Babies poisoned in the womb

Babies to be given diet drug in the womb to stop them being born overweight in trial described as ‘disturbing’ by weight loss groups.

The Telegraph
May 11, 2011

One hundred obese mums-to-be will be given Metformin as part of a three-year study to tackle obesity rates and reduce the number of difficult births.

Patients at Liverpool Women’s Hospital will be given the drug to reduce the food supply to their unborn babies, although it will not help the mums themselves to lose weight.

Leading the trial, senior lecturer in obstetrics, Dr Andrew Weeks, said: “It is about trying to improve outcomes in pregnancy for women who are overweight.

“The problem is babies tend to be larger and many of the downsides of being overweight during pregnancy relate to the birth.”

Metformin reduces blood sugar levels which are passed onto babies in the womb, and is already regularly used to treat diabetic mums-to-be, as well as diabetics in general.

During the study, half of the patients will take Metformin pills up to three times a day from 12 weeks gestation, while the other half will be given placebo drugs.

Doctors hope it will prevent the birth of oversized babies, thereby reducing the need for caesarean sections.

Instances of pre-eclampsia, the potentially fatal complication in pregnancy common to overweight mothers, are also hoped to be reduced.

The trial will run as a joint study between hospitals in Liverpool, Coventry and Edinburgh and will monitor over 400 women in total.

Dr Weeks added: “The difficulty comes when you have been living in a particular way for years that is not healthy.

“To suddenly change to a different lifestyle is not easy to do.

“Lifestyle change takes time and we would always encourage this as well but the use of Metformin gives us another option when the other is not realistic.”

However, a leading expert behind the UK’s fastest growing weight loss organisation has voiced concerns over giving pregnant women drugs to prevent them having obese babies.

CEO of All About Weight, Alison Wetton, said: “Women rightfully feel uneasy – no mother-to-be likes to take medication.

“The fact that the widely-used diabetes pill, Metformin, is being trialled to prevent obese babies being born to overweight mothers is disturbing to me, and I am sure most other women as well.”

Will Williams, scientific advisor for All About Weight, added that, although there were “reasonable grounds” for the trial, it was “a shame that it is needed at all”.

He said: “We know Metformin is safe in pregnancy and has no negative effects on the child up to 2 years, but there is a lack of studies on older children.

“Women wanting to conceive could instead lose weight by following a healthy weight loss plan, including diet and exercise.

“This would achieve all the things that the Metformin trial is hoping to do, without the risks or costs of adding a drug with uncertain long term effects.

“This would be far preferable to popping a pill that may help pregnancy outcomes.

“It is unlikely to break the cycle of an unhealthy lifestyle leading to overweight children and the continuing rise of obesity and diabetes in the general population.”

However, Jane Norman, Professor of Maternal and Foetal Health at Edinburgh Royal Infirmary and the University of Edinburgh, believes the benefits of the trial will outweigh the risks.

Prof Norman, a representative of leading pregnancy charity Tommy’s, said: “Research has shown that babies born to obese mothers are at increased risk of complications in later life.

“Obese pregnant women have high levels of glucose and Metformin is proven to reduce glucose.

“We have to be careful with the use of drugs in pregnancy but we already know that it is safe to give expectant mothers.

“It is likely that Metformin will prevent babies from getting too big and, putting all these factors together, I am confident that the benefits will outweigh the risks.”


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2 Responses to Babies poisoned in the womb

  1. Jane Harper says:

    Madeleine T — brilliantly stated!

  2. MadeleineT says:

    This is just murder, I can’t believe these Mothers are allowing this to be done to their babies. This is just another way to depopulate, it has to be, no one can predict what babies life style or growing pattern is going to be. I have four children, I am 5’11 and I weigh 160 lbs. but I am thin,I have always been thin, even after having 4 kids I am still not overweight, I can eat anything and not gain a lot of weight,my Mom was the same way. One of my daughters is overweight, my other 3 are not, they are thin, my son is normal weight. So how does that happen? well my late husband was over weight,we ate healthy food at home but he ate out a lot and he also had Diabetes, so I guess that figured into it, my taking metformin would not have changed anything, my kids sure wouldn’t be as healthy as they are, even the heavy one. I don’t see what the point of these nazi- like experiments are for, this one has no merit at all. Its disgusting. These women should go to jail for allowing this.

    I don’t understand how the Government and the FDA and all the rest of them can say anything about a child being fat, they load the food up with Aspertame and High Fructose corn syrup, some things even have sugar and aspertame in them,chewing gum does, whats the point of that? The FDA said they need to remove it, its still in there though and nothing further was said,they are modifying the food so it is just not healthy, insect and human genes and round up all in a seed, the CEO’s of Monsanto should be run out of town and we wouldn’t have half the obesity we have now. I eat organic, when I can’t get organic I read every lable out there, if it says no additives and no preservatives I’ll buy it. They have soda that I buy, Goose Island that is made with pure cane sugar, no High fructose corn syrup, Trader Joes also has a soda like that, I also eat sugar made of dried cane sugar juice, thats what I use. With this farm modernization act that was recently signed we will be lucky if we all aren’t dead in a year. This Government and these scientists have nothing to do with health and preserving life and if they said they did I would have to call them a liar, they are a bunch of Dr. Mengeles. Monsanto and companies of their ilk are nothing but chemical producers, thats what they were and thats what they still are, they own our food, they don’t want you to grow your own food or stockpile any, I’d like to see them try and enforce that one, oh thats right, that’s what home security and their Fema camps are for, dissidents like me. Now they are fooling with the babies, and these so called Mothers are allowing it, shame on them. Babies need whatever it is their Moms give them, thats the way it works and all of these people, the power elite and the faux Doctors are not God, leave those Babies alone. let them experiment on their own wives and daughters, no? why not?

    Prof Norman is cray, they dont’ know anything aobut babies being born fat or skinny, skinny Mothers sometimes have fat babies, sometime s they take after the Father or the Grandfather, how is this experiment going to prevent that. Skinny people are born and later become fat, what do they do about that,? Teach them the valure of eating healthy when they are young, keep them from sitting at a video game all day , make them go out and play like we did, we didnt’ have computers then , I went out and played ll day with my friends, they can teach them themselves how to eat healthy food, but when I was young my friends were normal weight but I also had some friends that weren’t , they are grandmothers now, how does Prof. Norman account for healthy fat Grandmothers? If you would take notice, Michele Obama is bottom heavy,husky, she could stand to lose a few lbs. her youngest daughter is built just like her, husky, but adorable, but her oldest daughter takes after the President, tall and thin, this is called diversity and hereditary, if you want all people to be skinny you build robots, not poison babies.

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