Mass Media and Army Lunacy: Grow Opium to avoid War

By Luis R. Miranda
The Real Agenda

Opium production used to be down to almost zero.  After the U.S. and England invaded Afghanistan, the production picked up exponentially to a point where it results in a profit of around $500 billion.  So growing it there and bringing it here is fine, but it is not OK for people to sell it and use it at home.  What kind of double standard is that?

U.S. Army soldiers are now growers and guards of the poppy fields in Afghanistan, helping the banks launder billions and supporting war lords like Karzai maintain control of the business there.  In exchange, banks offer protection to produce, transport and sell heroine around the world through Turkey, the Balkans, Kosovo, Europe, Scandinavia and then of course the United States and Latin America.

Why does the Main Stream Media presents this to the public so honestly?  First, because it cannot hide it anymore.  Second, because as people learn about it in little bits of information, they get accustomed, so there is no big surprise.  It is a mental game: “It is normal that the government and its intelligence agencies run drugs,” while people are arrested in the streets of the country for using marijuana or the very same cocaine they bring in.  Those addicts or drug users are then taken to prisons owned by the same banks that support the growing and selling of the drugs and the business circle continues.

US Army Growing, guarding Opium Plantations in Afghanistan

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