Investigators find more abnormalities in BP’s account of Oil Spill Disaster

Transocean’s Offshore installation Manager (OIM) on DWH said bypass well was not a sidetrack


So when is a “bypass” not a bypass from the same well but from another well location?

That should have been the question to ask Transocean’s OIM (Jimmy Harrel) on the Deepwater Horizon, during his 27 May 2010 testimony in the USCG-MMS investigation hearing.

Jim Harrel was clearly taken aback when asked to elaborate on the specific problems encountered (such as loss circulation, pipe stuck, cementing and other safety issues) throughout the duration of the WELL (@min 5:30). Harrel clearly stumbled when he asked “….you…err…talking….about the well…” as if to ask if he was to detail out the problems on all the 3 wells BP had drilled since 3 Feb. He looked relieved when the counsel corrected himself by stating “the drilling of the well, the BYPASS” from “March to April”.

The oilfield term “bypass” has the same connotation as common usage, that is “to drive around an obstruction”. There are 2 ways to do this. By drilling a “sidetrack” (deviated well trajectory) from the original wellbore at a vertical angle no greater than 4o. Alternatively, the “BYPASS” could be drilled from a new surface location which is in effect a new well.

After explaining that the “well” had several loss circulations, couple of kicks and a stuck pipe, Jim Harrel then volunteered the statement “…..actually not a sidetrack.” This significant fact in his testimony was ignored by pro-BP lawyers, industry experts, scientists and main stream media reporting on the BP Gulf Oil Spill Disaster (BPGOSD).

The definition of sidetrack from Schlumberger:


This would immediately prove that BP committed perjury by stating before Congress only one well was drilled on the MC252 lease before 20 April 2010 (not including the 2 relief wells drilled after the “accident”). Confirmed by several enquiries to BP.


It is simply beyond anyone’s comprehension how BP could have spent 115 days (75 days from 3Feb to 20Apr 2010 and another 40 days from 29 Sept- 8Nov 2009) on a single exploratory well which would have normally taken 2- 4 weeks to complete?

Together with the costs of personnel, support and operation, the drilling rig would have cost about $1 million per day to be at well location. No cost-cutting exploration giant could have spent that kind of money on every well and still be a profitable enterprise. The Dept of Interior confirmed that only 1 in 5 is economical in the deep water prospects. With that kind of success, it would have been suicidal for any deep water exploration company to be so stubbornly persistent on every failed well. This proves that the Macondo well was drilled not purely for exploration purpose but to cause a “deep accident”.

What was so special about the Macondo prospect with a known reserve of only 50 million barrels? BP’s other deep water discoveries were all 10 to 60 times larger; with reserves ranging from 0.5- 3 billion barrels. None of the deeper exploratory wells in the Tiber field (discovered in Aug 2009, 0.5 billion barrels, TD 35,055ft), Kaskida field (discovered in 2006, 3 billion barrels, TD 32,500ft) and Thunderhorse (discovered 1999, 1 billion barrels, TD 25,770ft) cost more than the shallower Macondo well at TD 18,360ft.

Tiber and Kaskida were drilled using the Deepwater Horizon (DWH) and Thunderhorse by Discover Enterprise. All had dynamic positioning (DP) capability which is essential for deep water operation. So why was the TransOcean Marianas (TOM) with no DP capability initially used for the Macondo well in 2009? In BP’s exploration plan, 42 days were allocated for the anchor handling operation alone. This would have cost BP almost $30million in unnecessary field operation. Almost the budgeted cost of each Macondo well at $30 million which was very high by any standard.

Detailed costing and exploration are the subject of a new article in preparation but presented here to emphasise the point that more than 1 SPILLwell was drilled, both time and cost wise. Jim Harrel’s confirmation “…..actually it was not a sidetrack….” struck a chord with most independent experts’ analyses that BP drilled more than 1 well. Our technical analyses since Aug 2010, confirmed BP drilled 3 wells.


Figure 4.1 (by TrialGraphix) shows the Macondo Well Schematic found at page 93 of the National Commission Investigation report on BPGOSD. This vertical well schematic is the accepted final version of the Macondo well design, similar to the original June 2009 well design given by BP (figure 2, above) of their investigation report dated 8 Sept 2010.


The final well trajectory as a single vertical well bore illustrated in figure 4.1 (above) is consistent with Jim Harrel’s testimony that the BYPASS was not a sidetrack. If it were then the deviated trajectory and well schematic would have looked like the following “fake BYPASS” schematic in the next figure.

This deviated well trajectory (bypass by sidetrack) was never found in all the official investigation reports. Like all the fake information (dis-info) given to us, we were not sure of the reason and source initially. The last person to have passed this to us, could have been an “innocent layman messenger”. To know the reasons and source, we of course, dangled the “carrot” as one of the “physics of impossibility” lies in the previous articles. There are many technical reasons why the “sidetrack bypass” could not have been successfully executed. Details are given in a book to follow. As we had been saying; “they don’t play HAARP for fun”.

The reasons (for the planted dis-info) would show at the right time and right place. It is for the same reason we do not reveal what we knew of Jim Harrel’s testimony until necessary. The way the counsels skirted the 3 wells issue and the conspicuous absence of any deeper enquiry into the 2 significant well control events (shallow gas blow-out essentially) on or about 13 Feb and 10 March 2010, confirmed these were more sensitive than BP were prepared to admit. Corroboration with other facts, confirm BP could not have designed and orchestrated this “murderous plot disguised as an accident (MPDAA)” alone. They have had “assistance” from higher authorities in the orchestration and continue to have “assistance” in the massive cover-up.


The facts also confirmed that the present show trials will never go beyond giving BP a “slap on the wrist” for an “accident caused by gross negligence”. This is despite the fact that all documented evidence point to a MPDAA planned in concert with several similar Blow-out-Oil Spills (BOS) that had happened or failed to happen in the 2008 – 2011 period. There are global Oil Mafia agenda to all these BOS. Never in the history of industrial accidents have so many mega BOS occurred in the most advanced countries with the most stringent offshore regulations within such a short period of time.

Unfortunately the corporate crooks in collusion with criminal agents in the regulating authorities, continue to enjoy impunities for their crimes of mass destruction and mass deception. Similarly, the sink hole-salt cavern crisis in Louisiana were manufactured and had been planned to happen immediately after the BPGOSD. Although the rate of erosion by the salt mining operation could be accurately estimated, Nature refused to cooperate by collapsing the sink hole at the “predicted time”. If BP and their cabal masters were smart enough to plan and orchestrate BPGOSD, they would have been smart enough to plan their escape. An open trial was never part of their escape plan. They never thought all of their PMDs could have failed so badly (in achieving their sinister objectives) in the last 3 years.

They had hoped BPGOSD (aided with multiple deliberate explosive events) would be the trigger to unleash the natural pent-up stress along the North American Intra-plate Boundary (NAIB, encompasses the New Madrid fault zone) to create a doomsday Armageddon, all the way from the Gulf coast to the St Lawrence Seaway in North-East Canada.

The catastrophe that followed BPGOSD would have been so great, no one would even bother with micro-faulting BP as we have seen in the current trial, 3 years later. The Great NAIB Catastrophe of 2009-2010 was intended to be the “reset button” for many of the Banksters’ financial woes. Evidently there were Divine Intervention. Instead of a cascading chain of catastrophic disasters as the evil master planners had hoped for, the great quakes all along the New Madrid which FEMA had planned for, failed to materialise. Instead there were abnormal occurrences of hundreds of quake swarms and rumbling tremors following the 1Aug2010 nuke event. Imagine the cumulative amount of energy that had been released since then. And many still asked why GOD allowed these disasters to happen?

If we are not yet awaken to see these miracles of Nature, to see the murderous plots behind these MPDAA and be bold enough to demand justice for these crimes of mass destruction & deception, do we deserve to ask GOD for more?



U.S. EPA Enforces Antiquated Oil SPill Clean up Protocols

The outdated procedures cost Gulf Economy Billions in Losses

By Susan Aarde
The Real Agenda
January 23, 2012

23 Years of Denial

Much of what was being reported about in 2011 as the aftermath of the Gulf Oil Spill has not covered an important point: Oil is still leakingi from the seabed floor BP well zone and millions of barrels are still submerged and residing in the water column–HOW WILL THE TOXIC GULF BE CLEANED UP

There are many ongoing blog and media reports about the aftermath from the spill and millions being spent on studies to find out how marine life, water and other mediums have been affected.  Further, as recent as Sept 13, 2011 reports on numerous sightings of new oil slicks in the vicinity of the original BP Spill are bringing attention back to the area. Lab tests showing it to be BP oil finally forced the admittance by the responsible oil company that it was their oil.  Sadly, none of this coverage brings to light the most crucial issue; continued use of dispersants which do not remediate the oil and hence do not relieve the continued toxic stress on the ecosystem with adverse economic and health effects to Gulf Coast residents. And this cycle of new oil surfacing and repeatedly spraying Corexit to disperse ithas proven to compound environmental damage for which BP and government agencies enforcing destructive protocols should be held financially accountable.

 The US Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) admits there are “trade-offs” to using Corexit, however their explanation of these and why they favor its use on their website, are absurd.  (See EPA Link)

 The combined events of the BP Oil Spill and the application of this [outmoded] cleanup method (millions of gallons of Corexit(R)) resulted in high toxicity levels persisting in the GOM region until as recent as March 201lii – levels well above earlier official safety threshold standards set in 1999 which, for some unexplained reason, were raised by much higher percentiles within a few months after the beginning of the Deepwater Horizon blowout. [a means of blinding people from identifying potential public health and seafood contamination risks] .These toxicity levels are still adversely affecting human health and marine life in the region.  

EPA and other federal agency statements announcing the clean up was successful and assuring the public that seafood was safe to consume and that the environment  was safe to use  were clearly premature and misrepresentative to the public, suggesting ineffective clean-up protocols and potential negligence on the part of the EPA.  The most recent scientific data on this issue are fact-based, and those facts are now being reported inscientific literature.   

 More notably, BP had made formal requests to use bio remediation clean up technology to avoid these toxic trade-offs and initiated testing on a product called Oil Spill Eater IIiii (already approved and listed on EPA’s National Contingency Plan for Oil Spill Response) to replace Corexit.  BP’s request, along with those from gulf state officials, including Governor Jindal of Louisiana, were denied by EPA and Regional Response Team officials. The EPA denial letter cited science that erroneously grouped this readytodeploy, proven clean up product with “questionable” remediation products examined.  In a June 2010 EPA letter, BP’s official request was denied, (documentation relevant to this can be obtain upon request). Per Gulf Rescue Alliance sources BP’s Chief Council referenced that letter and stated in a recent meeting that their hands were tied where the use of bioremediation (OSE II ) was concerned – “BP is bound by it”—bound by the EPA mandate [to keep using Corexit]. Consequentially it is estimated that BP could have saved an estimated $36 billion in clean up costs if they had deployed the EPA approved alternative to Corexit. 

 Gulf Rescue Alliance (GRA) has voluminous documentation indicating the EPA arbitrarily blocked and continues to prevent the use of eco friendly bioremediation clean up technology in favor of Corexit despite ample science indicating it is fatally toxic to marine life and even humans. 

 Bottom line: Use of bioremediation could have saved BILLIONS in clean up costs and result in an end point to the disaster. (See Economic Comparison article) BP’s attempt to use an alternative is a significant point and the resultant damage caused by Corexit is proving to be quite concerning for escalating clean up costs. 

 We applaud Surfrider Foundation and the Center for Biological Diversity for its recent action of filing suit against the EPA over the use of dispersants reinforcing the case that EPA oil spill cleanup response protocols are wholly inadequate. 

 While the EPA, NOAA and Coast Guard remain in denial and continue to roadblock the use of Bioremediation, perhaps this suit will open the door for permitting the deployment of safe and effective cleanup methods available and ready for use right now to stop the killing in the Gulf Waters.  And if one had no regard for the marine life and saving the ecosystem, possibly the continued threat of loss in BP Stock value will incite action. 

 While allowing Nalco Holding Company, the manufacturer of Corexit, to use up their existing stockpiles in the country, the UK has banned the product from further subsequent use. 


i CEO OSEI Corporation:  I have been in contact with expert economists and have received a recent document that shows the spill is causing the Gulf states to lose revenues and property values of approximately $122 billion a year; and this number is extremely conservative.  It can easily be demonstrated that the ongoing spill is costing the Gulf states $500 billion a year in lost revenue, diminishing property values, other loss to all the peripheral associated businesses that have been economically damaged, and increased drain on the public health system from all of the people who are getting sick and those who will get sick in the future from exposure to the carcinogenic, mutagenic and teratogenic elements in the dispersed oil.The economic numbers show the current loss; however, it is estimated through numerous reports that the spill has leaked approximately 2,000,000 gallons of oil a day and has never stopped. On several places on the Internet there is a video showing a third BP well where there is an enormous crater leaking oil. There are numerous ex BP oil spill responders that have stated there is a trench southwest of the well with 80 to 100 feet of oil laying in it, and, per University of Southern Florida scientists, we know there are several inches of oil laying on the Gulf’s continental shelf further endangering the U.S. Gulf state’s natural resources. What you have as of October 31, 2011 is approximately 1 billion gallons of oil spilled.  Some of the oil is going south to the trench and heading southwest towards Mexico with reports from Mexican officials of their shorelines being devastated by the ongoing DWH oil spill.  Some of the oil is coming ashore in the U.S., and enormous amounts of oil are in the water column destroying the marine life and fisheries.

iiia simple lay term description of how OSE II works “Emulating Mother Nature” should be read. The Earth Organization (TEO) (a non-profit) working on locating safe and effective clean up measures for the Gulf vetted all products on the EPA national contingency plan lists and by process of elimination using a set of precise, scientific guidelines concluded the most immediate, swift, and effective option open for cleaning up the spill–without adding further toxic effects or introducing non-indigenous microbes to the waters –was OSE II.  It was also the only company with current supplies and production capabilities to remediate a spill disaster of this magnitude.   TEO’s research and other independent science reviews such as one from the Dept of Interior conclude OSE II is capable of swiftly addressing and remediating 100% of any spill in any environment.

Susan Aarde is a contributor from the Gulf Rescue Alliance, an independent coalition comprised of concerned scientists, medical experts, attorneys, seafood and tourism industry professionals, oil industry advisors, civic and government leaders, non-profits and citizens.

Novo “primeiro-ministro” da Líbia é um Bully da Indústria do Petróleo

Tradução Luis Miranda
Land Destroyer
02 de outubro de 2011

Associated Press relatou recentemente que o líder militante dos rebeldes da Líbia tem nomeado um “primeiro-ministro” novo esta semana. AP apresenta o mais novo representante ocidental eleito ; Abdurrahim el-Keib, como um acadêmico liberal que passou décadas na comunidade do ensino universitário na Universidade de Alabama, Estados Unidos e como um líder da comunidade muçulmana local. Mas AP apenas menciona que o “ex-patrão” do el-Keib, no entanto, é o Instituto do Petróleo, com sede em Abu Dhabi, Emirados Árabes Unidos e que este instituto é patrocinado pela British Petroleum(BP), a Shell, a petrolífera francesa Total, a Society of Petroleum Development do Japão e a National Oil Company de Abu Dhabi. el-Keiba é listado como “Professor e Presidente” em seu perfil no Instituto do Petróleo que também descreve detalhes de extensas investigaçoes conduzidas pelo Abdurrahim el-Keib, patrocinadas por vários departamentos governamentais e agências dos EUA nos últimos anos.

Foto: E assim começa a farsa que é a "democracia ocidental". Um fantoche dos poderes corporativos fascistas, Mustafa Abdul-Jalil, sai; em quanto outro, Abdurrahim el-Keiba, chega. Na realidade, a OTAN e seus estados patrocinadores dirigidos pelas corporações são quem agora determinam o destino da Líbia.

Em essência, el-Keib, como seu antecessor Jalil, é líbio apenas no nome e tem vindo a trabalhar para as corporações ocidentais, governos e instituições ao longo de décadas. Como Jalil, ou o “filho do povo egípcio” Mohammed ElBaradei, el-Keib é outro agente dos interesses ocidentais passando por um líder indígena em um país estrangeiro. Sua ascensão ao poder foi pavimentada por milhares de invasões e ataques em uma operação militar liderada pela OTAN e Estados Unidos durante sete meses que custou a vida de dezenas de milhares de civis na Líbia. Isso faz com que a sua ascensão ao poder seja outro exemplo de uma profanação da soberania desse país.

Enquanto isso, o London Telegraph relata que os rebeldes apoiados pela OTAN voltaram suas armas contra si mesmos, mais uma vez, em Tripoli, com centenas de combatentes trocando tiros perto de um hospital depois que uma das facções armadas tentaram assassinar um paciente que eles mesmos tinham ferido na noite anterior. O relatório também cita uma longa lista de atrocidades cometidas pelos combatentes rebeldes antes de apontar a vitória “sem precedentes” da OTAN na Líbia.

Enquanto a mídia corporativa tenta ignorar o crescente corpo de evidências que sugere que tanto a OTAN como os rebeldes cometeram as mesmas atrocidades que Gaddafi, como pretexto para uma série de assassinatos ao longo de seis meses, tem sido bem documentada desde o começo do conflito em fevereiro, que os rebeldes, não sao combatentes pró-democracia, mas pertencem ao Grupo de Combate Islâmico Líbio (LIFG), uma afiliada da Al-Qaeda, que têm uma longa história de terrorismo e barbárie. Também tem sido documentado que os rebeldes mataram tropas dos americanas e britânicas no Iraque e no Afeganistão nos últimos 10 anos, como observou um relatório do Centro de Combate ao Terrorismo em West Point.

No entanto, representantes dos EUA, incluindo o senador John McCain, se reuniram pessoalmente com militantes do LIFG para elogia-los como heróis que “inspiram o mundo.” É alarmante que McCain faca essas declarações em Trípoli, embora os rebeldes declararam publicamente sua intenção de deliberadamente reduzir suprimentos e assistência médica à população de Sirte, para “matar seus habitantes de fome” com o apoio da OTAN- um crime de guerra graves.

Palavras não podem descrever a injustiça que ocorre na Líbia, o nível de duplicidade com que esta injustiça é feita e os saques flagrantes em que o país é submetido pelos membros da OTAN, facilitados por um personagem recém-eleito, com décadas de serviço aos interesses ocidentais que agora torna-se “primeiro-ministro interino.”


Nuevo “Primer Ministro” de Libia es un Matón de la Industria Petrolera

Traducción Luis Miranda
Land Destroyer
02 de octubre 2011

Associated Press informó recientemente que el jefe de los militantes rebeldes libios han nombrado a un nuevo “primer ministro” esta semana. AP presenta al más nuevo representante occidental electo, Abdurrahim el-Keib, como un académico progresista que ha pasado décadas en la enseñanza en la Universdad de Alabama, Estados Unidos y como un líder de la comunidad musulmana local. Mencionó brevemente como un “antiguo empleador”, sin embargo, es el Instituto del Petróleo, con sede en Abu Dhabi, Emiratos Árabes Unidos y patrocinado por British Petroleum(BP), Shell, la petrolera francesa Total, la Compañía de Desarrollo del Petróleo de Japón, y la Abu Dhabi National Oil Company. Abdurrahim el-Keib está en la lista como “Profesor y Presidente” en su perfil del Instituto del Petróleo que también describe una extensa investigación llevada a cabo por él patrocinada por varias agencias y departamentos gubernamentales de EE.UU. en los últimos años.

Foto: Y así comienza la farsa que es la "democracia" occidental. Un títere de los poderes fascistas corporativos, Mustafa Abdul-Jalil, sale y otro, Abdurrahim el-Keib, toma su lugar. En realidad, es la OTAN, los Estados y sus patrocinadores corporativos quienes ahora determinan el destino de Libia.

En esencia, el-Keib, al igual que su predecesor, Jalil, es libio sólo de nombre y ha estado trabajando para las corporaciones occidentales, los gobiernos y las instituciones durante décadas. Al igual que Jalil, o el “hijo del pueblo egipcio” Mohammed ElBaradei, el-Keib es otro agente de los intereses occidentales que pasa por un líder indígena en un país extranjero. Su ascenso al poder fue pavimentado por miles de incursiones y ataques de la OTAN en una operación militar de siete meses encabezada por Estados Unidos y que costó la vida de decenas de miles de civiles en Libia. Esto hace que su ascensión al poder en Libia sea otro de ejemplo de una profanación de la soberanía de ese país.

Mientras tanto, el Telegraph de Londres informa que los rebeldes apoyados por la OTAN apuntaron sus armas contra sí mismos una vez más en Trípoli, con cientos de combatientes intercambiando disparos cerca de un hospital después de que una de las facciones armadas trató de asesinar a un paciente que ellos mismos habían lesionado la noche anterior. El informe también cita una larga lista de atrocidades cometidas por los combatientes rebeldes antes de señalar la victoria “sin precedentes” de la OTAN en Libia.

Mientras que los medios de comunicación corporativos intentan ignorar el creciente cuerpo de evidencia que sugiere de hecho que tanto la OTAN como los rebeldes cometieron las mismas atrocidades que Gadafi, como pretexto para su serie de asesinatos de largo de seis meses, ha sido bien documentado desde el comienzo del conflicto en febrero que los rebeldes, lejos de ser combatientes pro-democráticos, pertenecen en realidad al Grupo Islámico Libio Combate (LIFG), un afiliado de Al-Qaeda, los cuales tienen una larga historia de terrorismo y barbarie. También se ha documentado ampliamente que los rebeldes han matado tropas de EE.UU. y británicas en Irak y Afganistán en los últimos 10 años, como lo señaló un informe del Centro de Lucha Contra el Terrorismo de West Point.

A pesar de ello, representantes de EE.UU., entre ellos el senador John McCain, se han reunido personalmente con militantes de LIFG para alabarlos como héroes que han “inspirado al mundo.” Resulta alarmante que McCain haga estas declaraciones en Trípoli aún cuando los rebeldes declararon públicamente su intención de reducir deliberadamente suministros y asistencia médica a la población de Sirte para según su propia declaración, “matar de hambre a la ciudad” con la ayuda de la OTAN – un crimen de guerra grave.

Las palabras no pueden describir la injusticia que se lleva a cabo en Libia, el nivel de duplicidad con el cual esta injusticia es realizada y el saqueo flagrante al cual el país está sometido por los miembros de la OTAN, facilitado por un personaje recientemente elegido, que es desde hace décadas un siervo de los intereses occidentales y que ahora pasa a ser “primer ministro interino.”

New Libyan “PM” is Big-Oil Goon

by Tony Cartalucci
Land Destroyer
October 2, 2011

Associated Press recently reported that Libya’s rebel militants have named a new “prime minister” this week. AP depicts the latest unelected Western proxy, Abdurrahim el-Keib, as a progressive academic who has spent decades in the United States teaching at Alabama University and leading the local Muslim community. Mentioned briefly as a “former employer,” however, is the Petroleum Institute, based in Abu Dhabi, UAE and sponsored byBritish Petroleum (BP), Shell, France’s Total, the Japan Oil Development Company, and the Abu Dhabi National Oil Company. El-Keib is listed as a “Professor and Chairman” in his Petroleum Institute profile which also describes extensive research conducted by him sponsored by various US government agencies and departments over the years.

Photo: And so begins the farce that is Western "democracy." One corporate-fascist puppet, Mustafa Abdul-Jalil, steps down, another, Abdurrahim el-Keib, takes his place. In reality, it is NATO-states and their corporate sponsors that now determine Libya's fate.

In essence, el-Keib, like his predecessor Jalil, is Libyan in name only and has been working for Western corporations, governments, and institutions for decades. Like Jalil, or Egypt’s Mohammed ElBaradei, el-Keib is yet another agent of Western interests masquerading as an indigenous leader in a foreign land. That his rise to power was paved by thousands of NATO strike sorties in a 7 month military operation spearheaded by the United States and at the cost of tens of thousands of Libyan civilians makes his ascension to power in Libya ever more a desecration of Libya’s sovereignty.

Meanwhile, the London Telegraph reports NATO-backed rebels turned their weapons on each other yet again in Tripoli, with hundreds of fighters exchanging fire near a hospital after one armed faction tried to murder a patient they had injured the night before. The report also cites a growing list of atrocities being committed by rebel fighters before noting the “unprecedented” nature of NATO’s “victory” in Libya.

While the corporate media attempts to plea ignorance over the growing body of evidence suggesting indeed both NATO and the rebels committed the very atrocities they accused Qaddafi of committing as a pretext for their half-year long murder spree, it has been well documented since fighting began in February that the rebels, far from being pro-democratic fighters, were actually Al Qaeda affiliated Libyan Islamic Fighting Group (LIFG) militants with a long history of terrorism and barbarism. It has also been extensively documented that these rebels have verifably killed US and British troops in both Iraq and Afghanistan over the past 10 years, as noted by a West Point Combating Terrorism Center report.

Despite this, US representatives, including Senator John McCain, have personally met with LIFG militants praising them as heroes who have “inspired the world.” Alarmingly, McCain made his remarks in Tripoli even as rebels publicly declared their intention to purposefully cut off supplies and medical aid to the population in Sirte to admittedly “starve the city into submission” with NATO assistance – a grievous war crime.

Words cannot describe the injustice being brought upon Libya, the level of duplicity it was carried out with, and the flagrant looting the nation is now being subjected to by NATO’s member states, facilitated by the latest unelected, decades-long servant of Western interests now masquerading as the nation’s new “interim prime minister.”