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Former MK-ULTRA Expert Murdered by the CIA, say relatives

The CIA had a program in the 1950s and `60s called MK-ULTRA, which involved brainwashing and administering experimental drugs like LSD to unsuspecting individuals. The project was investigated by Congress in the 1970s.

US to auction 20 million acres in Gulf of Mexico for oil, gas exploration

The Obama administration on Tuesday announced it would auction off 20 million acres in the Western Gulf of Mexico for oil and natural gas exploration.

Egypt: A dictator’s best friend is always a crisis

Taking advantage of its renewed popularity thanks to the diplomatic success in the Gaza crisis, Egyptian President Mohamed Morsi, signed on Thursday four decrees that set him above the law.

U.S. Government wants to Redistribute people’s Retirement money

A new effort by the Obama administration, Congress, the Treasury Department and labor unions aims to fundamentally alter how Americans plan and save for retirement.

USDA Committee wants farmers to insure themselves against GMO crop contamination

Members of the committee refused to assign responsibility to GMO producers for contamination of organic and conventional crops.

Will Israel be held accountable for War crimes?

The question above is one that always comes to mind whenever a more powerful military force uses its might to destroy livelihoods anywhere in the planet.

Lula’s right-hand man gets almost 11 years in prison in Mensalão case

The Federal Supreme Court of Brazil (STF) condemned former Lula’s right-hand man to almost 11 years in prison for his participation in the corruption scheme known as the Mensalão.

Drug traffickers among HSBC’s best customers

The British Ministry of Finance and Customs (HMR) has opened an investigation into accounts at HSBC whose owners are British citizens on the island of Jersey, known for its low taxes.

VaccineGate: 30 years of Secret Meetings, Conflict of Interests, Dubious Science

Vaccination policy was put over vaccine safety to save compulsory vaccination programs.

Greek government imposes more Austerity

The same worn out ineffective policies that have done nothing to help Greece come out of the dire situation it has been for years have found more support at the highest levels of the Greek government.

Bill Gates Funds Drone-Delivered Vaccines

I think everyone knows how I feel about vaccines. My calm, (somewhat) rational opinion is this: They are, for the most part, not necessary, not working, and not safe. The lack of science—not to mention common sense—behind the dozens of vaccines injected into our children is beyond appalling.

U.S. already choosing new Syrian management team

The United States role in the Syrian conflict has gone from “no boots will be on the ground” to “let’s choose who will be the government after Assad”.

Brazil rocked by yet another corruption Scandal

A millionaire fraud affects six electoral courts who moved 1.5 billion euros through questionable practices.

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