Ron Paul picks up endorsements from Romney and Perry?

by Luis R. Miranda
The Real Agenda
December 11, 2011

It is more than difficult to put your points of view out there when you get only 89 seconds to talk about them. But when given equal or nearly equal time than the rest of the Republican candidates, there is no doubt that Representative Ron Paul is the only option in the Republican field this time.

Last night in Iowa, Mr. Paul showed once again why America only has one choice if it wants to turn back the clock. After being given considerably more time than in previous debates, Dr. Paul made vehemently clear what his treatments would be to cure a nation that has been dying for the past 100 years.

Speaking about what Mr. Paul said would be a spoiler, so I will leave you all with the video clip that shows not only what he said, but also a couple of… … endorsements? Those words of admiration, real or otherwise, came from rivals Mitt Romney and Rick Perry during the closing comments section of the debate.

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2 Responses to Ron Paul picks up endorsements from Romney and Perry?

  1. Norman says:

    One has to keep in mind here that this is all “KABUKI”. One “up man ship” is the name of the game right now. Careful for what you wish, for what you get could be not what you want. “O” is a good case in point. Bush before him was another. And don’t forget “slick Willie”, who between them all, this country is in the toilet, though if it continues, it will go down the drain into the cesspool.

  2. George Washington says:

    Ron Paul 2012 Please…. Thank you

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