Problems with government healthcare in Australia

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Recently it has been announced that the Australian federal government would like to use 30% of the states GST to finance healthcare. Of what we see in the media, the whole process looks a bit dictatorial. There has been a lot of talk between Chairman Rudd and the Premiers, but not much consideration for other federal and state MP’s and the Australian people.

What could happen if Rudd has his way? Rudd could do a bait and switch. He’d promise all this money for health care and instead divert most of the 30% of GST to pay the interest on government debt. Pay more for less. Usual story with government and big business. Or this is just another way to waste taxes and bankrupt Australia. As he is using GST money, he could say in the future that he needs more money for health care and has to increase the percentage of GST collected. Raising taxes won’t affect Rudd and his family as his wife has $500 million in British government contracts.

Another thing to look out for is that when states receive federal money there are usually strings attached. The feds could set guidelines as to how money is spent and cut off certain treatment.

The government is throwing around our tax money around without a care. My concern is that this money is being borrowed from foreign governments and will have to be repaid by the taxpayers. The government cheerleaders, also known as the mainstream media, appear to be going along with it without question.

Most morons don’t realise that to pay for healthcare it comes out of your taxes. The more you want to be looked after by the government the higher your taxes will be. Free healthcare is not free. All this taxing is doing is wiping out the middle class. We all know how terrible high taxes are for an economy: “We contend that for a nation to try to tax itself into prosperity is like a man standing in a bucket and trying to lift himself up by the handle.” – Winston Churchill.

People become less responsible for their own actions if they know that the government is going to foot the bill. Would you be happy to see your taxes paying for an alcoholic to have a liver transplant? Or paying for a triple bypass operation for someone who has eaten junk food all their life? We need to look after ourselves by eating the right food, drinking the right drink, getting enough sunlight and exercise and prevent ourselves from getting sick. People always talk about treatment and cures but never enough about prevention. Do you hear cancer foundations and charities telling you that vitamin D can reduce the risk of cancer by 77%?

I can only see further government intervention in healthcare end up screwing the citizens. They’ll end up cutting funding and extend waiting times for procedures. So a problem that was once operable is no longer operable because the waiting time is too long for the procedure.

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