Japanese Earthquake predicted. Again.

Earthquake and volcanic activity danger extended up until April 11, according to Solar Watcher’s prediction from April 1.

Solar Watcher
April 7, 2011

Moving into a significant celestial period that may produce several large earthquakes through to April 11.

Main coronal hole is situated in the Southern Hemisphere 16-18 Degrees south latitude. Possible areas at risk for a 6.7+ magnitude earthquake could be Southern Peru, Potosi-Bolivia or Tarapaca-Chile.

Other significant coronal holes that may be Geoeffective during this watch period sits 7-10 Degrees south latitude. Possible areas that could receive a significant earthquake are Chagos Archipelago Region, Carlsberg Ridge in the Indian ocean or the Solomon Islands region.

Northern Hemisphere coronal hole expected to be earth facing April 5-6 is symmetrically mapped at 18-23 Degrees North latitude, best fit matched regions are Taiwan or Mariana Islands. there is also further possible volcanic activity in the region of Hawaii during this watch.


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