MSNBC Attack Dogs on the Hunt for Rand Paul After Speech

By Luis R. Miranda
The Real Agenda
November 3, 2010

Once again, truth has defeated fraud, lies and disinformation.  Rand Paul, the son of House Representative Ron Paul of Texas, defeated Jack Conway with a commanding lead Tuesday.  It did not take hours or days, however, for MSNBC to try to tackle Paul with personal attacks and baseless, empty questioning.  The flag of dissatisfaction carried by Paul during this mid-term elections is unequivocally the best example of why one man, with the support of real patriots was able to defeat a new world order puppet like Jack Conway, the main stream media talking heads and the largest record of false accusations thrown over a senatorial candidate.

Tuesday night, MSNBC dedicated plenty of time – after Rand Paul’s speech- to demonize him and question his integrity and faithfulness to the large group of followers he managed to amass as he stands for freedom as well as fiscal and monetary sanity.  Ed Schultz, and other panelists basically already blamed Rand Paul for the economic collapse that would result from Congress not approving an increase of the debt ceiling without Paul having even set foot in the Capitol.   They said any attempt to stop the expanding government and the expanding debt would mean the instantaneous collapse of the US government and the start of a global depression.  Ed Schultz added that Paul will be “a real problem” for the Republicans, and that his association to the “Birthers” -a group that questions Barack Obama’s eligibility to be president due to the absence of a birth certificate that shows he was born in the US- would allow the conversation on Obama’s election legality to remain “on the air”.

In the meantime, Keith Olbermann rapidly tried to ridicule Paul’s position on having a smaller, less intrusive government by saying that Paul’s refusal to raise the debt ceiling or filibustering such increase, would be like supporting anarchy -since there wouldn’t be an almighty corrupt government in power.  Olbermann went on to say that if Paul took on the position to prevent the government of the United States to further enslave its citizens by expanding its powers and increasing the already out of control spending, he would indeed be calling for anarchy.  While Olbermann bashed Rand Paul, Rachel Maddow, another MSNBC talking head, reminded the audience that the movement to keep the government honest was not limited to Rand Paul, but that extended to other US senators.  She then questioned where exactly was the Republican party going, as more elected Congressmen and women in the House and Senate won their elections by promising a tough stand against the out of control central government.

This latest attempt to blame the economic disaster caused by the very banks in control of the US government and the very same corporations in control of the main stream media on a single senator, is proof of how desperate the Establishment is, given the fact more people continue to recognize the “man behind the curtain”; not only the puppets he runs on both political parties.  The urgent, almost previously scripted attempt to demonize Rand Paul as he fired up his crowd in Kentucky, is also a sign that the Establishment won’t let real democracy and freedom come to pass easily.  They will use all the trickery in their basket -including blaming one single man for the economic collapse- to keep and increase their power and control.

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