They Want You DEAD Before You Get Your Pension

By Neil Foster

As people struggle day to day, even if they’ve got a job at present, the government that cares about you wants to make you work longer whilst paying more towards you pension and promising you that you’re going to get less back for it then you expected.

The fact is, you weren’t ‘expecting’ anything. You were ‘told’ by the pension fund managers what you would get when you retired at 65 years old. But of course that’s now gone up to 68 years old which also means you’ll be paying for your pension for another 3 years on top yet you’re still getting less back?

I for one, for whatever reason, have always known that pension schemes were a scam. I’ve never had one and don’t expect there to be any such thing by the time I’m 68.

The question is, why is anyone paying into a pension when the sharks that run them regularly make these funds which you’ve paid for go bust thus losing all YOUR money which you’ve saved for years in the faint hope of getting some of it back when you retire?

Don’t you get it folks? It’s just another way of screwing you out of more money, in the same way that you pay your union fees just in case you might need the union one day who are the same people, on massive wages that YOU pay for who are busy making cushy deals up with government to cut YOUR wages while they still live like parasites from YOU with their friends and criminal cohorts in government. Yep folks, these crooks are laughing all the way to the bank and a fantastic retirement, well before 68 years old, that YOU have paid for.

Doesn’t that give you a great sense of satisfaction and a nice warm feeling knowing that you’ve helped these idiots who control you to have a nice, long, happy and wealthy retirement at YOUR expense?

Do you really think they’ve raised the retirement age because they’re short of funds to pay you at 65?

Why can’t you see that they simply hope you DIE before you claim a cent of your pension? That’s how they make their money folks. It’s cynical but it’s a fantastic business isn’t it especially when a lot of YOUR pension money can just disappear into a black hole called a ‘bad investment’. Face the facts folks, they steal your money, bad investments are just a smokescreen for fraud at your expense.

A Mickey Mouse politician can get himself elected in a tiny rural constituency, do nothing for 5 years and claim a full, index linked pension immediately, which means in effect they could ‘retire’ at 26 years old, yet these crooks want the ordinary person to pay more, get less and hopefully die before getting anything!

When are people going to WAKE UP to what’s being done to them? How bad do things have to get before they cry ‘ENOUGH’!

We the people around the world are being FLEECED by the criminals running our government and other governments across the world under the guise of looking after us. Well, quite frankly, the wolves looking after the sheep seems like a bad deal to me.

We are led by the nose, told lies every day by these pitiful creatures and what’s more, most of you believe them and truly think they are there to look after you when in reality the only people they’re looking after are themselves, PERIOD!

You and I are nothing to these people until it comes to voting them back onto the well funded, by us, gravy train known as politics. It doesn’t matter who you vote in, nothing ever changes.

There is a perception amongst the public that if they vote in this or that party every few years then things will get better. Let me tell you, I’ve seen nothing get better since I left school in the late ‘70s. There are still very poor people and there are still very wealthy people. The politicians still get massive wages, expenses, junkets and pension arrangements the rest of us could only dream about.

Voting for a ‘change’ of government is simply keeping the same circus with different clowns. We need a new political mindset where the people come first, not the politicians. There should be no massive salaries and pension arrangements. If these people are really in politics to ‘help’ society, then why don’t they get paid the average industrial wage? Why don’t they have to wait for their pension the same way the rest of us do? Why are we paying for them to go to work for us?

We are supposed to be the ‘masters’ and they are supposed to be our ‘servants’. Is that how it appears to you?

It’s time we let them know that the game is up for them and that we won’t put up with this criminal system any longer. We must stop voting for all the establishment parties and form our own system with honest people, with genuine intentions and ideas, who truly do want the best for the people.

The charade of mainstream party politics has to stop. The circus tent needs to come down and the clowns put out to retirement for good. If not, then we are going to continue being fleeced by these criminals who care nothing for us.

So, what are YOU going to do about it? Are you going to sit in front of your TV watching them as they lie to you, on one side of their faces telling you the recession is over but on the other telling you that you’re going to be a lot poorer?

Which is it?; better or worse? ; truth or lies? The choice is YOURS!


UN warns climate change could trigger ‘mega-disasters’

The same people who brought us Anthropogenic Global Warming, Climategate, Sustainability and the toxic Green Revolution now warn us about mega-disasters to come due to Climate Change.  Should we believe them?  Should we even pay attention to them?  Yes, but not for their science.  Even knowing all the history of the planet’s climate, they weren’t able -or did not want to- tell us the truth about the Earth’s state of affairs.  Can they be truthful about it now?  NO.  We should be concerned about their warnings because these same globalists are the owners of Laser Weapons and Weather modification technology to make any disaster happen.


Weather-related catastrophes brought about by climate change are increasing, the top UN humanitarian official said Sunday as he warned of the possibility of “mega-disasters”.

John Holmes, the UN Under-Secretary General for Humanitarian Affairs, said one of the biggest challenges facing the aid community was the problems stemming from changing weather patterns.

“When it comes meteorological disasters, weather-related disasters, then there is a trend upwards connected with climate change,” Holmes, who is in Australia for high-level talks on humanitarian aid, told AFP.

“The trend is there is terms of floods, and cyclones, and droughts.”

Holmes, who is the UN’s emergency relief coordinator, said it had been a tough year due to January’s devastating earthquake in Haiti, which killed more than 250,000 people.

He said while earthquakes, such as the 7.0-magnitude quake which levelled the Haitian capital Port-au-Prince, were random, weather-related natural disasters were increasing in number and scale.

“It’s partly the very obvious things like the number of cyclones and the intensity of the cyclones, and the amount of flooding,” he said.

“But is also in slightly more invisible ways — in Africa with drought spreading, desertification spreading.”

Holmes said officials were particularly concerned about places where a combination of factors — such as large populations, or likelihood of earthquake, or susceptibility to rising sea levels — made them more vulnerable.

“One of things we worry about is mega cities could produce, at some point, a mega disaster,” he said.

“Cities like Kathmandu for example, which sits on two earthquake faults, where a large earthquake will come along… and the results could be catastrophic.”

Holmes said while some countries were well-prepared for disaster — such as Chile which was hit with a massive 8.8-magnitude earthquake in February which left 520 people dead — others such as Haiti were less able to manage.

“That’s one of the reasons we want to focus on not just how we respond to disaster, we need to do that, but how you reduce the impact of those disasters before they happen,” Holmes said.

In Haiti, the situation remained serious, he said, with some 1.5 million people living in makeshift shelters and little prospect of this changing soon.

“There are real concerns about how vulnerable people still are, despite all the efforts that have been made,” he said.

Holmes said the need for humanitarian aid was rising faster than resources were available, particularly given the long-running conflicts in areas such as Sudan’s Darfur and the Democratic Republic of Congo.

At the same time, climate change would likely set in chain migration due to drought or rising sea levels or conflicts due to a scarcity of water or arable land in coming years and these would place more pressure on funds.

“So all these things are going to create more problems for us, and we’re really just coming to grips with what the consequences might be,” Holmes said.

“And you can construct some extremely scary scenarios for yourself without too much trouble.

“For example, about what the effect might be of glaciers melting in the Himalayas. Now we don’t quite know whether that’s happening, or will happen, or not. But if it did, what would the effect be on the major river systems of southern Asia?”

Holmes said while a decade ago, climate change was not on officials’ radars, “now it’s on everybody’s agenda.”

“Climate change for us is not some future indeterminate threat, it’s happening in front of our eyes,” he said. “We can see it.”