Economic Dispair Makes Suicide Rate Explode in Greece


On Monday, a 38-year-old geology lecturer hanged himself from a lamp post in Athens and on the same day a 35-year-old priest jumped to his death off his balcony in northern Greece. On Wednesday, a 23-year-old student shot himself in the head.

In a country that has had one of the lowest suicide rates in the world, a surge in the number of suicides in the wake of an economic crisis has shocked and gripped the Mediterranean nation – and its media – before a May 6 election.

The especially grisly death of pharmacist Dimitris Christoulas, who shot himself in the head on a central Athens square because of poverty brought on by the crisis that has put millions out of work, was by far the most dramatic.

Before shooting himself during morning rush hour on April 4 on Syntagma Square across from the Greek parliament building, the 77-year-old pensioner took a moment to jot down a note.

“I see no other solution than this dignified end to my life so I don’t find myself fishing through garbage cans for sustenance,” wrote Christoulas, who has since become a national symbol of the austerity-induced pain that is squeezing millions.

Greek media have since reported similar suicides almost daily, worsening a sense of gloom going into next week’s election, called after Prime Minister Lucas Papademos’s interim government completed its mandate to secure a new rescue deal from foreign creditors by cutting spending further.

Some medical experts say this form of political suicide is a reflection of the growing despair and sense of helplessness many feel. But others warn the media may be amplifying the crisis mood with its coverage and numbers may only be up slightly.

“The crisis has triggered a growing sense of guilt, a loss of self-esteem and humiliation for many Greeks,” Nikos Sideris, a leading psychoanalyst and author in Athens, told Reuters.

“Greek people don’t want to be a burden to anyone and there’s this growing sense of helplessness. Some develop an attitude of self-hatred and that leads to self-destruction. That’s what’s behind the increase in suicide and attempted suicide. We’re seeing a whole new category: political suicides.”

Police said the geology lecturer, Nikos Polyvos, who hanged himself, was distraught because a teaching job offer had been blocked due to a blanket hiring freeze in the public sector.


Experts say the numbers are relatively low – less than about 600 per year. But increases in suicides, attempted suicides, the use of anti-depressant medication and the need for psychiatric care are causing alarm in a nation unaccustomed to the problems.

Before the financial crisis began wreaking havoc in 2009, Greece had one of the lowest suicide rates in the world – 2.8 per 100,000 inhabitants. There was a 40 percent rise in suicides in the first half of 2010, according to the Health Ministry.

There are no reliable statistics on 2011 but experts say Greece’s suicide rate has probably doubled to about 5 per 100,000. That is still far below levels of 34 per 100,000 seen in Finland or 9 per 100,000 in Germany. Attempted suicides and demand for psychiatric help has risen as Greece struggles to cope with the worst economic crisis since World War Two.

Nikiforos Angelopoulos, a professor of psychiatry, has a busy psychotherapy practice in an upmarket Athens neighborhood. He said the crisis has exacerbated the problems for some already less stable people and estimates that about five percent of his patients have developed problems due to the crisis.

“We’re a nation in shock,” he said, even though he suspected that it was the media coverage of suicides that had increased dramatically rather than the actual numbers of suicides. He nevertheless says the crisis is behind a notable rise in mental health problems in Greece.

“I had one patient who came in with a severe depression – he owns a furniture making company that got into financial trouble and he had to lay off 20 of his 100 workers,” he said. “He couldn’t sleep and couldn’t eat because of that. He said his good business was being ruined and he couldn’t cope anymore.”

The furniture maker spent four months in therapy and was also helped by anti-depressants, Angelopoulos said.

“He’s better now. He realized what happened just happened. But there are many others who are unstable or psychotic to begin with and the crisis is increasing their anxiety and insecurity.”

Angelopoulos, 60, has also suffered himself because about 20 percent of his patients can no longer afford his 100 euro ($130) per hour sessions. Some have asked for a half-price discount while others tell him they simply can’t afford to pay anything.

“I never turn people away,” he said. “If a patient says to me ‘I have no money’, I couldn’t tell them to go away. I tell them okay you don’t have to pay now but remember me later.”


There are several possible explanations for Greece’s low suicide rate that go beyond the fact that the country has an abundance of sunshine and balmy weather.

To avoid stigmatizing their families, some suicidal Greeks deliberately crash their cars, which police often charitably report as accidents. Families often try to cover up a suicide so their loved ones can be buried because the Greek Orthodox church refuses to officiate at burials of people who commit suicide.

Another important factor behind the low suicide rate is that Greeks have extremely close knit families as well as a highly communicative and expressive culture.

“Greece is a country where everyone will talk to you,” said Sideris, the Athens psychoanalyst. “You’ll always find someone to share your suffering with and someone’s always there to help.

“It’s not only the good weather. It’s the powerful network of support that has made the suicide rate in Greece so low. It’s still there but this crisis is still too much for some people.”

Many Greeks have also not lost their sense of humor.

Dimitris Nikolopoulos, a 37-year-old salesman, laughed at the idea that the suicide rate was so low because Greeks are well-adjusted and a generally happy people.

“Greeks used to be very happy people because we were living off money that didn’t belong to us,” he said with a wry smile. “But sometimes you have to face reality. It wasn’t our money.”

‘Arab Spring is about controlling Eurasia’

November 1, 2011

The ultimate goal of the US is to take the resources of Africa and Middle East under military control to block economic growth in China and Russia, thus taking the whole of Eurasia under control, author and historian William F. Engdahl reveals.

­The crisis with the US economy and the dollar system, the conduct of the US foreign policy is all a part of breakdown of the entire superpower structure that was built up after the end of WWII, claims Engdahl.

“Nobody in Washington wants to admit, just as nobody in Britain a hundred years ago wanted to admit that the British Empire was in terminal decline,” claims the author, noting that “All of this is related to the attempt to keep this sole superpower not only intact, but to spread its influence over the rest of the planet.”

William F. Engdahl believes the uprisings in the Middle East and North Africa is a plan first announced by George W. Bush at a G8 meeting in 2003 and it was called “The Greater Middle East Project”.

It was masterminded to take under control for the “democratization” of the entire Islamic world from Afghanistan down through Iran, Pakistan and the oil producing Persian Gulf area, across North Africa all the way to Morocco.

“The so-called Arab Spring had been planned, pre-organized and used by the instigators of the ‘spontaneous’ protests and Twitter revolts in Cairo and Tunisia and so forth,” insists the historian.

Engdahl exposes that the some of the leaders of the protests had been trained in Belgrade, Serbia, by activists of Canvas (the Center for Applied Non-Violent Actions and Strategies) and Otpor (a youth movement that played a significant role ousting the former Serbian president Slobodan Milosevic), organizations financed by the US State Department.

Engdahl names two reasons for the US State Department’s designs on the Islamic world.

The first reason is a vast wealth in the hands of the Arab world’s leaders, sovereign wealth funds and resources. The agenda – exactly as it was done with the collapse of the Soviet Union in 1991 – is “the IMF privatization, ‘free market’ economy and so forth so that Western banks and financial agencies and corporations could come in and take the plunder.”

“The second agenda is militarize the oil sources in such places as Libya and the so-called Republic of South Sudan, that are directly strategic to China’s future economic growth,” points Engdahl.

“This is all about controlling Eurasia, something Zbignew Brzezinski talked about back in 1997 in his famous book The Great Chessgame, especially about controlling Russia and China and any potential cohesion of the Eurasian countries economically and politically,” he says.

And the results are already there – in Egypt and Tunisia the democracy has already brought weak economy, while Libya, the country with the highest living standards in all of Africa before the NATO bombings, today is in ruins.

The concern of the Western powers, especially the Pentagon, is the military control of the troubled region, not restoring normality, the historian evaluates. The NTC puppet government’s main concern is giving NATO prominent basing rights – something unheard of during the 42 years of Gaddafi rule.

“The AFRICOM [the Pentagon’s Africa command] is co-ordinating the scene,” William F. Engdahl says, mentioning that “interestingly enough [AFRICOM] was created just after 2006 China’s Africa diplomacy, when 40 heads of African nations were invited to Beijing and enormous deals were signed on oil exploration, building hospitals and infrastructure – anything the IMF did not do in Africa over the last 30 years.”

It is true that the US is acting against Chinese interests and national security but Beijing, that gets around $300 billion every year of trade income, simply has to invest this money somewhere and as there are no markets big enough to absorb such money – Beijing has to buy American treasuries – thus sponsoring the American wars that ironically are directed against Chinese interests.

“For the ‘Gods of Money’ of Wall Street, the only chance of survival and keeping dollar now is finding new areas of loot. The Arab Spring is directed at grabbing and privatizing the vast wealth of the Arab world,” Engdahl concludes.

But the future of the eurozone also looks grim because the Greek financial crisis was planted under the EU back in 2002 by none other than Goldman Sachs.The money trail shows, states Engdahl, that “the Greek crisis was programmed to be detonated at command by Wall Street and the US Treasury, as well as the Federal Reserve in order to defend the reserve currency – the US dollar.”

Engdahl warns that the US is building more and more bases around the world, like 17 new, mostly Air Force, bases in Afghanistan to be ready for the new war with China or probably Russia.

“Given the history more than the Cold War era, Russia can play a very stabilizing and constructive role as a counterforce to this highly dangerous strategy of The Greater Middle East project of NATO and the US,” Engdahl claims. “I would hope they do.”

One European Government

August 16, 2011

Who in their right mind believes that giving more power to those who destroyed the economy is a good idea?

Germany and France are calling on all euro-zone members to enshrine a balanced budget in their constitution, as well proposing a collective “government” led by the EU president.

In one of the most dramatic expansions of state power since the onset of the EU debt crisis, France and Germany have proposed a united euro-zone government to guide the bloc’s finances.

Chancellor Angela Merkel, at a joint press conference Tuesday in Paris with President Nicolas Sarkozy, also proposed giving the new government the power to overrule national governments.

Angela Merkel and Nicolas Sarkozy have had another go at stopping the Eurozone debt crisis from spreading.

The worry is that Italy and Spain may be next in line to fail, while France is also battling to keep its credit score from being downgraded.

However, earlier it was announced that the French and German leaders would not discuss Eurobonds during their meeting in Paris on Tuesday.

Eurobonds are considered the panacea which would save the European economy by spreading the debt burden across the EU, transferring Northern European reliability to the southern states, which are in most financial trouble.

But Germany does not want to risk losing its hard-earned reputation for economic reliability by  signing up for the Eurobond.

Meanwhile, influential investors like George Soros are supporting the Eurobonds, saying the only solution for such weak countries as Portugal and Greece is to leave the euro.

The German opposition party, the Christian Democrats, who are currently leading the polls, also believe their country should take responsibility for their neighbors and accept Eurobonds.

The problem is that Germany has already been sucked into the crisis itself with its economic growth skidding to a halt in the second three months of the year.

Mientras la Sociedad se Rompe, las Personas Ruegan por Tiranía

Por Luis R. Miranda
The Real Agenda
11 de agosto 2011

Han pasado al menos 15 años desde que me escuche llamados para que la gente despertase porque la mayor crisis de la existencia de la humanidad se estaba acercando rápidamente. Hoy, al ver videos y fotos de Londres y, anteriormente, de Siria, Egipto, Estados Unidos y Libia, no puedo dejar de pensar que aquellos que trataron de advertirnos fueron simple y claramente correctos en sus advertencias. Tal vez el hecho más sorprendente es que los cajeros de la verdad, que fueron identificados a menudo como teóricos de la conspiración, nos dijeron cómo todo iba a pasar y como el punto de quiebra estaba cada vez más cercano y fueron incluso capaces de predecir los diferentes aspectos de la caída con una precisión excepcional. Desde luego, todo lo que ellos tuvieron que hacer fue estudiar la historia de otros puntos de quiebra y crear analogías para poder saber detalladamente como todo sucedería. Cualquiera hubiera podido saberlo si tan solo hubiesen echado un vistazo a la historia.

¿Quién hubiera creído hace 15 años que el mundo se desmoronaría a sus rodillas y rogaría por la aplicación de políticas y regímenes tiránicos con el fin de traer de vuelta la ley y el orden? Yo ciertamente no. Antes de empezar a estudiar la historia y los acontecimientos actuales, pensé que la sociedad sería capaz de cuidar de sí misma y evitar el desastre. Pero las últimas imágenes de video de Londres y en todas partes muestran claramente que la sociedad se pierde en la nublada realidad alternativa en la que nacieron hace 50 años o más. Los ingenieros sociales jugaron su mano bien y ahora tienen capturada a la mayoría de la población, que consume a sí misma en una red de auto-degradación, muerte y perversión que fue presentada como la más sexy moda desde hace casi medio siglo.

En Inglaterra, las encuestas muestran que más del 65 por ciento de personas están pidiendo el uso de balas de goma, cañones de agua, abusos policiales y otras prácticas tiránicas porque tienen miedo de organizarse con sus vecinos y hacerse cargo de los saqueadores que están destruyendo negocios familiares, casas, coches, tiendas de zapatos y ropa y otros bienes para tener en sus manos lo último en electrónica, joyas y diversos productos de valor, rompiendo ventanas, destrozando puertas y sacando a los ciudadanos de sus coches para aplastarles la cabeza en las calles. Los británicos están ahora pidiendo un Estado Policía patrocinado por el Gobierno.

Tenga en cuenta que la mayoría de los lugares que están siendo afectados por los disturbios y el malestar son sectores de la sociedad cuyos miembros están desarmados y no pueden defenderse porque su gobierno, que no puede protegerlos 24 horas la día, siete días a la semana, aprobó normas para prohibir el derecho del pueblo a armarse y para defender sus propiedades y sus familias. Londres muestra signos de la confrontación más reciente entre los miembros de la clase baja dependiente del gobierno y la clase media trabajadora, justo como los ingenieros sociales planearon. Mientras los gobiernos reducen el gasto en un intento fallido por solucionar el déficit y reducir su deuda, es exactamente la clase baja la que siente el pellizco en primer lugar. Pero en lugar de atacar las políticas del gobierno y las entidades responsables de la debacle financiera, esta subclase sin educación se ha propuesto destrozar a los miembros y propiedades de la clase media que también sufre por la crisis financiera autoinfligida patrocinada por sus mismos gobiernos y el sistema bancario internacional.

El apartheid político y financiero que tiene lugar en el mundo hoy -donde los gobiernos roban los fondos de pensiones del pueblo para invertirlos en productos financieros ficticios, los bancos rescatados por los gobiernos cobran tasas de interés y / o cargos de las personas para mantener el dinero en sus cuentas, el gobierno recorta asistencia a los beneficiarios de la seguridad social y el gasto en asistencia médica, los salarios y pensiones de la gente compran menos alimentos- seguirá aumentando la inestabilidad social, no sólo en Londres o en Grecia, pero en las Américas, Asia, África y en todas partes. El experimento social fracasó horriblemente. Pero, de nuevo, estaba destinado al fracaso. La intención de producir divisiones con el fin de monopolizar, controlar y conquistar en el momento adecuado ha dado sus frutos.

Las clases bajas, así como la “atontada” clase media, que durante siglos chuparon del sistema a través de los programas de dependencia establecidos por el gobierno sólo despertaron después de encontrarse sin trabajo, sin pensión, sin ahorros y sin futuro. Despertaron de su estado eterno de esclavitud, porque la trama de sobornos conocido como el Estado benefactor que el gobierno utiliza para poseerlos, de repente se desplomó, y los dependientes no tienen red de seguridad para amortiguar su caída. ¿Qué quiero decir con “trama de soborno”? En 2007, el país más rico del planeta tenía por lo menos 52.6 por ciento de las personas recibiendo algún tipo de ayuda estatal: pensiones, seguridad social, etc .. Uno de cada cinco norteamericanos tenía un empleo del gobierno o un trabajo que dependía de los gastos del gobierno. Unos 19 millones utilizaban cupones de alimentos y 2 millones de personas vivían en casas o apartamentos subsidiados por el Estado. Si eso no es soborno gubernamental, no sé que es. Estos números pueden ser proporcionalmente mucho mayores en países donde el Estado Benefactor es la base de la sociedad. Los ingenieros sociales se aseguraron desde el principio que sólo existíesen dos clases: la clase productiva y la clase parasitaria. Tanto el gobierno como las clases dependientes son igualmente violentos contra quienes producen y quienes los mantienen a lo largo de sus vidas.

Pero quizás uno de los aspectos más aberrantes del colapso de la sociedad actual es que los ingenieros sociales apuntan a la clase baja y la clase obrera como los responsables de la crisis. Eso es correcto. Ellos acusan a los llamados “comedores inútiles” por su codicia y por vivir más allá de sus medios y los hace responsables de la crisis que experimentan ahora. Tanto la clase baja como una gran parte de la clase media son en parte responsables por su avaricia y la decadencia, pero no en su totalidad. Pero no nacieron y se bañaron en un sistema que promueve y facilita su avaricia, el derroche y la dependencia? Por supuesto que sí. Entonces serán responsable de la crisis actual ya que fueron codiciosos y dependientes? Por supuesto que no. Pero eso es lo que los banqueros, los ingenieros sociales quieren que la mayoría piense, y es por eso que esta noche las divisiones raciales crecen más que nunca en Londres, Estados Unidos, África y Asia. La subclase cree que la clase media es responsable de la crisis porque son propietarios de empresas y fueron capaces de cuidar de sí mismos y sus familias. Mientras tanto, los banqueros que son responsables de la miseria de ambas clases proliferan estafando a la gente en todo el mundo.

La gente tiene la culpa, dicen los banqueros y políticos, porque quieren más servicios, pero no quieren pagar más impuestos. Debido a que millones no han comprado la propaganda, el gobierno se está jugando la carta colectivista. “No hay necesidad de buscar a nadie para culpar, ahora debemos unirnos para resolver nuestros problemas”. Ni el gobierno ni los bancos quieren que los contribuyentes comprendan plenamente que estas dos entidades son las únicas responsables por el actual estado de cosas. Los gobiernos han sobornado a los ciudadanos abiertamente por un siglo con el fin de controlarlos, por lo tanto, es una locura creer que alguien va a aceptar la propaganda del gobierno y los bancos de que los ciudadanos son los culpables.

Mientras millones de personas pierden sus empleos, sus hogares y vidas porque no pueden pagarlos, unos cuantos miembros de la escoria se consumen en el tribalismo falso, el racismo, el robo y la violencia, mientras que los cobardes esperan a que el Estado haga algo, y ruegan para que se imponga la Ley Marcial y un Estado Policia. Los que aceptaron la cultura creada en los Estados Unidos que promueve la muerte, el sexo, el bandolerismo, el consumo de drogas, el suicidio y los comportamientos orientados a las pandillas están actuando como lo que siempre habían soñado ser: un grupo de esclavos descontentos, sin trabajo ni futuro que admiran a los raperos, cantantes, figuras del deporte, productos electrónicos, alcohol y las drogas para llenar sus vidas vacías. El mundo pasó de alabar a los exploradores, científicos, bomberos e inventores de la comunidad a adorar la cultura ‘bling’ y las ilusiónes creadas por Madison Avenue.

Los que se aprovecharon del sistema corrupto basado en la deuda para obtener sus vacaciones, coches y préstamos de vivienda se sorprendieron después de que los bancos, que son dueños de sus medios de vida, cortaron las líneas de crédito hace tres años para poner fin a la realidad fantasiosa a la que estaban acostumbrados durante tantos años. Aquellos que tontamente creyeron que el pago al sistema público de pensiones les garantizaría sustento para vivir el resto de sus vidas, a pesar de que muchos habían advertido de su no-existencia, no fueron solamente tontos sino también ignorantes voluntarios. Ellos confiaron en su gobierno para que les diera todo, que no pudieron pensar que el mismo Estado podría un día quitárles todo, que es lo que está sucediendo ahora. Así que ahora, los miembros más dependientes de la sociedad están culpando a los demás ciudadanos y no a los bancos y los gobiernos de su miseria. ¿Por qué? Porque el juego de la culpa es de la base para la existencia del Estatismo y el Estado le ha enseñado bien a las personas a aceptar el juego de la culpa, cuando favorece al Estado. Ahora están pidiendo a los ingenieros sociales poner fin a su miseria. Eventos como los incidentes en Londres y Estados Unidos son sólo el comienzo de lo que ha sido un largo verano y de lo que será un doloroso invierno. La violencia callejera, la delincuencia y la oposición al gobierno serán utilizados por los controladores para quitar más de nuestros derechos. El Gobierno utilizará ejércitos y la violencia contra manifestantes pacíficos antes de imponer más austeridad y una versión más visible de su anhelado Estado Policía para aplastar el derecho del pueblo a hablar y a defenderse a sí mismos, continuará espiando las redes sociales, cuentas de correo electrónico, y cualquier otro signo de disidencia.

Ahora bien, esto es lo que una sociedad descompuesta representa en el mundo desarrollado. ¿Puede usted imaginarse lo que se va a suceder en los Estados socialistas o paternalistas del Tercer Mundo cuando la miseria, la austeridad y el hambre socaven sus fantasiosas vidas?

As Society Breaks Down, People Beg for Tyranny

by Luis R. Miranda
The Real Agenda
August 11, 2011

It’s been at least 15 years since I heard calls for people to wake up because the greatest crisis in humanity’s existence was rapidly approaching. Today, as I watch video and photos from London, and previously from Syria, Egypt, the United States and Lybia, I cannot help but think that those who sought to warn us were simply and plainly correct. Perhaps the most surprising fact is that those truth tellers, who were often identified as conspiracy theorists, told us how it would happen and as the break point got closer and closer, they were even able to predict different aspects of the fall with outstanding precision.

Who would have believed 15 years ago that the world would crumble to its knees and would beg for the implementation of tyrannical policies and regimes in order to bring back law and order? I certainly didn’t. Before I began studying history and current events, I thought society would be able to take care of itself and avoid disaster. But the latest video feeds from London and everywhere else clearly show that society is lost in the foggy alternative reality they were born into 50 or more years ago. The social engineers played their hand well and now have most of the population consuming itself in a web of self-degradation, death and perversion fed to us as the sexiest fad for almost half a century.

In England, polls show that upwards of 65 percent of people are now calling for the use of rubber bullets, water canyons, police abuse and other tyrannical practices because they are too afraid to organize with their neighbors and take care of the looters that are destroying decades-old family businesses, homes, cars, shoe and clothing stores and other property to get their hands on the latest electronics, jewelry and various valuable products by breaking windows, smashing store front doors and pulling citizens from the their cars to smash their heads on the streets. Instead, British people are now calling for a government sponsored Police State.

Notice that most of the places that are being affected by riots and unrest are sections of the society whose members are unarmed and who cannot defend themselves because their government, which cannot protect them 24/7, implemented regulations to ban the people’s right to be armed and to defend their properties and their families. London shows signs of the most recent confrontation between members of the government-dependent underclass and the hard-working middle class, just as the social engineers planned it. As governments cut spending in a failed attempt to fix deficits and reduce their debt, it is exactly the underclass that feels the pinch first. But instead of attacking government policies and the entities responsible for the financial collapse, this uneducated underclass takes it upon themselves to beat the daylights out of middle class folks who suffer from the bank-sponsored self-inflicted financial crisis.

The financial and political apartheid taking place in the world -where governments steal the people’s pension funds to invest them in fictitious financial products, banks get bailed-out as they charge interest rates and / or fees for people to keep money in their accounts, the government cuts social security and medical care spending, people’s paychecks and pension buy less food- will continue to increase social volatility not only in London or Greece, but in the Americas, Asia, Africa and everywhere else. The Social Experiment failed horribly. But then again, it was meant to fail. The divisions meant to occur in order to monopolize, control and conquer arrived right on time.

The underclass as well as the dumbed down middle-class that for centuries sucked off the system through government established dependence programs only woke up after finding themselves with no jobs, no pension, no savings and no future. They woke up from their eternal state of slavery because the bribery scheme known as welfare that the government used to hook them up is suddenly crashing down, and they have not safety net to fall onto. What do I mean by bribery scheme? In 2007, the richest country in the planet had at least 52.6 percent of the people receiving government aid of some sort: pensions, social security and so on.. One in five Americans held a government job or a job that depended on government spending. Around 19 million used food stamps and 2 million got subsidized housing. If that is not government bribery, I don’t know what is it. The social engineers made sure from the start that only two classes existed: the productive class and the parasitical class. Both the government and the dependent classes are equally violent towards those who produce and who support them throughout their lives.

But perhaps one of the most abhorrent aspects of the current societal collapse is that the social engineers point to the underclass and the working class as those responsible for the crisis. That’s right. They accuse the so-called “useless eaters” for their greed and for living beyond their means and hold them responsible for the crisis we now experience. Both the underclass and a large part of the middle class are in part responsible for their greed and decadence. But weren’t they born and bathed into a system that promoted and facilitated their greed, decadence and dependence? Of course they were. Should the underclass and the middle class then be held responsible for the now developing crisis because they were greedy and dependent? Of course not. But that is what the bankers, the social engineers want the dumbed down majority to think, and that is why tonight racial divides grow bigger in London, the United States, Africa and Asia. The underclass believes that the middle class are the ones responsible for the crisis because they are successful business owners and were able to take care of themselves and their families. In the meantime, the bankers who are responsible for both classes’ misery run rampant ripping people off around the world.

The people are to blame, say the bankers, because they want more services but don’t want to pay more taxes. Due to the fact millions have not bought the propaganda, the government is now playing the collectivist card. “There is no need to look for anyone to blame because we must now come together to solve our problems”. Neither the government nor the banks want the taxpayers to fully understand that these two entities are solely responsible for the current state of affairs. Governments have bribed citizens openly for at least a century in order to control them, therefore it is insane to believe that someone will buy the government and bank sponsored propaganda.

While millions of people lose their jobs, homes and lives because they cannot afford them, a few decadent scum bags consume themselves in fake tribalism, racism, theft and violence while the cowardly ones wait for the state to do something and beg for Martial Law and a Police State. Those who accepted the American-created culture of death, sex, thuggery, drug use, suicide and gang oriented behaviours are now acting as what they always dreamed to be: a bunch of disaffected slaves with no jobs or future that look up at rappers, singers, sports figures, electronics, alcohol and drugs to fulfill their empty lives. The world went from praising explorers, scientists, fire fighters, inventors and community leaders to worship ‘bling’ and Madison Avenue-created delusion.

Those who took advantage of a corrupt debt-based system to get their holiday vacation, car and house loans were shocked after the banks that own their livelihoods cut off lines of credit three years ago to put an end to the fantasy reality they were accustomed to for so many years. Those who foolishly believed that paying into the public pension system would guarantee them some devalued change to live the rest of their lives, even though many had warned of its non-existence, were not only fools, but also irreparable willful ignorants. They trusted their government so much to give them everything, that no room was left to think that the same State could one day decided to take it all away; which is what is happening now. So now, the most dependent members of society are blaming other citizens and not the banks and the governments for their misery. Why? Because blame is the base of Statism and the State has shown people well to accept the blame game when it favours the State. They are now begging the social engineers to put an end to their misery. Events like the riots in London and the United States are just the beginning of what is turning out to be a long summer and a coming long winter. Street violence, crime and government opposition will be used by the controllers to take away more of our rights. Government will use armies and violence against peaceful protesters before bringing out austerity and a more visible Police State, to crush people’s right to speak and arm to themselves, track social media, email accounts, and any other sign of dissent.

Now, this is what a broken down society looks like in the developed world. Can you imagine what will it look like in socialist or inherently paternalistic poor countries when austerity, hunger and deep misery gets there?