Stronger, Ever More Poisonous Flu Shot

From the same fear mongers who brought you the H1N1 Flu Shot fraud, now comes the one size fits all “universal” flu shot. Certainly a convenient way to get us all dependent, intoxicated and to make our immune systems even weaker before the next PANDEMIC. Pay attention to the fraud all over this article.

July 27, 2011

A universal flu vaccine that protects against all strains may be within reach in the next five years, replacing annual shots developed for specifics flu viruses, the chief of the National Institutes of Health predicts.

Francis Collins told USA TODAY’s Editorial Board on Tuesday that he is “guardedly optimistic” about development of a long-term shot to replace the one “you’d have to renew every year.”

About 200,000 people are hospitalized with the flu every year, and an estimated 3,000 to 49,000 die, making the flu one of the chief causes of preventable death in the USA.

Collins cited the long-term flu shot in a wide-ranging discussion of many advances coming from NIH research. Amid budget debates now underway in Washington, D.C. that could also trim NIH’s $31billion budget, he made the case for research investments that improve the nation’s health.

A universal flu vaccine “seemed completely out of reach only a few years ago,” Collins said. That’s because flu viruses mutate yearly, causing small changes in surface coatings, which make old vaccines obsolete.

Recently however, scientists have found “there are parts of the viral coat that don’t change …. If you designed a vaccine to go after the constant part of the virus, you’d be protected against all strains,” Collins said.

A universal flu vaccine is “not a question of whether, but when,” says Arnold Monto, of the University of Michigan. “I think five years is a bit ambitious, given where we are now.”

Scientists around the world are working on the problem. In February, researchers in the United Kingdom reported preliminary success developing a universal flu vaccine in humans.

Collins pointed to other advances springing from investment in biomedical research:

• Alzheimer’s studies suggest inflammation, rather than brain-tangling proteins, triggers many cases of the dementia that afflicts more than 5million, according to NIH.

• Diabetes research is finding that exercise and nutrition coaching is more effective at checking symptoms than drug treatment.

HIV studies suggest screening everyone in the country for HIV could lead to early treatment to prevent some of the 56,000 new cases each year.

“We might be able to end this epidemic,” Collins said. Given that the lifetime cost of HIV/AIDS treatment is $1million — a total of $56billion to treat just the newly infected each year — universal screening “begins to look cost-effective.” He cautioned there is no proposal for such screening.

NIH already runs pilot programs to test and treat high-risk people in Washington, D.C. and the Bronx, N.Y., says Anthony Fauci, head of NIH’s National Institute of Allergy and Infectious Diseases. “Scientifically, we know it works.”

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One Response to Stronger, Ever More Poisonous Flu Shot

  1. madhatter15 says:

    After listening to Bill Gates and David Rockefeller , Ted Turner, even Oprah winfrey who must have gotten a Medical degree overnight, discuss depopulation, I think I’ll pass on any vacines, and I have no plans on eating corn anytime soon although I’m past child bearing age since they have developed a strain of corn that makes men sterile and causes women to lose their babies before they even get a foothold . I am so distrustful of Doctors and Scientists I would rather go out and dig up some herbs and let it go at that. I am lucky , I have never been sick, I am a Grandmother and I have never had the flu, I dont’ want one of those killer potions.

    I remember when one of my daughters was only about 4 months old they gave her the start of her shots, evidently to fight small pox you have to have cowpox injected into your little body, she did get cowpox, she was on a bed of ice for two days and it took her a few weeks to recover, all so she would not get small pox, which they stopped giving to kids not long after that, now that we have mass immigration I suppose they will have to bring it back again, they still get polio in Africa and we now hav 8 or 9 Leprosy Hospitals in the U.S which scares me to death.

    Bill Gates said the best form of depopulation is forced abortions and vacines, I’m willing to give him a shot any time he wants it, just don’t give it to me. I never had the mumps, I did have a light case of measels and I could sit in poison ivy and not get it, the small pox vacination did not work on me, I didnt’ get a scab on my arm and my husband said he didn’t get a scab either , we must be super people. I have a strong imune system and my husband does too, I don’t take medication and I barely remember the last time I took an an aspirin, so if they try to give me a vacine they will have to find me first. Its only a matter of time before they make these things mandatory. They should look for a cure for cancer, I’m sure they have one anyway, when did you ever hear of the Power elite getting cancer?

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