Alternative media echoing Western media disinformation on Syria


With the war between Israel and Hamas over — at least temporarily — the media is back at scaring people with new boogie men. This time has been different though, with so-called reputable alternative media helping spread the lies the corporate media is usually paid for to spread. Even the good old Drudge Report was dragged into linking his site to “reports” full of assumptions and second guesses.

The daddy of the alternative media conglomerate linked to a Wired Magazine article where writers Noah Shachtman and Spencer Ackerman from the Danger Room page cite unknown U.S. government insiders who allegedly told them about “abnormal” movements of chemical weapons in Syria. According to such sources, there may be an attempt by President Assad to launch a chemical attack on his own people.

Neither Wired nor Drudge Report present the slightest spark of proof and simply repeat what the corporate media and alleged government informants say. “Engineers working for the Assad regime in Syria have begun combining the two chemical precursors needed to weaponize sarin gas, an American official with knowledge of the situation tells Danger Room,” reads the Wired report. Could they be right? Perhaps, but so far all they’ve done is help orchestrate a movement to promote a globalist attack on Syria, since they show zero proof to support their claims.

Meanwhile, alternative media and international media in Europe are reporting how the United States, one of the most influential propagators of weapons of mass destruction is warning Damascus about the West’s zero tolerance policy on chemical weapons. Both El Pais and La Vanguardia newspapers from Spain show alarm about the dire consequences that a Syrian chemical attack would have on people inside and outside the country.

As The Real Agenda informed a few weeks ago, the Turkish had requested the establishment of a Patriot Missile Shield System on the border with Syria, in anticipation of a supposed attack given Turkey’s complicity with the war waged against the Assad regime.

In addition to the corporate and alternative media, the website Debka File, known for unveiling exclusive reports about possible military attacks, among other issues, also published a short article about the “unusual activity” going on inside Syrian facilities. The article cites Western intelligence officers as the source of the information that was first provided to the dying dinosaur the New York Times. The NYT published an article about Syria on Monday.

In the report written by Peter Baker and Michael Gordon, the paper relates how U.S. president Barack Obama warns Syria “that it would be totally unacceptable to use chemical weapons against its own people.” That is an extraordinary statement given the U.S. government’s history of experimenting on Americans themselves as well as people in Africa, Asia, and the Middle East with its white phosphorous and depleted uranium bombs. I guess in this case such experiments are fairly acceptable for Obama and the West, since all NATO member nations use such chemicals.

Are we supposed to believe what the corporate whore media tell us about Syria or anything else? Haven’t we all learned our lesson from the “slam dunk” days? Are we supposed to believe the intelligence community who lied about WMD’s in Iraq? More importantly, should we begin to be weary of the so-called alternative media that is now working as a second-hand megaphone to promote the next ‘imminent’ conflict? Instead of making an effort to divulge main stream media lies on the Syrian conflict, now alternative media sites are playing along under the Establishment’s rules.

Besides the Drudge Report, Alternet, Global News and even Breitbart ran articles or re-published cooked disinformation from news agencies that cited the same “government officials” who spoke to main stream media outlets. After reminding its readers that the intelligence community lied before about WMD’s and other fake crises, Mike Rivero’s seems to be one of a handful of sites which bothered to publish the Syrian point of view.

On its report, the site links to an article published on the Times of India, where Syrian officials found some room to issue their latest message to the world: “Syria has repeatedly stressed to the American side directly, or through the Russian friends, that it will not use such weapons, even if they existed, against its people under any circumstance”.

While the media drools about a possible attack on Syria, sites like RT report on how the United Nations has pulled out all non-essential staff from the country in what seems to be a proactive move which includes “halting aid missions outside Damascus”.

“The organization is restricting travels for remaining employees,” reports RT. Parallel to this report, Russian President Vladimir Putin said that his country “cannot give any guarantees on the Syrian leader’s intentions.” Putin’s statement aims at trying to distance himself from Assad. In the recent past, both Russia and China showed strong opposition to an attack on Syria; a trend that now appears to be ending.

Given recent history, it is more likely that western led forces will put chemical weapons in the hands of the terrorists now fighting against the Assad regime who would carry out a false-flag attack to justify the invasion of Syria, rather than the Syrian government attacking its own people. In fact, as shown here, chemical weapons were developed, deployed and used by Western nations to carry out their murderous agenda all over the planet.

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