Obama was who requested that Americans were ‘Fair Game’ in Detention, Torture Bill

Senator Levin revealed – It was Obama who required the Indefinite Detainment Bill INCLUDE U.S. Citizens as part of the wording!

by SerriQuestioningAll
December 11, 2011

Well now we know, for those who have been holding out “hope” that Obama will veto the 1031 Indefinite Detainment Bill against holding U.S. Citizens without rights to a trial or lawyer or charges for the rest of their lives…. It was Obama who required the bill have the language of U.S. Citizens being held without rights in the bill!  The only reason he would veto it, is because it does not give him the absolute power as he wants!

Obama wants absolute Dictatorial Powers and the Senate gave it to him?  I posted some of his Lies during his campaign.  Especially the ones about the Rights of the People, closing Gitmo and standing up for the Constitution.

Here is Senator Levin on the floor of the Senate revealing it was Obama himself who Demanded U.S. Citizens be part of the Indefinite Detainment Bill!

Please send this video to your State Representatives, especially those Republican held states – maybe they will have morals and protect their state citizens from this.  I know…. it is doubtful – but we still have to try, in my opinion.

Video of Levin on Senate floor revealing it was Obama who demanded U.S. Citizens be part of the language of the Indefinite Detention in 1031 Bill:

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2 Responses to Obama was who requested that Americans were ‘Fair Game’ in Detention, Torture Bill

  1. Obama would like to make us disappear with as much fear, pain and torture as possible, nothing easy for the Arrogant, Lazy Americans who have had it too good for too long. The fact that this creep came from a wealthy communist family means nothing to him, they were the arrogant Americanfamily he is referring to no doubt. His family hated America and he grew up feeling the same way. Hid Father was a member of the Muslim Brotherhood for 30 years, its no wonder he is getting sharia into all of the countries he is invading now. Libya was not under Sharia law, it was not a prejudiced country either, now any blacks that were there working are being killed just because they are black,The Brotherhood does not like Blacks. killing gadaffi was not the best thing for Libya or the people there, women will have to live under Sharia law now, Hillary Clinton didn’t think of that, but then again what does she care.

    Obviously this usurper does not have this country’s best interest at heart , he never did, the power elite and the Congressmen who fronted for him and the power elite got him in, how America couldn’t see through this mans crap is beyond me, when a man refuses to salute the American flag and can’t speak with out a teleprompter in his face and his name is Barak Hussein Obama and we are at war with Muslims, then how could anyone vote for him, I never did get it? Was it because George Clooney said to vote for him or Ashton Kutcher?

    TheUnited Nations is in Muslim Heaven, they have been given more by Obama than they ever got before, they were given all the rights to our water, they are making laws for us which is unconstitutional, George Soros is getting in his own Congessman, just spreading around the cash and we allow it. The Gov. is no longer working for us, the Supreme court is no longer working for us, we are being run by the Power elite in this country and in Britain, why we are going along with it I dont’ know , I have never seen more people for sale in my life as we have in office now. Its disgusting. We need a house of UnAmerican Activities in Government to protect us , we have no protection at all now, the ethics committee is just a name, they are not there to protect us.

  2. Norman says:

    Game on. Seems the video freezes at the point that Levin informs that it is the Administration who wants the language that U.S. citizens are to be detained just as enemy combatants are, even to disappear down those black holes! (no pun intended). And this guy wants another 4 years? One has to wonder just where his loyalties do lie.

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