Assassinating Americans is ‘legal’, ‘wise’ and ‘ethical’


The Law Office of the White House has established that it is legal to kill a U.S. citizen overseas “if a senior government member” ensures that the target to kill is someone who poses an “imminent threat to the country” and his capture is not possible. The White House has made that decision clear through spokesman, Jay Carney. “The president is very careful when conducting the war against terrorism in accordance to Constitution and the laws, ” Carney said.

The license to kill which has given the Obama administration permission to end the lives of Americans abroad was exposed after a 16 page document issued by the American Justice Department was made public. The document alleges that murdering Americans does not violate the U.S. Constitution or the rights of citizens.

The memorandum extends the concept of “imminent attack” and grants the U.S. Government the authority, should it have ‘concrete evidence’ of a conspiracy to seek, target and kill Americans which the administration considers dangerous for American interests. Although the document describes potential suspects as members of Al Qaeda, or people who are in charge of terrorist operations, the truth is that other documents such as military manuals portray Constitutionalists, Libertarians, Ron Paul supporters, gun owners and veterans as domestic threats who can also be targeted for assassination. In fact, in 2012, the Obama administration and the U.S. Congress approved the National Defense Authorization Act, which also allows the president to target and murder Americans on U.S. soil.

The paper obtained by NBC news is part of a legal memorandum from 2011 that was passed to some members of the Justice and Intelligence committees of the Senate. This report was written months before drone attacks were launched in Yemen, in a supposed attempt to prevent imminent terror attacks on the U.S. or its interests in the region. One of those attacks was used to murder a U.S. born citizen — Anwar Al Awlaki — who allegedly was a member of Al-Qaeda, but who also dined at the Pentagon with top members of the Department of Defense. In addition to al-Awlaki, three other Americans were killed in the attack, including the 16-year-old son of the cleric.

According to human rights organizations in the U.S., Awlaki suffered an extrajudicial killing and therefore they presented grievances against the government demanding to know what had been the legal basis for this action. Awlaki was an American citizen even if he liked to preach jihad and took refuge in Yemen, which made him subject of detention and a fair legal process that included a trial and chance of appeal.

The Obama Administration, supported by various court rulings – rejected repeatedly any request from lawmakers, civil rights groups and various media organizations to publicize the memorandum and other information on extrajudicial events. The administration also refused to recognize or acknowledged its existence.

“These drone attacks are legal, are ethical and intelligent”, replied the White House spokesman. Now that the memorandum has been made public, Washington will have its hands full over a scandal that it did not expect to deal with until NBC made the memo public.

The administration “is very careful” when deciding who and when to attack, Carney noted.

After answering questions from the White House press, Carney was questioned about whether the 16 year-old boy who was killed by the drone attack that killed Awlaki, also posed a threat to the United States. “For a president who opposes torture and who considers waterboarding as such, is it not a violation of human rights to kill an American citizen without trial?

Tomorrow, the first hearing will be held to confirm the man chosen by President Obama to head the CIA. John Brennan, one of the promoters of the strategy of drone attacks and current counter terrorism adviser to Obama will face questions regarding government policy before his confirmation is completed. In fact, 11 senators have already asked Obama to reveal the assumptions used to approve drone attacks when it comes to U.S. citizens.

The letter implied the toughest warning made to date against that strategy and senators agreed to oppose to any nominations for the Pentagon and the CIA unless the memos were made public. Therefore, Brennan’s confirmation will not be easy.

A document issued by the advocacy group Open Society Justice Initiative (OSJI) claimed that at least 54 countries collaborated “actively” with the secret program of illegal detention of suspected terrorists developed by the CIA after the attacks of September 11, 2001. Today, we have officially learned that this list includes infamous U.S. ally Saudi Arabia.

The report is over 200 pages and states that the administration of George W. Bush embraced the “dark side” to combat international terrorism. According to the study, the Republican administration authorized numerous violations of human rights without regard for U.S. or international laws.

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Obama has no power to overrule the Bill of Rights


Vice-president Joe Biden has thoroughly disgraced himself today by making such a shocking statement that he wants President Obama to issue an executive order to call for total gun confiscation in our nation! No American president has the power to break into and reverse the keystone amendment in the Bill of Rights! To do so would be an intolerable violation of the Oath of Office, which the president and his vice-president took “to support and defend the Constitution”.

Just the thought of something so opposite to the mind of a sane person, Biden’s statement should cause the nation to wonder about the mental health of Joe Biden and others like him who are holding high positions in our republic. Since Biden is of such intention, he should step down now or be immediately impeached. No American president, nor his vice president, can ever be vested with such power as to enable him to order or consider such an evil and unwise thing!

The president and his assistant should be a respectable commander-in-chief of our military. Can he command the defense of our nation without arms? Apparently, Biden thinks (or hopes) that Obama has the power to destroy our defense systems. This is not true!

First off, Obama has no power to overrule the Bill of Rights! It is a long standing historic Constitutional principle that the Bill of Rights is not subject to repeal, revoke or the rescinding process! The Bill of Rights is a confirmation of the rights that the Creator has endowed upon man. We need to remember that the Bill of Rights was ratified by the people, it is their document, their possession, and their authority! It cannot be set aside or over-ridden without their expressed permission!

The people are not foolish enough to knowingly divest themselves of their authority or their guns. Without guns, the people would have no authority! Guns equal authority! Doesn’t Vice President Biden know that? If it is “crime” that worries Biden, why did he not call (four years ago) for the borders to be closed rather than allow so many criminals to enter our country? How can we be sure that the tragic crimes, which have occurred, are not pre-arranged? It is no wonder more people feel the need to buy guns!

Our nation is a republic. The definition of a republic is that the people within are in charge of their government – the people of the republic are the ultimate authority! The main reason that the Second Amendment was written was to keep the people as the ultimate power! The 1789 Constitution would not have been accepted without the right to keep and bear arms. An unarmed 1 nation has no authority! They cannot protect themselves against criminals, nor would they have recourse against tyrannical leaders and representatives.

Up until the Civil War era, the militia included the whole people, and the name of every able bodied male was sent to the local Brigade Inspector who conducted proper militia training. Not only was invasion from without being guarded against, the intention of the Founding Fathers was to keep the federal government itself from destroying our liberty from within. The need to guard our liberty is more essential now than ever before.

We have witnessed a number of acts by the federal government, which are responsible for ongoing damage. For example, the Congress has passed a law, and President John F. Kennedy has signed it, which transfers our entire national armed forces over to the control of a communist infiltrated international group (the United Nations) on a permanent basis!

As this law proceeds, the U.S.A. will soon have no more army, no more navy, nor an air force of its own, and American citizens are expected to be totally disarmed! This law which is the foundation for these planned changes is called Public Law 87-297, the Arms Control and Disarmament Act. (You are urged to read it on the Internet). It was designed to support a world army filled with soldiers from communist countries. They are already here! Many foreign soldiers from communist countries are now planted on American soil. This should never have been allowed!

Isn’t this law the REAL reason Biden keep pushing to disarm Americans? The world army won’t be disarmed! In the last several years, our federal administration has been revamped by the creation of the Homeland Security Department. The HSD merged the military and our civilian law enforcement systems (the police) together. In other words we have been revamped so that we can be controlled under the planned world-wide military government operation. These changes allow our system of government to be operated under a dictatorship, which makes it easy to understand why there is such a strong drive to disarm the American citizens.

Also, in recent years, it was discovered that the people’s (so called) “permission” was obtained for their firearms to be prohibited. This false permission was secretly entered into the government records under the planning and management handled by the federal Law Enforcement Assistance Administration (LEAA). This falsification of the people’s so-called “permission to be disarmed” is exposed in the Page 340 swindle.

There was no permission given by the people for their guns to be prohibited. This scandal is a sleeper and the basis upon which Vice President Biden and President Obama will proceed in their effort to forcibly disarm Americans. The only way the federal government can continue to move us under a militarized and socialistic/communist world government is by the technique of gradualism. The Second Amendment in the Bill of Rights cannot be over-ridden, but the anti-gunners still hope they will be able to swindle the people into believing they have lost the battle and will then surrender their arms.

Somehow, the people must be made to see through the whole program that the anti-gunners are working on, so that they will realize why we are being made defenseless as individuals and as a country. Then, the public can more readily understand why Vice President Biden has made such a foolish and impossible proposal to Barack Obama. Americans need to examine how much global government managers are running and ruining this country. Unless they realize this, they will succumb to the propaganda that is being foisted upon them continually by the anti-gunners. 2

Without guns, the people will not only lose their authority and freedom, but will also lose their right to own land.

Let us hope that the shocking laws that have already been signed will be a wake-up call to the people that the right to arms is the key we Americans must hold on to, if we are to save ourselves from a complete wipe out, arranged by our own government. Immediate impeachment of any public official that calls for us to be disarmed is the answer.

Second Amendment Committee
Bernadine Smith

The techno-military control grid known as U.S.A.

By Luis R. Miranda
The Real Agenda
November 15, 2010

Ten zones, not fifty states.  Ten governors, not one president, a Congress and a Supreme Court.  Hundreds of detention centers around the ten zones, not freedom of speech, assembly or movement.  Illegal searches in airports and harassment everywhere else, not individual rights.  HR 645, not the Constitution.  This is the reality of a nation that used to be the beacon of freedom, and to which all other nations used to see and try to emulate.  It turns out, all that admiration was misplaced, because the United States of America has been for a long time a piece of land under the control of elites that have prefabricated every little detail, in order to get and maintain control of everyone and everything.  Even after the people of the United States find out about it.

A recent investigation conducted by former governor of Minnesota, Jesse Ventura, has unveiled the most out of control conspiracy that no one could have ever imagined.  The United States as publicly known does not exist.  It has been transformed into a techno-military control grid with the help from presidents, congressmen and its own citizens.  Beginning with HR 645, the bill that funds the creation of large detention centers throughout the United States, the former governor visited states around the union where government sponsored programs resulted in the creation of Fusion Centers.  These facilities are intelligence gathering centers that monitor patterns, trends and eventually people who are considered to be a threat to the government.

But that is just the tip of the iceberg on this conspiracy.  In a 43 minute long video documentary, Jesse Ventura exposes how these Fusion Centers, although founded by the government with taxpayer dollars, are not overseen by any governmental entity.  They simply operate with zero oversight.  After visiting several of the centers and a few of the large detention centers, the former governor discovered that these detention centers are not for terrorists, but for dissenters, people affiliated to third political parties, people who oppose government policies, and of course “conspiracy theorists”.

After his fact finding trips, Jesse Ventura traveled to Washington to interview several of the congressmen who sponsored bill HR 645, but only one of them was available to see him.  This single congressman denied the existence of such detention centers, even though he co-sponsored the bill that created them.  He instead decided to justify their existence with the well debunked claim that those places are built for people who need housing in case there is a major natural disaster.  Some of the places were even officially labeled Residential Centers.

According to the investigation, many of the details about the Fusion and Detention Centers were cooked up during the Reagan administration.  Detention of citizens is not new to the United States.  Abraham Lincoln carried out mass detentions and suspended Habeas Corpus during the civil war.  Of course, he did not have a military industrial complex waiting in the wings to abuse the powers given to them by presidents and congressmen.  Everyone is aware of the “peaceful” round-up of japanese-americans who were put in camps labeled as community centers or Residential Centers after FDR signed an executive order to allow for the detention of Americans.  Over 100,000 were detained for several years.  During the Cold War, John Kennedy also signed executive orders that allowed for similar round-ups.  But the most recent one of these orders dates January 11, 2010, and was issued by current president Barack Obama.  Among the directives it established are the creation of the Council of Governors, who in the case of a government issued emergency can take control of the whole country.  This executive order would also allow the president to put the military on the streets of any state in a state of martial law and to detain anyone he considers an enemy or a suspect.

Everyone needs to watch this and research it in order to understand what it actually means. Watch for yourself, conduct your own research and make your own conclusions.