Is a New American Reichstag in the Works?

By Luis R. Miranda
The Real Agenda
August 17, 2011

That is what chatter coming from the United States government seems to suggest. A few weeks ago, we reported on how a video from the Department of Homeland Security(DHS) incited fear of ‘white Al-Qaeda’ terrorists and just a day after publication, Anders Breivik blew up a government building in Oslo, Norway.

The U.S. government is preaching the idea that a new Oklahoma City style attack is coming.

Since Oslo, the very same Department of Homeland Security has put out a new Public Service Announcement where they go at it again. The white American is the threat. Somehow the U.S. Government found a way to move the threat from Islamic fundamentalists to Americans who support Constitutionalism.

In the new ad, DHS presents new ‘white faces’ while calling for a high state of vigilance from the part of the citizenry to report any ‘suspicious’ or ‘out of the ordinary’ activity. As in previous occasions, no clear definition of ‘suspicious’ or ‘out of the ordinary’ is given. This technique, as we reported before, is a psychological operation to instigate fear and distrust on the public so that they not only accept the government’s message of fear, but also turn against their neighbors and family members and tattle tale about their questioning of government policies.

Back in the days of the infamous Nazi party, Adolf Hitler used the false threat of a foreign force planning to attack Germany in order to push the public to accept his insane power grab, that ended in the death of Jews, Christians, and any other members of groups that opposed his policies. Hitler only failed on his attempt to take over Europe and the world, because his handlers had already achieved their goal to ramp up the war movement by playing Hitler against other military forces.

The threat of a ‘lone wolf’ style terror attack in the United States then is the solution to save the drastically faded Obama presidency. If you think this is insane, take a look at this article on the Financial Times of London, where Robert Shapiro, a former White House aide to Bill Clinton suggested that barring a terror attack, the Obama administration was doomed. We must add to this Barack Obama’s own assessment which included his thought that the United States could absorb another terror attack of the size of 9/11.

Yesterday, Barack Obama came out to reinforce even more the supposed threat of homegrown terrorism during an interview on CNN. While responding to a comment from Wolf Blitzer, Obama identified the possibility that a single person could cause a major terror attack. “We are vigilant and constantly monitoring the threat of a terrorist attack… The risk is always there… The risk we are concerned now is the ‘lone wolf’ threat, a single person with a weapon, someone being able to carry out the type of massacre we saw in Norway recently.” Of course, it has been proven that Anders Breivik did not act alone. In fact, even main stream media reports confirm that Breivik called police several times to turn himself in before the attacks.

A couple of days ago, New York Times writer Paul Krugman came out and suggested the United States would benefit greatly if a new threat such as the invasion of aliens happened because it would allow the government to launch wars and therefore revive the economy. This train of thought would be funny if it wasn’t because what Krugman suggested was exactly the agenda carried out in World Wars I and II. Upon the evident economic crisis, the Globalists decided to play nations against nations in order to spur manufacturing of war machinery, create jobs within the military industrial complex and start fresh again after the wars were over. But at what human cost?

What does the new DHS Ad say?

Picking up where they left off a few weeks ago, the Department of Homeland Security headed by Secretary Janet Napolitano, continues its fear mongering campaign to get people to accept the next big terrorist attack and the Police State measures that will stem from it.

In the video, DHS shows a white young man driving a cab. He stops by what seems to be a bus or train station, opens the trunk of the cab and activates what appears to be an explosive device. At the same time, two passengers inside the station see a suspicious looking woman walking inside the station as she flies by them. And guess what, she’s white, too. A white man who observes the white taxi driver walking away from the cab is then shown talking to a police officer in a supposed attempt to denounce the suspicious activity.

What can we get from this? When looked at it in more than one dimension, it is clear that once again the DHS intends to portray whites as dangerous, especially white middle class people. In order to understand this trick, one needs to connect the ad to the current financial situation, where mostly middle class and the poor (taxi drivers and public transportation users) are being robbed of their future. Everywhere in the world, it is the middle and poor class the ones rising up against the Globalist attempt to further consolidate economic and military power. After Anders Breivik allegedly attacked the federal building in Oslo, authorities beefed up security in the capital and other cities in Norway. After the last riots in London, in another Problem, Reaction, Solution scheme, a crowd of criminals attacked local businesses and homes. The British government decided to use face recognition technology on the streets to scan and store imagery from anyone who “may be or act suspicious”. Previous to the attacks, police stood down and let the looters do whatever they wanted and now they want to scan everyone’s faces.

Back in the United States the corporate prostitute media continues to eco Obama’s speech about the threat of a ‘lone wolf’ attack. On Tuesday, CBS News said the next attack would not come from Islamic terrorists, but from a member of the “Sovereign Citizen” movement in the United States, that is everyone calling for the end of the Federal Reserve, the end of the wars, the reactivation of the economy, the adoption of sound fiscal and monetary policies and the end of interventionism and empire building. Going by the recent polls, this group of people now labeled as “dangerous” by the federal government, includes a powerful minority who is armed and ready to defend their rights to speak freely, own and carry weapons to protect themselves and their families from rising crime, public protest against insane government policies and anyone who supports Ron Paul and anyone and anything that smells like Constitutionalism.

Naturally, the government knows that it does not take a majority to get the government back to the people, but a really well-educated and armed minority to eject the current invaders who occupy the United States of America, or for that matter every other country in the western world. That is why the government continues to move initiatives to discretely ban the second amendment carrying out stings in gun shows and invading private property to look for legally held fire arms. Obama himself is an “in the closet” gun grabber. So are Rick Perry and Mitt Romney. In April, the newspaper the Star-Tribune reported that the Federal Bureau of Investigation is spying on citizens in Wyoming to keep tabs on their use of fire arms. FBI agent Kathy Wright said that “the bureau has kept an eye on the movement because some sovereigns have taken the logical step from belief in the illegitimacy of the current system to acting violently against it.”

What could come from a situation where a disarmed society is unable to protect itself from crime and the abuses of government? Ask relatives of people who survived the Nazi atrocities, ask the people of Oklahoma City, the people from Virginia Tech, from New York, and more recently from Norway. What could stem from an educated society that freely carries fire arms to defend itself? Ask the citizens of Switzerland and Texas.

Testing waters for False-flag Terror Attack?

Fake Laptop Bomb goes undetected as Germany warned about possible attack.


Germany’s interior minister said Friday that a laptop case rigged with wires, a clock and a detonator found at a Namibian airport was really a mock bomb built in the United States to test airport security.

The minister, Thomas de Maizière, said it was “highly unlikely” that a German security agency had planted the case as part of a drill, and an angry Namibian official said no one from Namibia, Germany or the United States had been involved in conducting an authorized test.

“It will be determined who deposited it,” said Lt. Gen. Sebastian Ndeitunga of Namibia’s national police. “The governments of the U.S., Germany and Namibia were not aware of the parcel.”

The discovery that the device was made in California by a security firm — and was not a bomb designed to destroy a passenger plane — was a welcome relief at a time when many European nations and the United States have said there is a serious danger of a terrorist attack from Islamist extremists.

But the announcement also raised a troubling concern: On Friday, two days after the parcel was discovered, the authorities on three continents said they were at a loss to explain how a mock bomb got mixed in with passenger luggage for a flight to Munich, or even whom it belonged to.

Mr. de Maizière could not even rule out for certain that a German agency was not behind the episode. “I consider that highly unlikely, but that is one of the things we are looking into,” he said.

The bomb scare arose at a time of increased anxiety in Germany and across Europe of a potential terrorist strike. There is concern that teams of terrorists may have been dispatched from Pakistan or Afghanistan to stage Mumbai-style attacks in Europe. German officials said this week that there was concrete evidence of plans to strike their nation by the end of the year.

With heavily armed police officers at central gathering places, and officers patrolling trains, a vigilant public has called in a flurry of false alarms in Germany.

The police closed off several tracks at the Hanover central train station on Friday to investigate an abandoned plastic bag, which turned out to be empty. In Berlin, police officers sealed off a post office after a package was found on top of a mailbox; it turned out to be a printer cartridge. And a train traveling from Kiel to Basel was stopped to allow the police to investigate a suspicious package, which turned out to be innocuous.

The interior minister tried to use the bomb scare in Namibia to calm the public — noting that even if there had been a real bomb, it did not make it to the plane.

“The important thing for all of us is that no explosives were found in the luggage and that, as far as we know at this point in the investigation, there was at no point a danger to passengers posed by this luggage,” Mr. de Maizière said.

The African authorities disclosed that the device was produced by Larry Copello of Sonora, Calif. Mr. Copello, 64, could not explain in a telephone interview how it had ended up intended for an Air Berlin flight for Munich, but he said he suspected that someone was traveling with it and that it was found by accident, a theory that has not yet been addressed by the authorities.

Mr. Copello said that he had talked to the F.B.I. on Thursday, and that while he could not divulge all the details, he said he did not know who had possession of it this week, nor how it ended up in Africa.

He said that he had sold the device four or five years ago, adding that his mother-in-law had assembled the simulated bomb.

He said he believed that the device was not being used in a training exercise when it was discovered. If it had been an authorized test, he said, it would have been better secured and the Namibian authorities would have been made aware of the test.

“Somebody dropped the ball,” he said. “I’m just happy nothing happened.”

Mr. Copello said he sold the device to government agencies and corporate security companies in and outside the United States, like the Transportation Security Administration or airport authorities.

“It’s not the first time this has happened,” he said. “Sometimes it pops up where it’s not supposed to. It’s done thousands of times a day and you never hear anything about it.”

The mock bomb was found Wednesday morning, a few hours before Mr. de Maizière, the German interior minister, warned his nation of a concrete threat of a terrorist strike, reversing a previous and long-held position that the threat was abstract. When news of the security alarm in Namibia, a former German colony, became public on Thursday, fears mounted of a possible bomb attack.

German security experts and F.B.I. agents were sent to the airport outside Windhoek, the Namibian capital, to investigate the device, according to German and Namibian officials.

“The outcome is that the luggage turned out to be a so-called real-test suitcase made by a company in the United States,” Mr. de Maizière said at a news conference in Hamburg on Friday.

However, General Ndeitunga, of Namibia’s national police, said that German and American authorities had told Namibia that they were not conducting a test. Nor was Namibia. “The Namibian police want to send out a stern warning to people with ill intentions that it will not allow Namibia to be used as a testing ground by anyone,” he said.

General Ndeitunga said the device, which is about a foot long, was discovered in the bag during the last screening before it was to be loaded onto the airplane. He added that, while intended for training purposes, it could easily have been converted into a bomb with the addition of 500 grams, about 18 ounces, of explosives.