Tens of thousands abused in Dutch Catholic institutions

December 16, 2011

independent Dutch inquiry probing sexual abuse allegedly committed by Roman Catholic clergy said Friday it found “tens of thousands” of victims since 1945, identifying 800 alleged perpetrators.

Tens of thousands of minors were exposed to “mild, severe or very severe sexual behaviour” by clergy or lay workers in the Dutch Catholic Church between 1945 and 2010, the commission said in its final report.

“Based on 1,795 reports, the commission could find the names of 800 abusers who work or have worked for the bishops,” the report said. “Of these 800 people, 105 are still alive.”

The Dutch bishops’ conference decided in 2010 to open an inquiry after revelations of widespread abuse were first reported in the national press.

The six person commission was chaired by former cabinet minister Wim Deetman and includes a former judge, university professors and a psychologist. It began work on August 24, 2010 to probe allegations of abuse committed from 1945 to the present day.”

“The problem of sexual abuse was known in the orders and dioceses of the Dutch Catholic Church,” the commission said, “but the appropriate actions were not undertaken”.

In February, a Catholic order in the Netherlands said it would pay compensation to more than two dozen victims of sexual abuse committed by its priests.

The Order of Salesians of Don Bosco reached a deal to make “generous” restitution to individuals who fell victim to sexual abuse by priests as pupils at its boarding schools between 1950 and 1971, a joint statement said.

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One Response to Tens of thousands abused in Dutch Catholic institutions

  1. Could this really be? I grew up in Brooklyn Heights, a predominating catholic population but several Lutheran and methodist churches as well, I went to church on Sunday and Wednesday with girls and boys, and never heard of one wrong doing, no one mentioned anything like it and everyone was on friendly terms with the ministers and the Priests. I honestly think if the Priest there harmed one boy they would have ran home screaming to their father or Mother unless they were old enough to retaliate himselves. My son , who is a man now, never had a problem, he went to church and no one ever told him of any wrongdoing nor did he see any or experience any himself. I have to wonder how all of this is happening. it actually closed down the churches, all of them, in Dublin Ireland, you mean no one knew what was going on? these people miss their church , it is their social life , now they dont’ have it. I thtink this is all a put up job, no way could every priest that comes down the pike be a pedophile. No way could no one have retaliated ever in Brooklyn, no way would all of these kids , thousands of them, keep quiet about this. I just think it is too freaky to have been happening for all of these years and no one knew it, it never happened in my neighborhood. The priest would go to the neighborhood bar, he grew up there , he would have a few drinks with firends, he would call Bingo On certain nights and he would go home, there was no problem with that, everyone liked him. All the Priests in those catholic churches were never accused of anything, or the Protestant ministers either, something is wrong here. Is this some elaborate scheme to clost down the churches, ? if it is that won’t work, new priests will come in, good priests , children will be taught to open their mouths and scream if they are subject ot any inappropriate behavior and that will be that.

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