17 examples of admitted vaccine failures


Let’s face it.

As parents, we’re inundated with mixed messages about vaccines.

On one hand, doctors and mainstream media tell you how effective and safe vaccines are. On the other hand, you have parents like me who claim vaccines injured their children, or, in this case, that vaccines really “don’t work” as advertised.

What is often quickly forgotten is how often (and badly) vaccines fail. Ask yourself, “Why don’t these vaccine failures regularly make the news?”

If you can imagine in your mind’s eye, for a moment, the cash register “cha-chinging” while Big Pharma is pulling out a wad of cash, I think you may be getting close to the real answer. There’s big money in making sure the vaccine program is perceived as a success by you.

But this isn’t why you’re here.

Before I give you the 17 examples of how vaccines have failed, please investigate the United States vaccine schedule. Children are injected with 36 vaccines by the time they are 6 years of age.


The United States has the most aggressive vaccine schedule in the world.

You’ll notice a common theme that when vaccines fail, the proposed solution is often more vaccines, even when the child has already received multiple doses to “protect” them.

As promised, here are examples of the children being injected with toxic and ineffective vaccines, which their parents trusted would protect their children from getting the disease.

Vaccine Failure #1 – Mumps Outbreak in Orthodox Jewish Communities in the United States (2010)

A large mumps outbreak occurred among highly vaccinated U.S. Orthodox Jewish communities during 2009 and 2010. Of the teenagers vaccinated,

  • 89% had previously received two doses of a mumps-containing vaccine
  • 8% had received one dose

Those infected who received a vaccine: 97%. [1]

Vaccine Failure #2 – Mumps Epidemic in Iowa (2006)

In March, 2006, a total of 219 mumps cases had been reported in Iowa – the largest epidemic of mumps in the United States since 1988.

Of the 219 cases reported in Iowa, the average age of infection was 21. Of the 133 patients investigated with a vaccine history,

  • 87 (65%) had received 2 doses
  • 19 (14%) had received 1 dose
  • 8 (6%) had no doses
  • 19 (14%) vaccine status could not be documented

Those infected who received a vaccine: 79% (at least). [2]

Vaccine Failure #3 – Mumps Outbreak at a Summer Camp in New York (2005)

On July 26, 2005, the New York State Department of Health identified 31 cases of mumps, possibly introduced by an unvaccinated camp counselor from the United Kingdom (UK). The vaccine coverage for the entire camp was 96%. Of the infected 31,

  • 16 (52%) had received 2 doses
  • 4 (13%) had received 1 dose
  • 9 (29%) had no doses
  • 2 (6%) vaccine status could not be documented

20 of the 31 people infected (65%) of the people infected were vaccinated.

Vaccine coverage for the camp: 96%. [3]

Vaccine Failure #4 – Mumps Outbreak in a Highly Vaccinated Population (1989)

From October 1988 to April 1989, an outbreak involving 269 cases of mumps occurred in Douglas County, Kansas. Of the 269 cases, 208 (77.3%) occurred among primary and secondary school students, of whom 203 (97.6%) had received a mumps vaccination. [4]

Vaccine Failure #5 – Two Fully Vaccinated Doctors Get Measles (2009)

A measles outbreak in 2009 exposed and infected two physicians, both of whom had been fully vaccinated with two doses of the MMR vaccine. These physicians were suspected of having been infected by treating patients diagnosed with measles.

Scoreboard: Measles 2 – Vaccinated Doctors 0. [5]

Vaccine Failure #6 – Major Measles Epidemic in Quebec Despite 99% Vaccine Coverage (1989)

The 1989 measles outbreak infecting 1,363 people in the province of Quebec was attempted to be explained away as occurring because of “incomplete vaccination coverage.”

However, upon further investigation, it was discovered the vaccination coverage among cases was at least 84.5%. Vaccination coverage for the total population was 99.0%.

Vaccine coverage for population: 99% [6]

Vaccine Failure #7–Outbreak of Measles Despite Appropriate Control Measures (1985)

In 1985, of 118 cases of measles which occurred on a Blackfeet reservation in Montana, 82% were vaccinated. Twenty-three of those cases occurred in the schools in Browning, Montana, where 98.7% of students were vaccinated. [7]

Vaccine Failure #8 – Measles Outbreak in a Fully Immunized Secondary-School Population (1985)

In 1985, an outbreak of measles occurred in a secondary school located in Corpus Christi, Texas. More than 99% had records of vaccination with live measles vaccine. The investigators concluded “that outbreaks of measles can occur in secondary schools, even when more than 99 percent of the students have been vaccinated and more than 95 percent are immune.

Vaccine coverage for school: 99%. [8]

Vaccine Failure #9 – Measles in an Immunized School-Aged Population in New Mexico (1984)

The story keeps repeating.

In 1984, 76 cases of measles were reported in Hobbs, New Mexico. Forty-seven cases (62%) occurred among students. The school reported that 98% of students were vaccinated against measles before the outbreak began.

Vaccine coverage for school: 98% [9]

Vaccine Failure #10 – Measles Outbreak Among Vaccinated High School Students in Illinois (1984)

In 1984, 21 cases of measles occurred in Sangamon County, Illinois.

  • 16 (76%) were vaccinated
  • 4 (19%) were unvaccinated preschool children
  • 1 (5%) vaccinated college student

All 411 students of the local high school were documented as having received the vaccination on or after their first birthday. Investigators remarked, “This outbreak demonstrates that transmission of measles can occur within a school population with a documented immunization level of 100%.

Vaccine coverage in school children contracting measles: 100% [10]

Vaccine Failure #11 – Analysis of Measles Epidemic; Possible Role of Vaccine Failures (1975)

In 1975, a measles epidemic occurred in schools in Greensville, Ontario. Out of the 47 cases of measles,

  • 26 (55.3%) had been vaccinated
  • 18 (18.3%) had not been vaccinated
  • 3 (6.4%) vaccine status unknown

Researchers concluded one vaccine isn’t enough to protect children. They recommended children be injected with an additional measles vaccine.

Cases of measles in vaccinated children: 55.3%. [11]

Vaccine Failure #12 – Unexpectedly Limited Durability of Immunity Following Acellular Pertussis Vaccination in Pre-Adolescents in a North American Outbreak (2012)

In 2012, doctors at Kaiser Permanente Medical Center identified 171 cases of pertussis – 132 in children. They noticed increased cases in children between the ages 8-12. They claim vaccine effectiveness was as follows:

  • For ages 2-7: 41% effective (?!?)
  • For ages 8-12: 24% effective (?!?)
  • For ages 13-18: 79% effective

Outside of using colorful adjectives such as garbage, worthless, or junk, the doctors hypothesized children need more vaccines to become “adequately protected.”

Vaccine effectiveness for ages 8-12: 24%. [12]

Vaccine Failure #13 – Clinical Presentation of Pertussis in Fully Immunized Children in Lithuania (2001)

In 2001, Lithuania’s vaccine coverage was 94.6% as a country. From May to December of that year, 53 children showed a serological confirmation of pertussis. Of the 53 children,

  • 32 (60.4%) were fully vaccinated
  • 21 (39.6%) were partially vaccinated or unvaccinated

Researchers conveniently grouped both partially vaccinated and unvaccinated children together. Twenty-eight of 32 fully vaccinated children (87.5%) had also received antibiotics.

Vaccinated children (who received at least three DTP vaccine doses) represented 43.2% of all pertussis cases diagnosed in 2001.

Vaccine coverage for Lithuania: 94.6%. [13]

Vaccine Failure #14 – Pertussis Infection in Fully Vaccinated Children in Day Care Centers (2000)

Many health professionals are adamant that vaccines protect against infection. Evidence from a field investigation in Israel challenges this belief.

In 2000, a child died suspected of having pertussis. The baby received the first dose of DTP at two months of age – all family members were completely vaccinated with four doses of DTP.

The day care centers that two siblings had attended during the child’s illness were investigated. All the children in the day care had been vaccinated in infancy with four doses of diphtheria-tetanus toxoid pertussis (DTP) vaccine, and a booster dose at 12 months of age.

Five fully vaccinated children were found to be colonized with Bordetella pertussis.

At the conclusion of the investigation, researchers stressed the following information:

Vaccinated adolescents and adults may serve as reservoirs for silent infection and become potential transmitters to unprotected infants. The whole-cell vaccine for pertussis is protective only against clinical disease, not against infection. Therefore, even young, recently vaccinated children may serve as reservoirs and potential transmitters of infection.

They re-emphasized again, “Our results indicate that children ages 5-6 years and possibly younger, ages 2-3 years, play a role as silent reservoirs in the transmission of pertussis in the community.

Vaccine coverage in daycare: 100% [14]

Vaccine Failure #15 – Pertussis Outbreak in Vermont (1996)

In 1996, over 280 cases of pertussis cases were identified in Vermont. Here is the breakdown of the age groups of those infected:

  • 12 (4%) were aged less than 1 year
  • 32 (11%) were 1-4 years
  • 42 (15%) were 5-9 years
  • 129 (46%) were 10-19 years
  • 65 (23%) were greater than or equal to 20 years

How many of these 215 children were vaccinated? According to the report, of the children who had a known vaccine status,

  • 5 children aged 7-47 months were partially vaccinated
  • 14 children aged 7-47 months were vaccinated with 3 doses
  • 49 children aged 7-18 years were partially vaccinated
  • 106 children aged 7-18 years were fully vaccinated

Disturbingly, 174 children were vaccinated and over half (61%) of the school children were considered “fully vaccinated!” It’s also important to keep in mind that in 1996, 97% of children aged 19-35 months in Vermont had received three or more doses of DT or DTP vaccine.

Complete failure in vaccinated children: at least 80.9% [15]

Vaccine Failure #16 – Outbreak of Varicella at a Day Care Center Despite Vaccination (2012)

Sometimes instead of saying a vaccine is a complete failure, a term such as “breakthrough varicella” is used to describe how children get the disease for which they were vaccinated.

In December of 2012, an outbreak occurred in a private day care center in a small community near Concord, New Hampshire. There were a total of 25 cases of varicella reported in children.

  • 17 (68%) were vaccinated
  • 8 (32%) were unvaccinated – two of these children were vaccinated in late December and classified as “unvaccinated”

The investigators lamented that the vaccine was 44% effective, saying, “The reasons for the poor performance of the vaccine are not apparent…the findings in this investigation raise concern that the current vaccination strategy may not protect all children adequately.

Vaccine coverage: 73.1% [16]

Vaccine Failure #17 – An Outbreak of Chickenpox in Elementary School Children with Two-Dose Varicella Vaccine Recipients (2006)

When it is apparent one vaccine isn’t working, the answer is almost always more vaccines… ever notice?

In June 2006, a second dose of the chickenpox (varicella) vaccine was recommended for school entry. Shortly after school had begun, the Arkansas Department of Health was notified of a varicella outbreak in students.

Vaccination information was available for 871 (99%) of the 880 children. Ninety-seven percent of the children had been vaccinated for varicella! In this outbreak, 84 cases were reported.

Vaccine coverage: 97%. [17]


As you can see from the above examples, vaccines fail and do so often. Trust me, there are many more examples I didn’t cover here.

Here’s a tip for you if you want to look for more information. Open your browser right now. Go to Google.com and do a search for the terms “previously immunized for (x)” or “breakthrough (x) in school.” X, of course, represents a “vaccine preventable” disease such as pertussis, measles, varicella, etc., – you get the point.

As a parent, you trust doctors to provide you with accurate information. When doctors say vaccines work and they are effective, from whom are they getting their information?

Maybe even more importantly, why aren’t the vaccine failures covered by mainstream media to inform you? The likely answer is the organizations who really need protection from the truth are the members of Big Pharma – and I don’t think there is a vaccine for that (although they may try to create one).

If you find other examples, please post them below (with the link to PubMed) for other parents to read.


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Dead People Voted in South Carolina

by Luis R. Miranda
The Real Agenda
January 23, 2012

The corruption in the primary process of the republican primaries continues unchallenged. Just as it happened in Iowa and New Hampshire, South Carolina was another example of why the establishment maintains control of elections. When fraud is not enabled through rigged voting machines, it is done by allowing dead people to vote.

In Iowa, after Mitt Romney was declared the winner, the republican party representatives recounted the votes and changed their winner. Rick Santorum was called the winner, even though there were votes lost in two precincts in that state. In this state, the counting of the votes wasn’t even properly certified. The republicans simply announced a winner; whoever they decided to declare as the winner.

In New Hampshire, again dead people voted and the accounting of the votes was even less clear. According to Bev Harris, from BlackboxVoting.org, an organization that monitors the fair accounting of votes, especially those counted with Diebold machines, warned about voting fraud in this northern state as well as in South Carolina. In our article Fair Elections? Not if Corporations Control the Vote Count, we exposed how elections are remotely controlled at  ClarityElections.com. The SOE software that is used to “count” the votes allows for the easy alteration of the totals. Mrs. Harris warned that after SCYTL and SOE systems merged, people would have to trust one single source for counting the votes, “an Internet voting system controlled by SCYTL, with a results reporting system also controlled by SCYTL.”

Today, WTOC 11 reports that according to the state of South Carolina’s Attorney General some 953 ballots cast by voters actually belonged to dead folks. “Already, there has been some question into folks who cast their ballots on Saturday. South Carolina’s Attorney General, Alan Wilson has notified the U.S. Justice Department of potential voter fraud. Wilson says an analysis found 953 ballots cast by voters were people who are listed as dead. He has asked the State Law Enforcement Division to investigate.”

The level of fraud is such in these primary elections that many in the mainstream believe such fraud is a wide open attempt to steal the election from the real winning candidate. In his article Iowa Vote Fraud Official, Jeffrey Phelps explains how the establishment is working to avoid a more influential role for republican candidate Ron Paul. This all happens, says Phelps “as Iowa GOP ‘officials’ purposely disrupt and permanently invalidate the 2012 Iowa Caucus.” According to him, the official caucus website in Iowa publicly states that the caucus results can never be officially certified, because 8 different precincts showed signs of fraud that included missing votes and stories that changed every time someone challenged them.

But instead of dedicating time and resources to investigating this fraud, republican party officials have simply decided to ignore them and move on. In fact, says Phelps “for the first time in history, the Iowa GOP decided to change the final vote count to a “Secret location” for what was claimed to be security concerns.” This action did not prevent the fraud, however. Several voters in the caucus publicly complained that the number of votes in several precincts, as reported by party officials, did not correspond to the number of Iowans they had counted at the voting place.

How can americans trust their election systems if voting cannot be certified as legitimate and party officials refuse to investigate clear examples of fraud and vote manipulation? It simply cannot be trusted.

Meanwhile, the voting fraud continued  in New Hampshire, where the attorney general also probed voter fraud as activists got ballots as dead people because they weren’t  ID’ed. According to Mark Hayward from UnionLeader.com, Associate Attorney General Richard Head confirmed his office had learnt about the possible fraud on election day and immediately began investigating. “That investigation is ongoing,” he said. “Based on the information received on Election Day and the information on the video, we are undertaking a comprehensive review of voting procedures with the Secretary of State,” reports UnionLeader.com.

These cases of fraud as just the tip of the iceberg. Dozens of cases have been reported by local media, but they have been widely ignored by their main stream colleagues, who have limited themselves to report what the Republican Party establishment says. In most cases, proven cases of irregularities have been deemed as insignificant by news networks.

Back in South Carolina, the fraud extends beyond the limits of anything seen in Iowa and New Hampshire. According to Brandon Turbeville, from Activist Post,  people who witnessed the certification of the vote are now questioning if the results are the consequence of voter fraud. “Although no one is pointing fingers at the Gingrich campaign, or any other campaign at this point, the anomalies that are arising from the accounts of eyewitnesses call into question the certainty and the credibility of the final count in South Carolina,” reports Tuberville.

Some of the most contested precincts include Pickens County. It is here where voter Chris Lawton suspects the counting procedure did not follow established guidelines and therefore the results are questionable. Mr. Lawton was kept away from the room where the counting was actually done. He was asked to remain vigilant outside of the room. But when he questioned where were the votes coming from, he was simply told some 746 votes had been brought in early in the morning, when no one was watching. Mr. Lawton was then asked to leave the secured counting room.

I guess George Carlin was right, wasn’t he? Warning: Adult Language.


Until when will Americans be like those described by George Carling?

Ron Paul ad reveals Santorum’s ” Record of Betrayal”

by Luis R. Miranda
The Real Agenda
January 6, 2012

Ron Paul has come out whacking after his successful result in Iowa. This time, Paul’s campaign hit Rick Santorum. The ad that criticizes Santorum record of betrayal and hypocrisy in Washington is set to be aired in South Carolina, where Santorum is trying to ride the wave of his questionable meteoric second place in Iowa.

The video uses similar words to those used in previous ads where the Paul campaign accused Newt Gingrich of hypocrisy and lies. “One serial hypocrite exposed,” says the narrator, while reminds voters of Newt Gingrich‘s shady record. “Now another has emerged: Rick Santorum, a corporate lobbyist and Washington politician. A record of betrayal.”

See the video below:


Rick Santorum began attacking Ron Paul a week before the Iowa caucus and the Paul campaign is now playing fire with fire as it exposes Santorum’s past as a fake conservative, who helped run up the deficit by supporting an increase in the debt ceiling.

Right now, Ron Paul is strongly holding second in New Hampshire, only behind long time favorite Mitt Romney. These two campaigns have not exchanged attacks so far in the race, but it is expected that as both Romney and Paul continue to go head to head on the following primaries, both the mainstream media as well as GOP Establishment organizations will increase their attacks on Paul.

Previous attacks by CNN and FoxNews included questions about Ron Paul’s “racism” that they said originated from 20-year-old newsletters that Paul did not write or agreed with. Attacks from fellow candidates such as Michelle Bachmann told of Paul’s “dangerous” beliefs. According to Bachmann and Santorum, the fact Paul does not want to bomb every country on this planet is insane and should be considered as a threat to the United States’  national security.

Previous to Ron Paul getting an equal amount of delegates in Iowa as Romney and Santorum got, attacks by the mainstream media and talking heads included unfounded beliefs such as that Ron Paul could not win, could not be elected, could not beat Obama, was not supported by the troops, and so on. Today, as Americans and the world have learned, Paul has been elected as a representative numerous times, became a top tier candidate, tied with Romney for first place -in the number of delegates- in Iowa, gets more cash and support from the troops than all other candidates combined, is second in New Hampshire and fourth place in South Carolina.

The Paul campaign will invest $250,000 on the ad buy which will begin playing in South Carolina on Monday.

Ron Paul increases lead in Iowa as the Establishment Fails to Smear Him

Paul Joseph Watson
December 28, 2011

Despite a barrage of smear attacks from every single corner of the mainstream media over the last two weeks, Ron Paul’s chances of winning the Iowa Republican Primary have if anything increased, with a new poll showing Paul increasing his lead over Mitt Romney while the New York Times’ primary projection shows Paul’s chances of winning at 60% compared with Romney at 31%.

The sheer desperation of the establishment in its efforts to topple Ron Paul are staggering to behold. Everything from bitter former employees of the Paul campaign, to ludicrous You Tube videos of crying women, to the re-hashed debunked 15-year-old smears about ‘racist’ newsletters, every single piece of dirt imaginable has been thrown at Paul – but nothing has stuck.

This phenomenon once again illustrates the fact, as we saw during Rand Paul’s senatorial campaign, that the corporate press is now so distrusted by a significant portion of Americans that their coordinated smear attacks, which used to have the power to sink candidates almost overnight, are now rapidly losing influence.

It also highlights the fact that the smear attacks against Paul have been completely hyped and exaggerated out of all proportion.

Whereas Herman Cain’s adventurous sex life cost him the frontrunner’s position and forced him to drop out of the race altogether, likewise with Gingrich when the exposure of his true political inclinations decimated his commanding lead, the so-called scandals about Ron Paul are so transparently weak and have been distorted out of all rational proportions, that their impact has been non-existent on the polling figures.

That assertion is proven by the numbers – which show Paul’s lead in Iowa has held firm.

Read Full Article…

Main Stream Media Machine on the attack against Ron Paul

by Luis R. Miranda
The Real Agenda
December 22, 2011

Ron Paul´s successful campaign and its meteoric rise to first place in Iowa has prompted the establishment and its electronic arm, the main stream corporate media, to launch a well scripted attack on the Texas Congressman. CNN, USAToday, Daily Caller, FOXNews, and many more outlets have published articles and reports with various degrees of disinformation that intend to portray the leading Republican candidate as anything from a crazy man to a Nazi sympathizer.

CNN reporters have made it their job to repeatedly ask Ron Paul about twenty-something year-old newsletters, whose content Paul has said time after time he totally opposes and regards as extreme. Paul has been asked about those newsletter at least once a day for the past week, but CNN reporters continue dwelling on the apparent relevance of such newsletters instead of asking Paul and the rest of the Republican candidates about their plans should they be elected presidents.

¨Media arms of both, the democrat and republican parties, for their part, have been complicit thus far in orchestrating the build-up and then collapse of campaigns that have included Presidential hopefuls like Herman Cain, Rick Perry, and most recently, Newt Gingrich,¨ points out Mac Slavo at SHTFplan.com. As Ron Paul reaches almost 30 percent in some polls (Wednesday night) there is little doubt that Mr. Paul is at the very least a strong candidate to win Iowa and build an even stronger wave right before New Hampshire arrives on January 10. During an one on one interview with Gloria Borger from CNN, Paul responded once again to the questions related to racist views expressed in newsletter published 22 years ago. Paul answered Borger´s questions as he did the day before on CNN, but she continues to ask the same questions over and over again, and then implied Paul had earned 1 million dollars as a result of lending his name to the infamous newsletters. She did not present any proof of her unfounded accusations. See the exchange below:

Meanwhile, USAToday published an article saying that Ron Paul is still not the leading candidate in Iowa, despite the fact at least two recent polls place him first in that state with a 3 and 5 point advantage over Mitt Romney and New Gingrich. Reporter Jackie Kucinich wrongly argues that regardless of his money raising power and well organized movement, Ron Paul hasn´t been able to get to the top in Iowa. Ms. Kucinich perpetrates the lie that Ron Paul cannot win, much less be elected president of the United States. She forgets that while Romney and Gingrich have been in free fall in the last 4 weeks, Paul has risen from 14 percent on average, to almost 24 percent in the state of Iowa.

Ms. Kucinich implies that Ron Paul is weak among main stream Republicans because of his consistent foreign policy and economic sanity views and that this makes him a less strong candidate to beat Barack Obama in a general election. She forgets that since the campaign began, Paul has been the candidate that polls best in the Republican field when faced with the current president of the United States. In a recent NBC/Marist poll, Mr. Paul beats Obama 42 percent to 35 percent among independent voters. According to the poll, 42 percent of registered voters in Iowa support Obama, while 43 percent support Paul. “There are a lot of parallels between Paul’s strength in Iowa and Barack  Obama’s in 2008 — he’s doing well with new voters, young voters, and  non-Republican voters,” said PPP in an explanation of its poll’s findings. Ron Paul is the most popular candidate among non-white polled voters. Mr. Paul is polling second in New Hampshire and third in Nevada.

After the last Republican debate in Iowa, Fox News´ neocon host Sean Hannity questioned poll about the newsletters as well, even though Paul had responded to questions on the subject on various Fox News shows and other news media already that week. Sean Hannity as well as Gloria Borger questioned Paul about his recent campaign ads, which they called ¨tough¨. Paul´s campaign has aired television ads in Iowa and other states exposing Newt Gingrich, Mitt Romney and Michelle Bachman´s flip-flopping during the campaign and throughout their career as politicians. In one of the ads, Paul´s campaign reveals Newt Gingrich´s history of hypocrisy as it has been reported by the media for the past 20 years. He also attacked Romney, Cain and Bachman as being more of the same or status quo candidates.

Main stream media and other alternative neocon outlets criticize Paul for appearing in radio and television shows warning about the impending Martial Law state the US government wants to turn the country into. Paul has cited the passage of legislation such as John Warner Defense Authorization, PDD51 and the recently passed National Defense Authorization Act as strong signs that the United States government is seeking to impose Martial Law in America. Mr. Paul´s warnings are supported not only by the contents of recently adopted laws but also by a leaked government document which clearly states how will a Martial Law state be managed once it is implanted. The document titled ¨STATEMENT OF WORK FOR FEDERAL EMERGENCY MANAGEMENT AGENCY NATIONAL CONTINUITY PROGRAMS (NCP) PROGRAM AND MISSION SUPPORT SERVICES (PAMSS)¨. The leaked document describes how FEMA contractors will assist the National Continuity of Government (NCP) during a state of Martial Law in America. It details operational policies regarding Administrative Support,  Test, Training and Exercise Programs, Software, Systems, and Telecommunications Engineering and Support, First Responder Partnership Initiative,  Audit Support, Financial and Internal Controls, Property Management Support, OMB 300 Support, Acquisition Support, Outreach Support, Professional Support/Subject Matter Expertise, among others.

Separately, declassified FEMA Continuity of Government Plans detail how the government is preparing for a total takeover of society, by dispatching the military inside the United States as it was done during hurricane Katrina, where soldiers invaded private property, confiscated guns and looted the homes of well to do Americans who had prepared for the hurricane beforehand.  Katrina was the training ground for the coming militarization of the United States as the final economic collapse looms on the horizon.

So why is Ron Paul being attacked with bogus claims, unfounded statements and ridiculed due to his warnings against the coming economic collapse and Martial Law preparations? Because the dying dinosaur media does not have anything on him. He has no skeletons in his closet and he has not flip-flop about anything during his long career as a public servant. His life and politics have been based on the Constitution and the Bill of Rights which turns him into the only qualified candidate to run for president in 2012.

The media and the establishment are shaking!