USDA deregulates GMO corn to produce fuel

Mike Adams
February 16, 2011

Right on the heels of the USDA’s decision to deregulate GM alfalfa (…), the U.S. Department of Agriculture has now decided to completely deregulate genetically engineered corn used for ethanol production. This is just the latest Frankenfood horror unleashed by USDA Secretary Tom Vilsack, who has firmly established himself as the regulatory puppet of Monsanto and other GMO giants.

The public spin on this decision is that it will allow the growing of corn engineered to produce more ethanol fuel, thereby improving the efficiency in the conversion of corn to fuel. This claim is, of course, scientifically invalid on so many levels that it’s difficult to know where to begin. But I’ll take a shot at it…

Remember when we used to actually EAT corn?

For starters, in a world where food prices are rapidly rising, where crops are failing due to radical weather events, and where food stockpiles are at their lowest levels in many decades, the idea of converting food to fuel is utterly ludicrous. Making matters even worse, there’s the simple fact that the ethanol advocates simply refuse to admit: Growing corn for fuel consumes more fuel than it produces!

The whole corn-for-ethanol debacle is simply another government-run agricultural cluster shuck involving the wasting of billions of taxpayer dollars which disappear into the black hole of subsidies handed out to corn growers. The whole thing smacks of economic insanity combined with an almost alien view of the natural world. To look upon an acre of corn and think that it’s supposed to be burned in combustion engines rather than consumed as nutrition represents a whole new level of mental illness — an illness which has infected the minds of regulators and lawmakers. (Is there a vaccine shot to prevent it yet?)

Beyond that, the claim that this corn-to-fuel effort is now the justification for unleashing genetically contaminated GE corn across North America is not just bad thinking; it’s dangerously bad thinking from people who should know better.

The end of agricultural genetic integrity

Because you know what happens next? With GE corn being planted everywhere, the wind will cross-contaminate regular corn crops, resulting in widespread genetic pollution of the corn grown in America. This, in turn, will result in America’s corn being refused for importation by other nations which don’t want to poison their people with genetically altered corn (unlike the U.S. government).

It will damage the entire U.S. corn industry, in other words, and further devastate U.S. farmers who are already squeezed by freak weather events.

“The USDA’s decision defies common sense,” said Margaret Mellon, director of the Union of Concerned Scientists Food and Environment Program. “There is no way to protect food corn crops from contamination by ethanol corn. Even with the most stringent precautions, the wind will blow and standards will slip. In this case, there are no required precautions.”

Over at the Center for Food Safety, science policy analyst Bill Freese wrote, “Syngenta’s biofuels corn will inevitably contaminate food-grade corn, and could well trigger substantial rejection in our corn export markets, hurting farmers.” (…)

An article at reveals some of the possible under-the-table financial links that may be behind this decision to deregulate GE corn:…

The Alliance for Natural Health has also posted a very good summary on this situation. It’s a great read:…

Our corn supply is being stalked by Monsanto

So what does it all mean? It means that between the GE corn, GE sugar beets, GE alfalfa, cotton, soy and other ingredients, we are living in a grand, dangerous experiment of playing God with seeds.

I’ve said this before: It’s almost as if people like Tom Vilsack (and other Monsanto minions) are just begging Mother Nature to wipe out human civilization and start over. Here, everybody! Let’s turn our food crops into pesticide absorbers, then feed them to cows and people!

It’s all being done for corporate profits, of course. Because that’s all it takes to compromise the future of life on our planet: Just another buck on the bottom line.

That’s all it takes at the USDA, too: Just another promise of a sweet, cushy job in the corn industry after you’ve left the agency. Bend enough rules in favor of Big Ag, and you can name your salary a few years down the road. Because if there’s a kernel of truth to be found in any of this, it’s that corporations — and regulators — will operate with outrageous disregard for the integrity of the natural world.

By the way, this decision was made under the guise of “science.” All the lies now being repeated about the safety of genetically engineered crops are being bolstered by the laughable claim that they are “scientific” and that anyone who opposes GMOs is, by default, “unscientific.”


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One Response to USDA deregulates GMO corn to produce fuel

  1. MadeleineT says:

    I can only assume these scientists have no children o rgrandchildren ot worry aobu t, most of us do. If they ruin the food supply on this planet they better rember they are not living on the moon, they live here with the rest of us and eventually everything will be come contaminated, including the ground this swill was grown in. Not only will we lose our lives but we will lose the world we live in, that they live in. They are starting a bll rolling they won’t be able to stop, eventually it will spread to the rest of the world, some other countries do let Monsanto in, thats all you need, they are like the black plague.

    This genetically engineered corn will not only kill people or make them very sick but it will lose more jobs than you can imagine, I don’t think people realize how many jobs are created because of corn and how many uses there are for this wonderful vegetable. Once it is gone it is gone. You will effect the taco intusty, polenta, corn starch popcorn corn meal,corn oil, you tell the Mexicans to come here and then you ruin their food staple. Monsanto has already ruined our staple, bread and rice, it is also making children sick, see link.

    We have no Government to stop this, or the G-20 group o rMonsanto itself , we need to get an eraser and start all over, this regime , and the previous regime are trying to depopulate the world while they make as much money as possible. We need a House on UnAmerican Activities and a Judicial watch, some sort of legal group who will answer our grievences, we are left helpless, we can’t depend on the CIA or anyone else who is run by this Government. We have a sitting President who is dismantling America right before our eyes and we have no one to turn to for help, the Government, all of it, is useless to us, it has to change and non Govermental groups have to be kept out of Government. We will lose this food war if we dont’ take action now.

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