Occupying the White House: Who is the U.S. President?


A straight answer to this questions is no one but Barack Obama himself knows who he is. His Certificate of Life Birth is fake and so is his Selective Service registration card. The White House invested over $1.7 million to deny investigators access to his college records and portions of his background information were suspiciously lost or are missing from record keeping offices. Not even the governor of Hawaii, Neil Abercrombie was able to produce the original paper document known as the Long Form Birth Certificate.

In recent weeks, independent investigators and former law enforcement officials worked together to determine if the document that the White House presented as Barack Obama’s birth certificate was indeed a forgery, as it was shown by several alternative media outlets just a half an hour after the PDF file was made public on the White House website. After the forgery was confirmed by forensic investigators, members of a Cold Case Posse working under the direction of Arizona Sheriff Joe Arpaio also concluded that Obama’s Selective Service registration card had also been tampered with before being shown in public.

In the case of the certificate, investigators determined that several parts of the PDF document had been individually placed on a white computer screen page to mimic what a real birth certificate would show. After placing all of the items on a computer file, the forgers placed an image of the green background that all birth certificates are printed on in the United States. When analyzed, the computer file was determined to be a forgery by experts who discovered the placement of the individual items as well as the “white shadow” left by those items once they removed the fake green background or after cutting out the text layers. The file resembling Barack Obama’s birth certificate is just that, a computer file. According to investigators such as former police officer Mike Zullo, the supposed birth certificate does not exist in paper form, because it was created on a computer, and the only time it left the computer it was made on, was when it was placed on the White House website as a PDF file.

Hawaiian governor Neil Abercrombie manifested his intention to clear U.S. president Obama of any wrong doing or fault and to publicly show his birth certificate, which he believed was archived in the state of Hawaii. But when Abercrombie got into office and initiated proceedings to obtain the paper form of Obama’s certificate, he was not able to find it. It was missing. Later on, the White House conducted a press conference to show an image of what they claimed to be Obama’s official birth certificate. After being analyzed by many graphic design experts, the PDF document was deemed to be fake. Since then, the White House never officially responded to accusations that the file shown during the press conference was fraudulent.

Six months ago, a group of citizens in the state of Arizona approached Sheriff Joe Arpaio’s office in Maricopa County and talked to him about their concern regarding the voting process and how their votes could lose all validity due to the fact that no rules were officially established to certify that a presidential candidate in the United States was who he said he was. As it stands now, anyone can claim to be anyone, fill out a card with his name, sign it and then run for president. Mr. Arpaio called a group of investigators composed by former law enforcement officials, lawyers and digital forensic investigators who were asked to take a look at the citizens’ concerns. Sheriff Arpaio also asked investigators to look into the possibility that the documents presented as Barack Obama’s birth certificate and then his Selective Service registration card were not real documents, but perhaps forgeries. Those investigators who worked in the case did not receive taxpayer funds or payments to carry out their investigation. After concluding the analysis, they presented their findings during a press conference. The conclusions were that both documents; Obama’s birth certificate file and his Selective Service registration card provided by the White House as legitimate, were indeed fake.

Their conclusion along with citizens concerns about possible fraud during an election year, prompted Arizona senators to write and present a bill which would require anyone running for president to prove they were American citizens, born in the United States, before their names could be be placed on the state’s ballot. The bill was widely accepted by Arizona’s congress, approved, but was vetoed by the state’s governor Janice K. Brewer. Currently, the bill is going through congressional proceedings again, but its passage is being blocked by senator Nancy Bartow. State representatives like Carl Seel, who introduced the bill, and State Senator Lori Klein, are now being asked by Mrs. Bartow to collect the signatures from all members of the Arizonan Congress who have verbally given their support to the bill. This requirement is not part of the rules established by the congress to allow passage of a bill from one committee to another. The bill is right now being held at the Health Committee, which is chaired by Senator Bartow.

Other independent researchers like Jerome Corsi, who also joined Sheriff Arpaio’s investigation, discovered that records corresponding to the week of Barack Obama supposed birth, called by Corsi as the Pacific Records, were also missing. “The records pertaining to the week that Obama was born are missing. I cannot find any document about Obama’s past that is legitimate or not forged,” says Corsi. According to him, now that the investigation has concluded that Obama’s documents are fake, an official investigation will begin and that will allow the public to realize that “Obama is lying about who he is.” Mr. Corsi warns that the key facts about Barack Obama’s life in the United States are either hidden by the White House, as in the case of the college documents, or are missing, as it happened with the INS cards that correspond to the week Obama was born. He says that the National Archives has confirmed that those documents are missing from its records. In recent weeks, Mr. Corsi unveiled information from his interview with postman Allen Hulton, who for many years delivered mail to the residence of Tom and Mary Ayers, the parents of U.S. terrorist Bill Ayers. The Ayers are thought to have paid for Barack Obama’s college education in Chicago in the 1980s and early 1990s. The Ayers family publicly admitted that they were paying for a foreign student’s education bills. This student, according to Mr. Hulton, was the man people know today as Barack Hussein Obama.

“The Sheriff made clear to me that he wanted an unbiased, non-political investigation,” says Mike Zullo, the lead investigator of Sheriff Arpaio’s Cold Case Posse. “He said in numerous times that he wanted to clear the president, to have this issue go away and have the country move on.” But for Zullo’s and the rest of the posse’s surprise, the matter was far from going away. As investigators began to look at the April 27, 2011 document presented by the White House as Barack Obama’s legitimate certificate of birth in its electronic or digital form, they found out that the file could be separated into different layers, much as it is done with graphic creations or illustrations. After further analysis, forensic experts realized that several components of the so-called long form birth certificate had been added to the file at different times and had then been “sealed” through a clipping mask. Layers had been cut out and new ones had been added in. “It became apparent to us and apparent to them, that the document had been put together in layers. But had been put together in a way that could only follow human logic, not something that could happen by itself, in a software kind of setting,” said Mr. Zullo during an interview with Infowars.com.

The suspicions that the birth certificate was fraudulent were confirmed after completing another test. “We took the long form certificate and digitally removed the green background. Then we printed a copy with only the written content and put it on a blank screen. We later printed the file onto a green birth certificate background and scanned it. After concluding this process, we weren’t able to alter any of its parts; there were no layers, nothing to be moved at all,” said Zullo. This procedure demonstrated that the supposed Obama’s certificate of birth had been clearly made up by someone with computer software. Another OCR and compression tests conducted by the Cold Case Posse resulted in them finding that the document had anywhere between 45 and 250 layers. Additionally, the registrars and date stamps were found to have been imported into the document, rotated 90 degrees and then placed as if they were original to it. “The document had been 100 percent manufactured, manipulated, but worse than that, the registrar’s stamp and date stamp have lo legal authority certifying this document to be anything,” concluded Zullo.

The case of the Selective Service card does not get any easier for the Obama White House. According to investigators from the Cold Case Posse, the document has a post office date stamp that is different to the ones used back in the day when Barack Obama supposedly appeared at a US Postal Service venue to validate his identity and fill out the card. Back in 1980, the law required people to go to a postal service office, show a valid form of identification, fill out the card and register for selective service. Barack Obama’s Selective Service card was obtained through a Freedom of Information Act (FOIA) request filed by a former Immigration and Customs Enforcement officer. When the former officer received the card, the date stamp read July 29, 80, as supposed to July 29, 1980. That is 07/29/80, instead of 07/29/1980. After filing a new Freedom of Information Act request, more Selective Service cards from other individuals that filled out their cards around the same days as Barack Obama did confirmed that the date stamp had to be as mandated by United States Postal Service protocols, which was a date with a four digit year. Obama’s Selective Service card’s date stamp was not aligned like the other ones that investigators requested and obtained. The date stamp was offset to the right and low to the right of the stamp.

For investigators, it was clear that whoever forged Obama’s Selective service card could have not obtained a 1980 date stamp from a postal office. According to Mike Zullo, what the forger must have done was to cut a 2008 date stamp in half, rotated it so the printing would read 80 and not 08, placed it on to a handle and stamped it onto what it has been claimed is Obama’s Selective Service card. “What the person did not realize is that if the stamp wasn’t cut straight, it would push against the handle’s compartment and offset the numbers to the right, as it appears to have happened with Obama’s card.” Mr. Zullo says he replicated the effect by cutting a 2008 stamp in an angle and reproduced the offset date stamp just as the forger did on Obama’s Selective Service card. “our contention is that it is another manufactured document.”

Along with the forged Long Form Certificate of Birth and the fake Selective Service card, investigators have found opposition from the government when trying to run Barack Obama’s supposed social security number through federal law enforcement records. They have once and again been blocked from running his number, which many independent investigators believe is also fake.

Along with Mr. Zullo, other police officers, lawyers and forensic experts have begun an official full force investigation to get to the bottom of who and why falsified Barack Obama’s documents, why did the White House presented the documents as legitimate even though they were not, and ultimately to find out who in reality is the individual who calls himself Barack Hussein Obama. When questioned as to how long would the investigation take, or if it could come to a conclusion anytime soon, officer Zullo said: “Sheriff Arpaio has given us full authority to continue this investigation and I don’t see it stopping anytime soon.”

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Salmonella Outbreak: Cargill recalls Turkey Meat

36 million pounds of Turkey meat, to be exact. Some 50 million Americans get sick every year from food poisoning.

Associated Press
August 4, 2011

Meat giant Cargill is recalling 36 million pounds of ground turkey linked to a nationwide salmonella outbreak that has killed one person in California and sickened at least 76 others.

Illnesses in the outbreak date back to March and have been reported in 26 states coast to coast.

Cargill said Wednesday that it is recalling fresh and frozen ground turkey products produced at the company’s Springdale, Ark., plant from Feb. 20 through Aug. 2 due to possible contamination from the strain of salmonella linked to the illnesses.

Company officials said that all ground turkey production has been suspended at the plant until the company is able to determine the source of the outbreak.

“Given our concern for what has happened, and our desire to do what is right for our consumers and customers, we are voluntarily removing our ground turkey products from the marketplace,” said Steve Willardsen, president of Cargill’s turkey processing business.

The Minnesota-based company said it was initiating the recall after its own internal investigation, an Agriculture Department investigation and information about the illnesses released by the CDC this week.

All of the packages recalled include the code “Est. P-963” on the label, according to Cargill. The packages were labeled with many different brands, including Cargill’s Honeysuckle White.

The CDC said this week that cultures of ground turkey from four retail locations between March 7 and June 27 showed contamination with the same strain of salmonella, though those samples had not been specifically linked to the illnesses. The CDC said preliminary information showed that three of those samples were linked to the same production establishment, but it did not name that plant.

A chart on the CDC’s website shows cases have occurred every month since early March, with spikes in May and early June. The latest reported cases were in mid-July, although the CDC said some recent cases may not have been reported yet.

The CDC said the strain is resistant to many commonly prescribed antibiotics, which can make treatment more difficult. The agency said 38 percent of those sickened were hospitalized.

The states with the highest number sickened were Michigan and Ohio, 10 illnesses each, while nine illnesses were reported in Texas. Illinois had seven, California six and Pennsylvania five.

The remaining states have between one and three reported illnesses linked to the outbreak, according to the CDC: Alabama, Arizona, Georgia, Iowa, Indiana, Kentucky, Louisiana, Massachusetts, Minnesota, Missouri, Mississippi, North Carolina, Nebraska, Nevada, New York, Oklahoma, Oregon, South Dakota, Tennessee and Wisconsin.

The CDC estimates that 50 million Americans each year get sick from food poisoning, including about 3,000 who die. Salmonella causes most of these cases and federal health officials say they’ve made virtually no progress against it.

Government officials say that even contaminated ground turkey is safe to eat if it is cooked to 165 degrees. But it’s also important that raw meat be handled properly before it is cooked and that people wash their hands with soap for at least 20 seconds before and after handling the meat. Turkey and other meats should also be properly refrigerated or frozen and leftovers heated.

The most common symptoms of salmonella are diarrhea, abdominal cramps and fever within eight hours to 72 hours of eating a contaminated product. It can be life-threatening to some with weakened immune systems.

Cargill executive Willardsen said, “Public health and the safety of consumers cannot be compromised.”

“It is regrettable that people may have become ill from eating one of our ground turkey products,” he said, “and, for anyone who did, we are truly sorry.”

U.S. FEDS Threaten Sheriff Arpaio for Enforcing Immigration Laws

By Jerry Markon and Stephanie McCrummen

A federal investigation of a controversial Arizona sheriff known for tough immigration enforcement has intensified in recent days, escalating the conflict between the Obama administration and officials in the border state.

Sheriff Joe Arpaio, Maricopa County

Justice Department officials in Washington have issued a rare threat to sue Maricopa County Sheriff Joe Arpaio if he does not cooperate with their investigation of whether he discriminates against Hispanics. The civil rights inquiry is one of two that target the man who calls himself “America’s toughest sheriff.” A federal grand jury in Phoenix is examining whether Arpaio has used his power to investigate and intimidate political opponents and whether his office misappropriated government money, sources said.

The standoff comes just weeks after the Justice Department sued Arizona and Gov. Jan Brewer (R) because of the state’s new immigration law, heightening tensions over the issue ahead of November’s midterm elections. The renewed debate has focused attention on Arpaio, a former D.C. police officer who runs a 3,800-employee department, and a state at the epicenter of the controversy over the nation’s estimated 12 million illegal immigrants.

(Photos: How the immigration law is being enforced in Benson, Arizona)

Once seen as a quirky figure who has inmates dress in pink underwear and forces them to work on chain gangs, Arpaio has in recent years become a kind of folk hero to those who favor his heavily publicized “crime sweeps,” conducted mostly in Hispanic neighborhoods. But civil rights groups accuse the 78-year-old lawman of racial profiling. And some Maricopa County officials say Arpaio has begun meritless corruption investigations of officials who have criticized his policies or opposed his requests.

Those allegations are at the core of the Justice Department investigations, according to documents, lawyers familiar with the inquiries, and people who have been questioned by FBI agents and the grand jury.

(Arizona: We’re not changing immigration law)

The investigations reflect the tangled politics surrounding the immigration debate. The criminal probe is led by Dennis K. Burke, the U.S. attorney in Phoenix who was a top aide to Homeland Security Secretary Janet Napolitano.

Two of Arpaio’s attorneys, Robert N. Driscoll and Asheesh Agarwal, were officials in the Justice Department’s civil rights division in the George W. Bush administration. They denied that the sheriff, a Republican who has been reelected four times since 1992, has been uncooperative or has engaged in racial profiling, misusing money or targeting political enemies.

“The sheriff’s office is cooperating fully with the grand jury investigation and has complete confidence that the inquiry will clear it of any wrongdoing,” Agarwal said. “The office has always fulfilled its responsibilities truthfully, honorably, and in full compliance with state and federal law.”

Arpaio’s attorneys contend that the investigations are politically motivated, citing a news conference in March at which Attorney General Eric H. Holder Jr. was quoted as saying he expects the inquiries to “produce results.”

“While we have no quarrel with the assistant U.S. attorneys handling the investigation, the attorney general’s comments appear to violate federal regulations, departmental policy and state ethical rules designed to ensure the fairness of criminal investigations,” Agarwal said.

(More: Chat with Sheriff Joe Arpaio)

Brewer and her supporters have also asserted that the Justice Department was politically motivated in its lawsuit over the state law, which authorizes, among other things, police officers to ask about the status of people suspected of being in the country illegally. A federal judge last month stopped the most controversial sections of the legislation from taking effect.

Justice Department officials denied any political considerations, saying the investigations and the lawsuit are based on the facts and the law. They declined to comment on details of the Arpaio inquiries.

The civil rights division’s investigation began in March 2009 and focuses on whether Arpaio’s department engaged in “discriminatory police practices and unconstitutional searches and seizures,” along with allegations that his jail discriminated against Hispanic inmates, according to letters the division sent to Arpaio. A complaint to the Justice Department said that even bilingual jail guards are required to speak to inmates only in English and that the rule could endanger prisoners’ medical care. The jail was also accused of forcing Hispanic visitors to fill out a “citizenship check” form, the letters said.

Lawyers in the division have repeatedly interviewed Phoenix area human rights leaders about Arpaio’s immigration sweeps, and local “cop watch” groups have turned over hours of video footage of the sweeps to investigators.

“Their questions are in regards to racial profiling, questions about what are the practices when people get stopped,” said Salvador Reza, an organizer with the Puente human rights movement who has met with Justice Department lawyers. He said the lawyers have asked about the treatment of inmates in Arpaio’s jail.

In an Aug. 3 letter to Arpaio’s attorneys, Thomas E. Perez, assistant attorney general for the civil rights division, said the sheriff’s office had declined repeated requests to turn over documents and meet with investigators. Without cooperation by Tuesday, the letter said, the government would file suit “to compel access to the requested documents, facilities and personnel.”

In his Aug. 5 reply, Driscoll accused the Justice Department of “a desperate attempt” to compel cooperation and of “a public relations campaign against Sheriff Arpaio.” He added: “DOJ cannot require the reproduction of millions of pages of documents so DOJ can ‘see what it can find.’ ”

Arpaio’s resistance is highly unusual: Justice Department officials said the threat of such a lawsuit is rare. They added that they plan to meet with the sheriff’s attorneys next week in a last-ditch effort to forestall litigation. If the department files a broader civil lawsuit, it could result in the department terminating the several million dollars in grants to Arpaio’s office each year or in a judge’s order forcing him to change his policies.

On a separate track, the grand jury investigation has been underway since at least January. Lawyers familiar with the inquiry and witnesses said it is focused on allegations that as Arpaio has fought with the county board over his budget and other issues, he and his deputies have retaliated by carrying out at least seven criminal investigations of county officials alleging corruption, fraud and other crimes.

Some legal experts say it could be difficult for such allegations to result in criminal charges. “I don’t know what a charge would be,” said Peter Zeidenberg, a former Justice Department public corruption prosecutor. “We all would agree that being abusive is wrong, but I’m not aware of any federal statute that would fit.”

In one case, Arpaio leveled 40 corruption-related charges against a county supervisor who had spoken out against his policies, all of which a judge dismissed. In another, the sheriff’s allies in the county attorney’s office filed more than 100 criminal counts against another supervisor for improperly filling out required financial disclosure forms. Several days after a judge dismissed most of those, Arpaio’s deputies arrested the supervisor in a parking garage and walked him before TV cameras to jail, announcing more than 100 new charges, which a judge dismissed. (Some of the original charges remain on appeal.)

“They’ll never stop,” said Deputy County Manager Sandi Wilson, who was named in one of Arpaio’s investigations. Wilson testified before the grand jury and has spoken to FBI investigators more than a dozen times, as recently as last week. “They don’t care who tells them to stop.”

County Manager David Smith said grand jurors also questioned him about deputies’ trips to conferences and training missions in Las Vegas, Honduras and other destinations, where he said they often stayed at “boutique” hotels. He said prosecutors were focusing on “issues that might involve the crime of extortion over the county budget, misappropriation of funds and abuse of police power.”

Fundación Gates Financia Masivamente Consejo de La Raza

Por Luis R. Miranda
The Real Agenda
Agosto 13, 2010

Un informe anual de 2002 detallando el dinero repartido por la Fundación Bill y Melinda Gates revela que la fundación concedió una subvención al Consejo Nacional de La Raza. La Fundación Bill & Melinda Gates es, sin duda el más grande órgano  de “beneficencia”  en el mundo.

La Raza se asocia con el grupo racista radical Movimiento Estudiantil Chicano de Aztlán

Gates dio 6.661.364 millones de dólares a la organización racista, según el sitio web de la fundación. La Raza también ha recibido apoyo financiero de la Fundación Ford. Por ejemplo, en 1968, la fundación globalista dio a La Raza $ 600.000, según los estudios realizados por Philip Brennan.

El sitio web de La Raza admite que “la organización recibe dos tercios de su financiación de las corporaciones y fundaciones, y el resto del gobierno.” Para el período 1992-1996, la cantidad total de “regalos, donaciones y contribuciones” a La Raza fue más de $ 38 millones.

La Fundación Ford ha financiado también a la organización mexico-americana de Defensa Legal y Educación (MALDEF). Según Mario Obeldo, ex director de MALDEF, “California va a ser un estado hispano. Cualquier persona que no le guste, debe irse. “En 1998, Obledo fue galardonado con la Medalla Presidencial de la Libertad por Clinton.

El lema de La Raza es “Para la raza todo, nada fuera de la raza”. La Raza se asocia con el grupo radical racista Movimiento Estudiantil Chicano de Aztlán, o Movimiento Estudiantil Chicano de Aztlán (MECHA), una organización que defiende la supremacía azteca y el irredentismo (específicamente la promoción de la anexión del suroeste de Estados Unidos). activistas mestizos creen que tienen un derecho legal y primordial a la tierra y proponen que una nueva nación sea creada, una República del Norte. El principal instrumento para la creación de esta nación azteca es la Reconquista, un grupo demográfico de “revolución” que se esfuerza por suplantar “gringos” en el suroeste, con una afluencia de inmigrantes mexicanos ilegales.

Según La Raza, el control fronterizo es racista. La organización condena el cumplimiento de la ley de inmigración de manera significativa a lo largo de la frontera de México y en el interior del país”, afirmando que esas actividades violan los derechos civiles de los hispanos.

Un sondeo reciente realizado por Fox News revela que la mayoría de los estadounidenses creen que el gobierno federal no está aplicando las leyes de inmigración del país. Además, los votantes son más propensos a favorecer a los candidatos que apoyan la nueva ley de inmigración de Arizona que fue bloqueado por un juez federal la semana pasada.

Como señala Kevin Lamb, las fundaciones Ford, Soros y Rockefeller, han financiado y apoyado mucho “lobbies étnicos de los inmigrantes bien organizados y grupos de defensa, que están trabajando activamente para transformar los EE.UU. en una sociedad sin fronteras” una piedra angular de la visión globalista y el juego final de un gobierno mundial. La Raza, MEChA, y otros de los llamados organizaciones hispanas de derechos civiles dicen que una circulación sin restricciones de los inmigrantes ilegales es indispensable para este programa de un solo mundo.

Además de esforzarse para eliminar las fronteras y destruir la soberanía nacional de los Estados Unidos, Bill Gates ha trabajado sin descanso en la eugenesia dedicada a reducir la población mundial, otro objetivo clave de la élite. “En primer lugar tenemos la población. El mundo de hoy tiene 6800 millones de personas y aumentará a cerca de 9 billones. Ahora bien, si hacemos un gran trabajo con nuevas vacunas, atención médica, servicios de salud reproductiva, bajamos esto en un 10 o 15 por ciento “, dijo Gates durante una conferencia sólo por invitación, realizado en Long Beach, California, a principios de este año.

“En Inglés claro, uno de los hombres más poderosos en los estados del mundo claramente espera que las vacunas se utilicen para reducir el crecimiento demográfico. Cuando Bill Gates habla sobre las vacunas, habla con autoridad “, escribe F. William Engdahl.

La Raza y MEChA necesitan tomar nota. Los fundamentos globalistas no se ocupan principalmente de las libertades civiles de las personas en el tercer mundo, incluyendo México, pero son más bien usados para aprovecharse aún más su mundo y en última instancia, en el programa de eugenesia global.

Judge sides with law-brakers, strikes down Arizona immigration laws

Clinton appointed judge puts on hold execution of Arizona’s enforcement of existing immigration laws; for now.


District Judge, Susan Bolton

A federal judge dealt a serious rebuke to Arizona’s toughest-in-the-nation immigration law on Wednesday when she put most of the crackdown on hold just hours before it was to take effect.

The ruling by U.S. District Judge Susan Bolton shifts the immigration debate to the courts and sets up a lengthy legal battle that may not be decided until the Supreme Court weighs in. Republican Gov. Jan Brewer said the state will likely appeal the ruling and seek to get the judge’s order overturned.

But for now, opponents of the law have prevailed: The provisions that most angered opponents will not take effect, including sections that required officers to check a person’s immigration status while enforcing other laws.

The judge also delayed parts of the law that required immigrants to carry their papers at all times, and made it illegal for undocumented workers to solicit employment in public places — a move aimed at day laborers. In addition, the judge blocked officers from making warrantless arrests of suspected illegal immigrants.

Requiring Arizona law enforcement officials and agencies to determine the immigration status of every person who is arrested burdens lawfully-present aliens because their liberty will be restricted while their status is checked,” Bolton, a Clinton appointee, said in her decision.

She said the controversial sections should be put on hold until the courts resolve the issues. Other provisions of the law, many of them slight revisions to existing Arizona immigration statute, will go into effect at 12:01 a.m. Thursday.

The law was signed by Brewer in April and immediately revived the national debate on immigration, making it a hot-button issue in the midterm elections. The law has inspired similar action elsewhere, prompted a boycott against Arizona and led an unknown number of illegal immigrants to leave the state.

Lawyers for the state contend the law was a constitutionally sound attempt by Arizona to assist federal immigration agents and lessen border woes such as the heavy costs for educating, jailing and providing health care for illegal immigrants. Arizona is the busiest gateway into the country for illegal immigrants, and the state’s border with Mexico is awash in drugs and smugglers that authorities badly want to stop.

Brewer’s lawyers said Arizona shouldn’t have to suffer from America’s broken immigration system when it has 15,000 police officers who can arrest illegal immigrants.

“It’s a temporary bump in the road, we will move forward, and I’m sure that after consultation with our counsel we will appeal,” Brewer told The Associated Press. “The bottom line is we’ve known all along that it is the responsibility of the feds and they haven’t done their job so we were going to help them do that.”

The ruling came just as police were making last-minute preparations to begin enforcement of the law and protesters were planning large demonstrations against the measure. At least one group planned to block access to federal offices, daring officers to ask them about their immigration status.

In a sign of the international interest in the law, about 100 protesters in Mexico City who had gathered in front of the U.S. Embassy broke into cheers when speakers told them about the federal judge’s ruling. The demonstrators had been monitoring the news on a laptop computer on the stage.

The crowd clapped and started chanting, “Migrants, hang on, the people are rising up!”

Gisela and Eduardo Diaz went to the Mexican consulate in Phoenix on Wednesday seeking advice because they were worried about what would happen to their 3-year-old granddaughter if they were pulled over by police and taken to a detention center.

“I knew the judge would say that part of the law was just not right,” said Diaz, a 50-year-old from Mexico City who came to Arizona on a since-expired tourist visa in 1989. “It’s the part we were worried about. This is a big relief for us.”

Opponents argued the law would lead to racial profiling, conflict with federal immigration law and distract local police from fighting more serious crimes. The U.S. Justice Department, civil rights groups and a Phoenix police officer had asked the judge for an injunction to prevent the law from being enforced.

“There is a substantial likelihood that officers will wrongfully arrest legal resident aliens under the new (law),” Bolton ruled.

Federal authorities have argued that letting the Arizona law stand would create a patchwork of immigration laws nationwide that would burden the agency that responds to immigration-status inquiries and disrupt U.S. relations with Mexico and other countries.

The core of the government’s case is that federal immigration law trumps state law — an issue known as “pre-emption” in legal circles. The judge plainly accepted that view, pointing out five portions of the law where she believed the federal government would likely succeed on its claims that U.S. law supersedes state law.

“Even though Arizona’s interests may be consistent with those of the federal government, it is not in the public interest for Arizona to enforce pre-empted laws,” Bolton wrote.

Supporters of the law took solace in the fact that the judge did keep several portions of the law intact, including a section that bars local governments from limiting enforcement of federal immigration laws. Those jurisdictions are commonly known as “sanctuary cities.”

“Striking down these sanctuary city policies have always been the No. 1 priority of SB1070,” said Sen. Russell Pearce, a Mesa Republican who sponsored the law.

Brewer is running for another term in November and has seen her political fortunes rise because of the law’s popularity among conservatives. It’s not yet clear how the ruling will affect her campaign, but her opponent was quick to pounce.

“Jan Brewer played politics with immigration, and she lost,” said Arizona Attorney General Terry Goddard, a Democrat. “It is time to look beyond election year grandstanding and begin to repair the damage to Arizona’s image and economy.”

The law has drawn considerable support among residents in heavily Republican Arizona, where people are fed up with the problems associated with illegal immigration. Ryan Alexander, 39, says illegal immigration has helped bring down wages for jobs in America and created what he calls a slave-labor market.

“I don’t think any of that is good,” he said. “Bottom line is if you’re not supposed to be here, you shouldn’t be here, whether you’re Russian or whatever.”