Public Sector Strike to Save Pensions Starts in the UK

Riot police is prepared to face with large masses, beat them up if need be.

Mail Online
June 30, 2011

Thousands of people gathered in cities across the UK today to take part in mass demonstrations against pension reforms – with fears that the protests could turn violent.

Pickets were formed outside schools, courts, job centres and airports as public sector workers walked out over the Government’s plans.

The marches will rub salt into the wounds of parents forced to stay at home with an estimated one million children off school, as 750,000 teachers and other public sector workers go on strike.

Riot police were put on standby in anticipation of trouble in Central London, as anarchist group Black Bloc threatened ‘a day of rage’ and 10,000 officers have had their leave cancelled.

There was some pushing and shoving this afternoon outside Charing Cross railway station and a crowd of people followed police through the station demanding the release of man who had been arrested.

In a desperate bid to keep the country moving, civil servants have even been told they can take their children to work with them and David Cameron urged private sector bosses to do the same.

The workers are protesting against plans to increase the age of retirement to 66 and raise the amount they pay in pension contributions.

Education Secretary Michael Gove said today he is ‘disappointed’ at strike action by teachers but remains confident that a bitter dispute over pensions can be resolved.

Along with schools minister Nick Gibb he visited primary school Durand Academy in Lambeth, London, this morning, which has remained fully open today.

He said: ‘I feel disappointed that people have chosen to go out on strike today. I understand that there are really strong feelings about pensions and we absolutely want to ensure that everyone in the public, especially teachers, have decent pensions.

But I just don’t think it’s a good idea to have gone out on strike today.

‘We’re still in negotiations and the people who really lose out as a result of today’s strike are children who are not in school enjoying their lessons, and in particular hard-working parents, who have been put to quite a lot of inconvenience as a result of this action.’

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