European Central Bank: ‘Trillions only buying time’

By Luis R. Miranda
The Real Agenda
May 16, 2010

The Corruption and Lies from the European Central Bank and its branches around the world have no limits.  A year ago, its office in the United States -Federal Reserve- requested $700 million to ‘save’ the economy.  This, later we found out, turned out to be a lie.  A lie, because the money was not used to perform economic magic as they promised, but also because the total provided wasn’t even close to $700 million.  Try $25 billion.  A few days ago, the European Union came up with a $1 trillion aid package that, they said, would keep the region from crumbling down.  Now, the very same ECB says, the $1 trillion will only buy time.  Time for what?  I ask.  Answer: Time for the banksters to set themselves up to completely collapse the world economy.  Is there anyone who still does not see it?

This has been the pattern shown throughout history where the elites headed by the banks cause trouble to then present a ‘miraculous’ solution that further helps them consolidate power and control.  This time, however, is final.  The endgame has played out and the banksters played all their cards for a final push to own everything and everyone, once and for all.  The economy and the state of the world has precipitated down so uncontrollably fast, that not even they can save it this time.  Not that they ever intended.

One by one, the nations that have been preyed upon by financial vultures throughout 100 years are quickly lining up to take a leap off the edge of the canyon.  As we recall, it all began in Iceland, where authorities now seem to be catching up with corruption by jailing and suing banksters.  It noticeably moved to Greece, where the fiscal debt cloud completely wrapped an otherwise paradisiacal country.  With Goldman Sachs as the spear bearer, the banksters added one more nation to their precious collection.  Still no banksters jailed or sued.  Instead, Greece succumbed to the E.U.’s dream to harness the greeks pension funds and savings by further immersing the country in debt through an aid package that secures them the mediterranean jewel.

Two giants now line up to follow on Greece’s and Iceland’s steps.  Portugal and Spain initiated the process of collapse by cutting salaries, freezing pensions, and raising taxes.  With populations on the brink of social collapse, both nations could see Thailand-like street protests sooner that expected.  The reason why it did not happen yet?  Social Engineering, of course.  People’s attention is successfully diverted towards soccer and tennis tournaments as well as imaginary volcanic ash.  With around 20% unemployment both Spain and Portugal had a smooth ride down so far, but the latest austerity measures will surely deflate the rubber cushion they have been sitting on for the past two years.  The tax hikes and social services cuts were loudly applauded by the European Central Bank as well as the leader of the bankrupted world, Barack Obama.  That applause originates on the fact that it does buy time to keep on consolidating power and resources.  Every time a country announces a package of austerity measures it means more money from the already taxed-to-death people is taken to pay banks for loans previously contracted by those countries.  It is the bank’s prerogative to call on the country to pay the loan in full if so it desires.  That is what happened in Iceland, Greece and that is why they need to be bailed-out.  The problem is the bail-out comes from the same banksters who they originally got in debt with.  See the idea?  Understand why is it called Consolidation?

The way in which banks operate is like a fisherman who catches  a big fish.  The man sets the bait -the bank offers the loans- the fish bites -the countries accept the loans- the fisherman can then choose to pull the fish out slowly, hoping it will further get caught on the hook, or can decide to give it a big pull.  The first choice will make the catch almost a sure thing, but it will take longer.  The second, may reward the fisherman faster, but the result might also be that the cord is cut and as a consequence the fish is lost.  Almost a century ago, the banksters decided to try the first option, to pull the cord slowly, to let the fish get comfortable.  Now, the fish -the people- found out it is trapped and it is strongly pulling back.  The fisherman is desperate because the fish may get away and is seriously considering giving it a last big pull.

It seems impossible for the world to miss the outcome of the economic disaster we’ve been in for the past decade, which was only masked by cooked up growth and recovery numbers.  With no real employment generated in the largest economies of the planet, even Jean Claude Trichet showed his pessimism about any hopes of a positive and happy ending.  He, of course, has known about it for a long time, probably as long as he has been at the ECB.  He said last week that the United States was in a similar situation as Greece.  Other banksters, accomplices of Trichet and the elites have also contributed to the list of memorable talking points.  George Soros, for example, said the Euro was in a very precarious situation and very close to collapsing.

One can easily see the desperation by the elites when Nicolas Sarkozy punches tables and Angela Merkel reluctantly participates of an aid package that would theoretically save Europe from doom.  That is because it will not really save anyone.  As the ECB says, it just buys time.  The financial collapse precipitated even faster due to the fact more people understand now what all this fraud is about and how they were bamboozled for the last few decades into trusting supra-governmental organizations with their savings and pensions.  Like someone used to say, you can fool some people sometime, but you can’t fool all people all the time.  The world has been oppressed for centuries, even thousands of years by empires, banksters and elites.  Now the coin has flipped and the pressure is on the oppressors.  They have to choose between playing a slow collapse card, or a doomsday-size collapse.  The trilateral Commission met this month.  The Bilderberg Group meets in June.  The fisherman is desperately thinking about giving it a last big pull.

Stay tuned.

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