Wildlife Refuges to be Planted with GMOs

by Barbara H. Peterson
Farm Wars
June 17, 2011

It is becoming increasingly difficult to find animals that haven’t been force-fed GMO grain. To top it all off, even Alfalfa, which is a staple cattle feed in America, will be genetically engineered thanks to Land  O’ Lakes, Forage Genetics and Monsanto. But that isn’t enough for this administration. Now they are going after wildlife too.

Washington, DC — The Obama administration has endorsed genetically engineered agriculture on more than 50 National Wildlife Refuges, with more GE-refuge approvals in the works, according to Public Employees for Environmental Responsibility. (PEER)

It is clear that we need to wean ourselves off mass-produced food and start getting serious about growing our own veggies and fruit, and raising our own animals. We are literally being surrounded with weapons of mass destruction  in the form of DNA-altering GMOs (genetically modified organisms) that cause infertility, severe health problems, and premature death.

The proposal for the Midwestern Refuges would allow more than 20,000 acres to be cultivated with no limits on how many acres could be GE crops. The public comment deadline for that plan is today [Feb. 14, 2011]. In its comments, PEER argues that the GE operations risk harm to wildlife, refuge plants and soil, while contending that there is no refuge purpose for which GE crops are essential, as required by FWS policy.

“These plans are based on the curious notion that wildlife benefit from having the small slivers of habitat set aside for them covered by genetically engineered soybeans,” stated PEER Executive Director Jeff Ruch, noting the Midwest refuges are already surrounded by row crops, most of which are now GE. “To boost U.S. exports, the Obama administration is forcing wildlife refuges into political prostitution.” (PEER)

So, say goodbye to GMO-free wild game, courtesy of your friendly neighborhood mass murderers in charge of our government. Too strong of a statement? I don’t think so. Look up the Georgia Guidestones, then think again…

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One Response to Wildlife Refuges to be Planted with GMOs

  1. MadeleineT says:

    Ther is no end to the damage this President is doing to our country and others, there is no end to it. I’m trying to figure out where the EPA is on this, if we are not allowed to grow our own food in our own backyards, according to FEMA and Homeland Security, how are we suppose to feed oursleves normal food? The President also signed the farm safety modernization act with the codex code in it, that should finish us off for good. President Obama eats organic food in the white house, as did George Bush. The EPA is worried about us breathing too deeply and Cows flatulence yet they allow GMO food, this does not make sense to me. You would be hard pressed to get a decent loaf of bread today and the organic business won’t last forever because this poison pollen
    flies all over the country and lands in Organic and backyard gardens as well. The longer Obama is allowed to stay in office when there are so many reasons to remove him, including the last forged Birth
    certicate he handed in through the whitehouse, the more he is going
    to destroy our way of life until we have no life. He has set up a
    committee, real farmers, Timothy Giethner, Varerie Jarrod etc. to
    take over the rurtal lands and help them with jobs and industry, in
    other words,take the rural out of rural land. He has just, through executive order, signed amnesty for 16 million illegals , as if there were jobs for them, the jobs go out and the immigrants come in, that
    is also on my “makes no sense” list. According to an interview Michele gave today she would like a second term for her husband
    because they have only just begun to lay the foundation for what is to come, if that is not a bone chilling confession I don’t know what
    is. If this continues there will be no America, I think the first
    repair job should be our food , at least we would then have the strength to repair the other damage he is doing. Number one on my list
    would be to get rid of monsanto and any other chemical company that is responsible for GMO food, food should be left to the farmers, not the chemical corps. I strongly suspect Monsanto is part owner of the
    whitehouse. Poor animals will not survive on GMO food, and I can’t believe animal control , PETA and the other animal rights organizations are not all fighting this, very sad.

    over this, Obama seems ot be able to do anything he wants to do with a

    clear path, no one is stopping him. The truth of the matter is this
    is not Obama thinking this up and putting it into practice but the power elite and their depopulation control , I didn’t know it included animals, personally I think GMO land is not good for trees either, they drink through their roots all of the nutritious benefits of the soil, that does not include GMO dirt and grass , how long will they last? I don’t think anyone knows. Its pretty sad state of affairs when Russia thinks the USA is even worse off than Germany under the nazis, ,

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