

The use of psy-op double speech is a common occurrence when western military powers decide it is time to hype the ghost of war on their populations, while painting military force as a tragedy, but only when others use it. “The call for intervention because of the terrible human rights violations is, in principle, the most popular, but as a responsible politician, I must stress that safety must be the only criterion for the deployment of soldiers,” De Maiziere said. While the German minister publicly opposes war, in private Germany and all other NATO members are seriously involved on destabilizing Syria from the inside, or though proxy neighboring governments.

Mr. De Maiziere also said that “there must be a balance of benefits and damages, on the efforts and costs on proportional means and the final death rate and on the possibility of achieving the objectives at the end”. As many politicians and military heads have said before, the death of innocent people is just part of the game, as he points it in his declaration. The death of soldiers and local people is seen as a statistic which can not be violated beyond whatever they think is moral.

“Stopping the massacres in Syria would not be achieved with the establishment of a no-fly zone. We would need to deploy troops on the ground, tens of thousands to stop the violence. That is not possible nor justifiable,” he added. Once again Mr. De Maiziere lies, because NATO has had ground troops in Syria for a long time before combat began. That is how ignorant western leaders think the public is. They believe they can simply lie and people will believe whatever they say.

While the German Defense Minister lies publicly, Syrian troops continued  to fight the rebel groups in Aleppo, one of the largest cities of in the country. At least 50,000 people have been displaced due to the combat and many of them have escaped to Turkey, a nation that is allied with the west and that has served as a launch pad for military attacks led by US and NATO forces. As a result of the Turkish aid to the western forces, Damascus has warned that it may provide weapons to Kurdish military groups that will take retaliation against Turkey.

The success of rebel groups aided by the west seems to have been a result of Turkey lending its military bases to bring together multiple groups, including members of al-Qaeda affiliates, to enter Syria quickly take over the city of Aleppo. It is seen as impossible for a total of 5000 rebels to keep control of an are populated by 20,000 Syrians who do not support their invasion. Additionally, the Assad regime has deployed some 20,000 soldiers to take the city back.

The conflict created by rebel groups trained and prepared by western forces are the ones causing the death of more innocent people in Syria, as well as attacks on members of the Syrian government. This is the traditional strategy employed by the western military forces of divide and conquer. In the case of Syria, however, it seems that conflict will extend to other countries such as Turkey, whose government is pretty tied up with the agenda of the NATO-led military. You would not know that from watching the western main stream media, which portrays Assad as the only bad actor in the movie.

A “Humanitarian” Conquest Of Libya

Paul Joseph Watson
February 28, 2011

Before President Barack Obama even took office, we warned that his administration would continue to follow the Bush-era policy of bankrupting America both financially and morally with new wars, but that these conquests would be done in the name of a humanitarian crisis rather than a pre-emptive assault.

The “international crisis” that Vice-President Joe Biden warned Obama would face has now arrived, with the increasingly chaotic situation in Libya forging a pretext for military intervention on behalf of the United States, NATO and the United Nations.

The prevalence of the US military-industrial complex, even under a government that promised peace, was guaranteed all along. Under a Democratic administration, wars remain the health of the state, only the rhetoric behind their justification is different. By citing humanitarian concerns as a pretext, the Obama administration can send US troops into battle safe in the knowledge that they can rely on left cover – the vitriol that accompanied Bush’s foreign adventures will be non-existent.

In an article I wrote with Alex Jones back in November 2008, before Obama had even defeated McCain, we foresaw the fact that new wars would be launched under Obama with a tricked up, contrived, humanitarian veneer that would fool the left into biting their tongue and going along with it.

“Obama may eventually withdraw a portion of troops from Iraq, but mark our words, they won’t be home long before they are sent off to bomb another broken-backed third world country, this time in the name of a United Nations-backed “humanitarian” war, just as Bill Clinton presided over in Somalia and Serbia with the full support of the establishment political left.” we wrote on November 4 2008 in an article entitled, The More Things “Change” The More They Stay The Same.

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