You Can Be INDETERMINATE in Australia

The country now offers INDETERMINATE as a gender option on the passports.
September 15, 2011

CANBERRA, Australia (WLS) – The Australian government is taking action to minimize discrimination against intersex or transgender people.

The government announced on Thursday that Australian passports will now offer three gender options: male, female, and indeterminate. This measure will enable intersex individuals, those who are biologically not entirely male or female, to categorize their gender as “X” on passports.

Transgender individuals, however, cannot select “X,” and will have to pick between male and female. Their choice must also agree with a doctor’s statement.

In the past, Australian citizens had only two choices: “M” or “F” and were only able to make changes on their documentation following a sex change surgery. Now birth certificates or citizen certificates will not need to be altered in order to have a new passport issued.

The United States also made a similar change in 2010 that eliminated the surgery requisite for transgender people.

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