Typhoon Songda to spread radiation from Fukushima

The Real Agenda
May 30, 2011

Japanese energy company TEPCO has warned -a little late- that the typhoon Songda will indeed help spread radiation pollution as it passes through the Fukushima nuclear complex.

Even after Songda was downgraded, its winds are likely to collect and deliver loads of radioactive materials because TEPCO failed to protect the crumbling structure of the Fukushima rectors.

“We have made utmost efforts, but we have not completed covering the damaged reactor buildings,” said a company’s spokesperson. TEPCO also failed to gauge the magnitude of the disaster and only revealed the reach of the radioactive pollution several weeks after it occurred.

It is now known that thousands of gallons of radioactive water have poured into the pacific ocean as the Fukushima nuclear site literally collapsed after the earthquake and multiple fires and explosions it experienced thereafter.

“Contaminated water is increasing and this is a massive problem,” said Tetsuo Iguchi, a specialist from the University of Nagoya. “They need to find a place to store the contaminated water and they need to guarantee it won’t go into the soil.

Watch the latest reporting from NHK news below.

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