Gene Patenting Causes People to Be Company-Owned Intellectual Property

by Mike Barrett
Activist Post
December 2, 2011

While science and technology continue to exceed new levels never before reached by humankind, the chance of the human race becoming more of a scientific research project increases along with it.

Over the past 30 years, over 40,000 patents were created and accepted on genes alone.

As these genes are acquired and patented, it is only a matter of time before large corporations will own patents on a large number of human genes and tissues.

Companies have been patenting genes for over 100 years.

As the patents continue to be created, so does the potential for a large amount of the human genetic coding to be owned by major corporations.

Interestingly enough, these companies simply copy and alter human genes and subsequently claim ownership.

According to the government, these gene patents are intellectual property to the companies who have created them. If in the future these patented genes are utilized in the creation of experimental animals or controversial hybrids, companies will essentially own a portion of the living creature itself.

Many people are worried about what this means for the future of mankind, long term and short term. This kind of practice is much more intrusive than influential on the human race. No one truly knows just how impactful gene patents will be on the population, or even how the possibility of negative outcomes can be properly dealt with.

Certainly not everyone supports the genetic modification of human food, let alone on the human race. We have already seen how genetic modification of the food supply can pose health hazards. In fact, GMO’s are seeing such opposition that GMO crops are continually being banned around the world in display of health freedom. People don’t want to be eating man-made genes anymore, and they certainly do not want living organisms to be made out of them.

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One Response to Gene Patenting Causes People to Be Company-Owned Intellectual Property

  1. Norman says:

    I wouldn’t worry about some company at some future date owning any human from the gene sense of the word. At the rate they are going today, the present race of humans will be like the dodo bird, extinct. Besides, there’s always a fly in the ointment when it comes to humans playing God.