Military Attack on Iran could come within two weeks

U.S. Army Lt. Colonel says Iranian Plot is likely U.S. manufactured event; another attempt to create a pretext for war with Iran.

by Luis R. Miranda
The Real Agenda
October 13, 2011

Another fairy tale from the United States government is out this week. They want us to believe their story that a US informant operating as a member of the terrorist group the Zetas, aided the U.S. government to stop an Iranian attempt to murder the Saudi Arabian ambassador to the United States. As it is often the case, neither the Department of Justice, nor the FBI have shown proof that Iran had anything to do with such a plot, or that the plot is actually real. In fact, a retired U.S. Army Lt. Colonel has said the information about this plot and the plot itself may be a U.S. manufactured event. See his interview below.

Asia Times correspondent: Iranian plot was an inside job

Given the lack of proof about this supposed plot, it is only normal to ask, who would benefit from blaming Iran for this unproven plot? Certainly the War wing of the United States government, aka, the military industrial complex. International support for new sanctions on Iran would legitimize more and more a future attack on that nation by the United States, NATO or even Israel itself. In fact, the Obama administration has already asked for support from the international community to impose more sanctions on Iran as a result of their unproven discovery.

A second beneficiary of the blame game against Iran would be the Saudis themselves, who would gain even more support in the middle east and the international community. That is what people like Pepe Escobar, a correspondent for the Asia Times believes is going on here. Mr. Escobar appeared on Russia Today television to explain his perspective on who is to gain from the situation.

Back in 2009, a think-tank called the Brookings Institute wrote about how the United States would act to exercise complete hegemony over the middle east, and how part of such action would include making sure Iran was kept as a less than influential force there. In the document, the think-tank provides an insight to the policies that are currently being carried out in the middle east. “The sheer scale of the military options considered by Brookings’ strategy would be a boom alone for the defense contractors that sponsor it, whether the operation was a success or not,” says Tony Cartalucci on his blog Land Destroyer Report.

According to the New York Times, United States senior officials are struggling to explain how would the operation unit -Quds Force-, pull off an attack on an Saudi Arabian ambassador on U.S. soil. “It would be our assessment that this kind of operation would have been discussed at the highest levels of the regime,” said a senior American official, who was not authorized to speak publicly about the government’s analysis, reported the New York Times.

Attack on Iran in two weeks

Back in late 2009, the Obama administration transferred 55 bunker-buster bombs to Israel. The possession of these 55 bombs physically allows and prepares Israel to launch an attack on Iran, more specifically, its buried nuclear facilities as well as to target organizations like Hezbollah’s buried bunkers in Lebanon.

This information came from a news report published on Newsweek, which received independent confirmation via a sensitive U.S. diplomatic cable released by WikiLeaks last month.

In November 2009 U.S. and Israeli senior military personnel met to discuss the delivery of the 55 GBU-28 bunker busting bombs to Israel, while saying that the shipment of the weapons should be done secretly to avoid public scrutiny against the United States government.

An FBI insider and close aide to Colonel Anthony Shaffer said there were no records of a supposed plot to attack anyone on U.S. soil. The fact that no secret information on the plot exists only reinforces the idea that the supposed plot was a fake and that blaming Iran for it while the U.S. arms Israel might result on an open-ended attack against Iran.

According to some U.S. Army sources, personnel is being deployed to the middle east in order to collaborate with the logistics of an attack to be launched in the Persian Gulf. Together with former and current military personnel, former intelligence and black operations operative Steve Pieczenik agrees that this is the greenest light he’s seen when it comes to launch an attack on Iran.

“I have to say that all of this that came out of Mexico where an Iranian wants to kill a Saudi Arabian is completely absurd,” said Pieczenik on the Alex Jones Show. “There is no reason for Israel to receive bunker buster bombs. Obama is creating another incident like George W. Bush did when he had the lowest ratings of his presidency.”

When asked about about the possibility of an attack on Iran within two weeks, Pieczenik said that the United States was aiding a plot to be carried out by Israel against Iran. “Israel will be seriously affected. Iran will cause a lot of trouble against Israel. The middle east will explode in conflict. The Israeli people have to go to streets to stop the israeli military from attacking Iran,” he added. Pieczenik also called on former and current members of Mossad to come out and speak against the attack on Iran.

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