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One Response to House Committee Approves Database Surveillance Bill

  1. madhatter15 says:

    Why would they want information like that? do they have any idea how many people use th einternet and express their views? they would need a whole state to keep this info in. If they want to knwo my views on this administration I would be glad to tell them, they don’t have to save all of my views on a main website, this is really too invasive. I can see why John Conyers is against it, same with Darrell Issa, they have things to hide, I don’t. I thought America had fallen as far as it could go but I was wrong, we still have a few more feet to drop. If we let this happen we deserve everything we get, and there are also ways of encoding , they are using our own tax dollars to pay for this fiasco? thats like buying a gun so we can be shot with it. l think we ought to use our tax money for better things, a mental evaluation of all Gov. personell from the President right on down to the housekeeper and I’m sure we would not be surprised to find they are all incompetent nincompoops with a huge paranoia complex, The inmates are running the Asylum. We need ot clean house.

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